Re: Master Magic

Author: 謙虚なサークル

Original Web Novel: 効率厨魔導師、第二の人生で魔導を極める , AlphaPolis chapter 242 onwards [The Syosetu chapters have been removed due to violation of their site policies, and have also been excluded from the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine. AlphaPolis has been the original host site for Chapters 242 onward, and has republished all the previous chapters as part of the transition to the AlphaPolis site.]

Translator: Nefarian, Jiro, Jimi

Alternate Titles:

  1. 効率厨魔導師、第二の人生で魔導を極める
  2. Kouritsu Kuriya Madoushi, Daini no Jinsei de Madou o Kiwameru
  3. The Mage will Master Magic Efficiently in His Second Life

Synopsis: Zeff Einstein spent his whole life mastering red magic and was finally recognized for it, yet a new spell that was soon created revealed that his talent for red magic was his lowest. Bitter at the thought of all his wasted effort, he creates a spell to send his old self back in time to his younger body and together with the determined “genius” mage Milly and the handsome swordswoman Claude, he intends to master magic more efficiently this time.

Volume 1 (TL: KuroInfinity)

Intro to Magic (TL: Kuroi)
01 Prologue (TL: Kuroi)
02 Magic Lines (TL: Kuroi)
03 Difficult Magic (TL: Kuroi)
04 Thieves (TL: Kuroi)
05 Great Magic (TL: Kuroi)
06 Teleport (TL: Kuroi)
07 Train (TL: Kuroi)
08 Boss (TL: Kuroi)
09 Guild (TL: Kuroi)
10 Milly (TL: Kuroi)
11 Scroll (TL: Kuroi)
12 Hoard (TL: Kuroi)
13 Boss Fight (TL: Kuroi)
14 Stalls (TL: Kuroi)
15 Time Square (TL: Kuroi)
16 Experiment (TL: Kuroi)
17 The King of Death – Prologue (TL: Kuroi)
18 The King of Death – Part II (TL: Kuroi)
19 Return (TL: Kuroi)
20 Lydia (TL: Kuroi)

Volume 4 (TL: Light Novels Translations)

Chapter 102, Chapter 103, Chapter 104, Chapter 105, Chapter 106 Chapter 107, Chapter 108Chapter 109, Chapter 110 (Part 1, Part 2), Chapter 111 (Part 1, Part 2), Chapter 112 (Part 1, Part 2), Chapter 113 (Part 1, Part 2), Chapter 114 (Part 1, Part 2), Chapter 115 (Part1, Part 2), Chapter 116 (Part1, Part 2), Chapter 117 (Part1, Part2)

Volume 5 (TL: Light Novels Translations)

Chapter 118 (Part 1, Part 2), Chapter 119 (Part 1, Part 2), Chapter 120 (Part 1, Part 2), Chapter 121 (Part 1, Part 2), Chapter 122 (Part 1, Part 2), Chapter 123 (Part 1, Part 2), Chapter 124 (Part 1, Part 2), Chapter 125 (Part 1, Part 2), Chapter 126 (Part 1, Part 2), Chapter 127 (Part 1, Part 2) Chapter 128 (Part 1, Part 2), Chapter 129 (Part 1, Part 2), Chapter 130 (Part 1, Part 2), Chapter 131 (Part 1, Part 2), Chapter 132 (Part 1, Part 2), Chapter 133 (Part 1, Part 2)

Volume 6 (TL: Light Novels Translations)

Chapter 134 (Part 1, Part 2), Chapter 135 (Part 1, Part 2), Chapter 136 (Part 1, Part 2), Chapter 137 (Part 1, Part 2*), Chapter 138 (Part 1, Part 2), Chapter 139 (Part 1, Part 2), Chapter 140 (Part 1, Part 2), Chapter 141 (Part 1, Part 2), Chapter 142 (Part 1, Part 2), Chapter 143 (Part 1, Part 2), Chapter 144 (Part 1, Part 2), Chapter 145 (Part 1, Part 2), Chapter 146 (Part 1, Part 2), Chapter 147 (Part 1, Part 2), Chapter 148 (Part 1, Part 2), Chapter 149 (Part 1, Part 2)

Volume 7 (TL: Light Novels Translations)

Chapter 150 (Part 1, Part 2), Chapter 151 (Part 1, Part 2), Chapter 152 (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3), Chapter 153 (Part1, Part 2), Chapter 154 (Part 1, Part 2), Chapter 155 (Part 1, Part 2), Chapter 156 (Part 1, Part 2), Chapter 157 (Part 1, Part 2), Chapter 158 (Part 1, Part 2), Chapter 159 (Part 1, Part 2), Chapter 160 (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3), Chapter 161 (Part 1, Part 2), Chapter 162 (Part 1, Part 2), Chapter 163 (Part 1, Part 2), Chapter 164 (Part 1, Part 2), Chapter 165 (Part 1, Part 2)

Volume 8 (TL: Light Novels Translations)

Chapter 166 (Part 1, Part 2), Chapter 167 (Part 1, Part 2), Chapter 168 (Part 1, Part 2), Chapter 169 (Part 1, Part 2), Chapter 170 (Part 1, Part 2), Chapter 171 (Part 1, Part 2), Chapter 172 (Part 1, Part 2), Chapter 173 (Part 1, Part 2), Chapter 174 (Part 1, Part 2), CHapter 175 (Part 1, Part 2), Chapter 176 (Part 1, Part 2), CHapter 177 (Part 1, Part 2), Chapter 178 (Part 1, Part 2), Chapter 179 (Part 1, Part 2), Chapter 180 (Part 1, Part 2), Chapter 181 (Part 1, Part 2)


  1. ahahaha….einstein is it? seems fun!!

