Volume 02 Chapter 27


Volume 02 Chapter 18

Volume 02 Chapter 34



  1. damn Ein look better than i thought
    (he that hero give that playboy feel, that make me fear for the future)

    • A thickheaded playboy. Hero such as this always emit a kind of charm to girls but kinda blockhead to the opposite gender.
      Though won’t work to a Mazoku or even to a Maid Knight which to say in the past the Hero Ryuuya fail to that someone follow him in his blind quest.
      Seem so far only the humans and demi-human girls fall for this blockhead playboy hero like Ryuuya.
      Sancreed would be the one to slice this dumb hero.

      • well at least in this novel the girl look smart (so we don’t have the risk)
        still i get another kind of bad feel (the Tomoki one instead of kouki)

  2. And here I had the impression Ein was a tanned macho for some reason… Can someone confirm the gender?

  3. Oh no she’s(Ein) hot

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