Volume 9, Chapter 41

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「…We have been awaiting you, Lady Narika.」

The knights clad in steel armor spread out in a line across the plains.

The man suspected to be leading them gave Narika a salute of the highest respect.

「Sergey. What… is this?」

The name of the man wearing that ridiculously extravagant armor was Sergey Carkinos.

He was a name that was supposed to have disappeared from the city after horribly losing to Ein during the Knight Screening Tournament.

However his appearance right now was so noble and gallant that it made his past pitiful display of himself seem like an illusion. He then turned to the knights behind him.

「As you can see, I have gathered these knights here for your sake. We shall defeat those accursed rebels who used their foul methods to take over Elarc and cause the former king to fall and…」

「That’s not what I mean!」

Sergey was taken aback by Narika’s scream.

「What is the matter, Lady Narika?」

「Don’t give me that! I’m asking why you have Mazoku with you!」

That’s right, among the band of knights he had collected, there were some that weren’t human at all.

For example, Goblins and Beastia. Along with Sylphids and Metalios, fellow members of humanity.

Among the humans, there were even elders and children.

Seeing them all wearing the same armor and moving together perfectly coordinated had an eerie sense about it.

「Oh, that’s what you mean.」

Sergey responded with a breath of relief.

「They have awakened to the almighty authority of the Gods. They realize now that when in front of the one true ruler Lady Narika, they are no different than mere trash.」

「Trash…? I’d never go as far as to say that… But why are there Mazoku among them…?」

「Lady Narika, just leave everything to me.」

Sergey interrupted Narika with a smile.

「If you believe that their existence here goes against your will, then I promise you I will have them disappear after the war is over. However… I implore you that you let them be for now. They have all gathered here in hope of realizing the shining new age of your rule, after all.」

「Y-You say that, but… Hey, Mazenda. Something just isn’t right here.」

Narika looked to Mazenda, her loyal retainer, who had defeated the Alva that attacked the Chamber of Prayer and brought her out of the castle.

She had lost consciousness after she escaped, so she had no idea what was going on, but the only subordinate she could count on right now was Mazenda.

She wasn’t sure if she could really trust this Sergey fellow.

Her instincts also told her that Sergey wasn’t exactly very sharp.

However, Mazenda smiled and made a reassuring nod.

「Lady Narika, do not worry. It is true that they are following Sergey’s orders… A true ruler must be able to allow for a bit of leeway when it comes to things like this.」

「A bit, you say…? These are Goblins we’re talking about here, this is going way out of line!」

「No, it is not as outrageous as you think it is.」

Mazenda then put her hand on Narika’s shoulder and looked her in the eyes.

「Listen, Lady Narika. Even the Jiol Forest Kingdom is now borrowing the strength of the Mazoku. However, they are skillfully manipulating them in ways such as using them for the protection of other countries or handling border control. They haven’t been letting them anywhere near their royal capital.」

「B-But, this and that are…」

「They are the same. Lady Celis has managed to put Lady Eltrinde under her control, and many knights have died as a result. At this rate, the Canal Kingdom’s downfall is all but for sure… You must set your heart towards the right direction and save your country.」

Mazenda’s words seeped into Narika’s heart like poison.

Narika began to feel as if what Mazenda was saying was truly the right thing.

「Y-You’re right… You’re right, Mazenda. I’m on the path of justice right now. It’s only natural that everyone is following me」

「Yes, exactly.」

「I understand now, Mazenda. But there’s still something strange. I feel like I’m getting the wrong idea about something.」

「Not at all, Lady Narika. You don’t have the wrong idea about anything, rest assured.」

Narika nodded absentmindedly to Mazenda’s words… but she soon came to her senses.

「No, Mazenda. This just isn’t right. My ideal country would not borrow the strength of the mazoku.」

Mazenda clicked his tongue upon hearing Narika’s resolute words, but she soon put a smile back onto her face.

「That’s not true, Lady Narika. Sergey has managed to make those Mazoku submit to him after defeating them. Think of them as livestock. They have no effect on your ideal future whatsoever.」

「…Did Sergey really have the power to do something like that? I only remember him as nothing but a pitiful fool.」

「It’s only natural that you’d say that.」

Sergey, who had been keeping quiet all this time, stepped close to the two of them.

「On the night I lost that day, I met someone who granted me amazing power. As such, I have now become a completely different person.」

「Power…? Who did you meet?」

「I’d assume she was a servant of Lord Raidolg. She was very beautiful.」

Narika went into deep thought upon hearing those words, and stared intently at Sergey.

「…You definitely aren’t the Sergey that I know. If you’re able to make even Goblins and Beastia follow you, then that is truly amazing. After all, the leading casualties in our country are caused by Goblins.」

「So you understand, then?」

「Yes. But I have no intention of showing mercy to Goblins. I will make use of them if possible, but I will never accept them as citizens of my country. If they cause any issues, they are to be eliminated immediately.」

「A truly excellent decision.」

Narika gave a kind nod to the smiling Sergey, and then turned to the lined up knights.

「As for you all… I don’t know if you’d understand human speech, but I will tell you this, now. You’d better prepare yourselves, because I will show no mercy.」

The humans, Goblins, and Bestia all got onto their knees.


「Shall I arrange a carriage for you, Lady Narika?」

「There’s no need. I’d like you to get a set of armor for me, instead. I’ll be riding on horseback.」

「Fufu, aiming to become the next Knight Princess?」

Narika responded with an irritated tone upon Mazenda’s glare. 

「I still can’t believe Eltrinde turned on me… I’m sure Celis spouted some kind of lies to her. Besides, Celis is the one that killed Father… Why would Eltrinde side with someone like that? Everyone’s getting deceived…」

「You’re exactly right, Lady Narika.」

Mazenda nodded, affirming Narika’s suspicions.

「That is why you must awaken everyone to the truth. The decisive moment is upon us.」

「…Yes, you’re right.」

Judging that the two of them had finished their conversation, Sergey raised his hand, signaling two young girls to arrive carrying magnificent armor.

「In order not to stir unrest among the citizens, I’ll make sure the Goblins and Beastia fully cover their faces with their helmets.」

「Good idea. Even I feel uncomfortable enough that I’d strike on them at any instant. I’m only able to hold myself back by thinking of them as livestock.」

Narika essentially thought of the Goblins as the horses to an army.

They were tools for war, and thus should be taken advantage of.

Putting aside the matter of whether or not that was morally acceptable, Narika simply assumed that it was only natural to think of them that way. 

「Now then, as for the name of this army of knights, if I may suggest we…」

「We don’t need a name for them.」

Narika stopped Sergey before he was even able to make his suggestion.

「We’ll only be dealing with this twisted, corrupted band of lowlives until the war is over. We won’t be with them for long. They don’t deserve to even be recorded in history.」


「Don’t worry, Sergey. As long as you prove your worth, I shall recognize your efforts.」

Narika then headed off with the two young girls accompanying her as to help her to change into her armor. 

「…Kuh, Lady Narika… You are such a wonderful…」

As Sergey watched Narika walk away with a dark passion deep in his eyes, Mazenda made an incredulous expression.


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