  2. Decided to follow this series, and I don’t regret it.

    ….and I misread ch 23’s title as…. well, you know it.

  3. ahahhah its a provocative title eh 😛

  4. How far is the LN with this? I found the manga and grew interested but it doesn’t go very far.

    • It goes to hundreds of chapters xD~

      • Great. So I won’t have to worry about you catching up with the raws any time soon 😛

        I do hope you can recruit some other translators soon. Series this big need fairly regular updates if you ever want to hope finishing. But one guy can only do so much so while I 100% appreciate you picking these up you’re going to need help if you want to keep 4 different series going at a decent pace. I don’t mean this in a demanding way but I’ve seen some groups just go months without an update to some of their series and by the time they do update I have to re-read the series because I forgot what was going on.

        So again here’s hoping you find some good help. Have you tried Raisingthedead translations or Re:Translations? Both these groups tend to translate series like the ones you are working on. They already have their own list of projects but they might be able to lend at least a little assistance.

        Especially with this one as hundreds would take you at least a year even if you released daily!

  5. how many chapters in volume 1? Thanks for all the hard work

    • So are you using the LN or the WN as the source to translate this? Actually while i’m asking do you mind telling me which source is being used for the other projects on this site too? Just found this site through a different TL group and some of the projects here seem interesting but I prefer to avoid WNs. Sorry if this shows up multiple times but it didn’t seem to be going through.

  6. I just categorized it by Volume to make it easier for you guys, but the Webnovel doesn’t do this and instead categorizes by chapters. It spans hundreds of chapters though if that’s what you want to know.

  7. Mmmm I have been summoned from the depths to aid this translation. Ooooh magic and fancy languages. Translate!

  8. Thank you for your wonderful work! 😀

  9. is there a chance of a pdf or epub or mobi version of completed volumes be made? cuz forgive me i like mine in a whole package instead of flipping 1 by 1. forgive my selfish intrusion. and thank you for all the staff here for their hard work and dedication

  10. thank you for all that is out, and i look forward to your further updates 😀

  11. I can’t read chapter 43

  12. i still can’t read from chapter 36 to 42 it sends me to ipage

  13. In the synopsis -> handsome swordswoman Claude, should be BEAUTIFULL swordswoman Claude?

  14. There are two Volume 1’s??

  15. You can have one if you make your own……but it’s doubtful we would make an epub as it wouldn’t be any help to the site and would take time we could be translating.

  16. If I was to create them would you put them up?

  17. Thanks for doing this Novel! XD

  18. Thanks for the good novel. 🙂
    Well though it may be no good but here it manga I guess.

  19. I like the light novel way better than the manga. the manga twists and cuts important parts of the story completely out making it hard to follow.
    with that being said the author seems to be new at writing not using basic math and not keeping parts the the story straight from past chapters ex, at lvl 39 total magic was 1765 at lvl 40 1622 it went down? simple stuff but annoying.
    still a good read though kept me up all night and kept me entertained.
    Thank you for translating

  20. So the MC was considered to be the strongest red mage in the past and only reached that level when he was an old person. how come his master who is only twenty years old master trained like all the elements to a higher level than he did? how come the MC is supposedly so knowledgeable but he’s just figuring out basic things now? like physical training. he follows little kids all day. so inconsistent. Everyone in the book are just a bunch of idiots. He specialized in the scope spell in his past life.. becoming the strongest red mage… but only when he was really old.. did he bother checking his affinity

    • did you even read the story or are you that bad at understanding things? Before the reset he was a mage who dedicated his entire being to mastering out fire magic, however just a few moments after he has mastered it and was awarded the title, the spell scout scope was revealed and it turned out that he has the worst affinity with fire, meaning that even if he mastered the spells he won’t be as strong as someone who has higher affinity to it, and since he is old and maxed out he cannot hope to try mastering other spells from other attributes, which is why he reset time reverting everything except his knowledge back to level 1, and if you read it you would’ve known that the MC discarded everything especially the basic stuff to solely focus on mastering fire. He follows them everyday because he doesn’t want to take the same path as he did before and at the same time he wants to feel how it is like to travel with friends, and they are all simply kids, what do you expect? Mini Einsteins who can suddenly create intricate strategies to win everything? They are your everyday fantasy-based medieval with magic children. And finally the MC is NOT specialized in scout scope, he doesn’t know it’s existence UNTIL he lost his “Flame of flames” (mastery over fire) title, seriously, it’s not that hard to read the novel

    • Are you stupid or something?

