Volume 05, Chapter 24




  1. He doesn’t look as unkempt or fiendish as he has been described in this chapter and the last. Although tuff looking surely but not enough to be intimidating at a first glance. Maybe if he didn’t look like that dwarf from goblin slayer and was at least average human height without being so compact and stubby looking he could look as terrifying as he should.

    • Pretty sure that he’s actually pretty tall, cause I might be wrong but I thought that he was compared to gordy in golem form as being pretty close in height and stature back when gordy was introduced. it’s just that in this picture he looks shorter and more compact, but I think he was taller and broader than most people. These two weren’t actually side by side but across from each other in the chapter, so the image is actually altered to include both which makes olred look bigger and raktor smaller than they actually are.

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