Volume 05 Cover Illustration




  1. Gordy looking good and the other Demon King looking good too.

    • Is that really the Demon King created from that bug or just among the color set generals?
      Vermudol could saved her from the bind from that bug in the soul and be his waifu.
      But oh well Ichika is already served as #1 waifu.

      • She already made out with the Hero. So either she’s a light woman who’s into manipulation with her attractiveness, or she’s taken. Either way, her “affection” seems disingenuous so I wouldn’t mind her just getting cut apart. Too much potential for crazy from her.

      • Yeah she is Demon King Isklaas. Her 4 knights are Red, White, Blue and Black. I reread chapter when she wakes up to fall asleep again and how she and her knights have their memories and thinking tempered with.

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