    • “Nick” also his master was one of the strongest mages but only the MC knew that because he was her student and she didn’t want to be known. You see why the MC got the title because he was well known. There must be people who was stronger then his master but those people didn’t want to be known. The reason he got the title was because he contributed the most to the organization about fire magic. The guy focus on only fire magic and he was able to discover or made spells in fire magic that he submitted to the organization.

      Last Nick wtf? “how come the MC is supposedly so knowledgeable but he’s just figuring out basic things now? like physical training” I can’t believe you wrote that man? You should ask that questions to every forum about mages and see what they will tell you.

  21. cannot acess the images

  22. Did something happen? The translation stalled.

  23. I can’t read ch 35 and 36 it say I am banned from the side (only for those two chapters), lucky I find a site that have copy of this. I know most translators don’t like that someone else have their work but in case like this is good to have some backup.

  24. can me copying the translations into a new place?!!

  25. it looks like the author has changed hosting page/group

    the archive is quite iritating to look at
    here is a link for the chapters after 241

  26. thanks for the translation, may i ask, is this still active?

    • Yeah, it’s being updated weekly. Just for future reference, if people want to know whether a project is still active on the site. You can assume them to be active if they are on the “Active Projects” Section on the top menu bar on the site~

  27. hey, can you guys make a page with all the ilustrations in it? i’d apreciate it

  28. Is there a link for downloading pdf versions per volumes of the novel if yes please provide it

    • Nope, you need to read this at lightnovelstranslations to support the site, this is how I keep maintaining running costs for translating each chapter for you~ or conversely if you want a handheld version, you can support the author by purchasing a real copy of the Novel from Amazon.

  29. hello, just want to know if the lightnovel continue after the raw chapter 359 of this week??

    • Judging from the title it could be the finale at chapter 359 but don’t quote me on that xD.

      • So sad, I try to translate the last raw chapters (with google, I can’t be of any help here sry) and it could be the end, but there is no real conclusion.

  30. Hi, I would like to ask you if I can use your translate version for translate it into french

    • Yes you may translate it into french provided you aren’t using some sort of google or machine translation and are going to put in the hard work! although I would strongly recommend going directly to the Japanese source or you will lose a lot of context and meaning.

      • Sure ! Thanks.
        I’m not good with japanese, so if I go to the Japanese source I would certainly use google translate or other system like that. It would be a disaster !

  31. I think Celvery is more suited for Seruberie rather than Silverie.
    Btw, I think Shirushu is either supposed to be Shirch or Cyrch. (Cyrch is a Welsh word which has the same meaning as Slaught–Onslaught, Shirushu’s surname).

  32. Hope this series is still active. Nefarian I beseech thee!

  33. Hopefully the series will continue hopefully…

  34. it got moved to teasers so does that mean it’s dropped 🙁 ?

  35. It is such a shame that this series stopped it’s translations, it’s just hard to find a substitute for this good story, hopefully this story will get picked up again soon.

  36. I wonder if, with the new recruits supposing they wind up hiring them, they’ll return to this series…

    Here’s hoping.

  37. I hope you guys start translating this again

    • the author dropped this project 🙁 so we are very reluctant to resume this and just end up with half completed project…

      • Novelupdates shows this series as ongoing still not dropped, it’s currently at 349 chapters for the web novel and 8 volumes for the LN, is that the same as when you checked before?

      • I need to ask Nef, the series has been dropped for ages before I joined LNT so I don’t know much about this novel 🙂

  38. *lights a candle in prayer for this series’ return*

  39. DragonWarriorFreak

    I didn’t know that the author dropped the series. I just remember that the page with the raws was removed so they couldn’t continue. It’s sad. I liked this series. It was one of the series that brought me to this site a few years ago.

    • the author didn’t drop the series from the looks of it, he just cancelled the WN and continued the LN, it is now in book 8

      • Sorry for necroing this after so long…. but after digging up a little bit, I found that both NU and LNDB show the series ongoing at volume 8, thing is…. voulme 8 was released on july 2017.. and I’m even more curious of the fact the manga is still ongoing…

        Neither of them specify if it was axed or in hiatus, but considering that the WN was deleted entirely, I can guess two possibilites.

        1. Both WN and LN are canceled for unkown reasons (couldn’t find any news related to this series or the author, I guess this is his first novel and couldn’t find any trouble or acussation against him like the author of Nidome no Jinsei)
        2. Series is on a temporary hiatus but I guess only someone who knows japanese will have to search for it a nd confirm if that is the case

        Either way, it seems we’re screwed… too bad, I rather liked this series, I guess the manga will have to do….

      • @Vergilx

        the manga is taking a completely different path mid Chirush arc from the WN and LN so it seems you may be right on the LN being on long time hiatus, and unfortunately the changes in Manga is a massive shift from what we got (RIP Chirush party member status, hello Selverie harem member)

      • It’s september and still on going :c

  40. Where can I find the raws from 110 to 241, the original raw website indicates the page no longer is available?

  41. *lights a candle in prayer for this series’ return*

  42. this series turns to sht i warn people now. badguys that keep coming back are the least annoying thing

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