Author’s Creating Original Novels:

We are now accepting applications for aspiring Authors who love to write and create an original piece of literature. To alleviate any doubts and clarify the matter, any Original novels you post on Light Novels Translations is automatically copyrighted by you (this means that your content will be marked as your own under your preferred name and dates are on the post to verify when the content is published). Alternatively, we are able to purchase the copyright of your story should your submission be accepted and you wish to take our partnership to the next level.

You are the creators of your own world, authors have full control over their universe and have the ability to give joy, inspire and even bring tears to the reader’s eyes. If you have a passion to write or have already written stories in the past but just have not had the courage or motivation to share, this is the perfect opportunity for you to do so!

Submission Rules:

  1. Write a minimum of 500 words per chapter. (No maximum words per chapter e.g. go ahead and do 20,000 words a chapter if that is your inclination. We highly recommend around 2000~ words as the sweet spot.)
  2. Maintain consistency and post at least 3 chapters a week. (In order to gain as much exposure as possible, we recommend you release on consecutive days rather than for example 3 on the same day and nothing for the rest of the week)

Potential advantages as an Author:

  • Get your own Table of Contents page for your Original Novel.
  • Ability to post a chapter and link to the homepage of LNT.
  • Homepage Banner, Cover Art designed for your novel, use of Sticky Post and Notification Bar functions (upon negotiation).

Rules for Aspiring Authors:

  1. Hate speech and pedophilia of any kind are prohibited (including within fictions that are tagged as R18+ or have the mature tag).
  2. Plagiarism is not allowed. All works of literature under this category must be solely created by you.
  3. No spam. This includes links to other sites for no reason, nonsense posts, and repeat posts in multiple places on the site.
  4. Real world content. Avoid including real-world religions and politics within a story. If a fiction is discovered to include insults toward real-world religion, the author will be warned or even banned. If you wish to include religion, either create your own within the story or do so in the most respectful way possible.

For Authors: Submit the first 5 chapters / 10,000 words equivalent, your content will be checked to ensure the rules are met. This process will be done manually to ensure high quality is maintained.

For those who are keen to join a growing Japanese Translation Community~ Fill out the information as specified below and message us at: [email protected]

For Authors don’t forget to fill out the follow details:

  • Your name.
  • Your on-screen name.
  • Your Age.
  • Where you are from and your current timezone.
  • Do you have a full story plan on how many chapters will be written approximately before the story reach the end? If yes, how many volumes approximately?
  • Will the story be for a General Age group (8+),  M15+ or R18+?
  • How many chapters have you written so far in total? Is this a short or longer story?
  • Don’t hold back on any cliff-hangers/twist/plot if any so we can gauge the potential of the story.

We are interested to know the full summary of your story, please elaborate:

  • who is the main character/s (describe age, sex, background info, skills, special abilities)
  • who is/are the main antagonists (describe as per above)
  • Any romance in the storyline? If yes, please describe if there is any harem.
  • explain how the main character/s will develop throughout the story.
  • explain the settings of the story

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