Chapter 30 – Apparently High-level Skills are Needed


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Apparently High-level Skills are Needed

There are different kinds of Area Bosses. Some are weaker that spawn every day, while there are those powerful ones that spawn only once a year. The Raging Ape is among the relatively stronger ones. It’s on a whole different league than the common monsters in this area. Judging from the sheer offensive power, it’s as strong as a Sea Dragon.

Monkey-type monsters are very tasty targets since they give high amounts of experience points despite having low HP. There’s a trick to taking one down solo. If you don’t know about it, it’ll be difficult to kill it – more difficult than taking down a Sea Dragon.

…If she’s having trouble, I’ll defeat it and gain some exp as well. I’m about level 6 at the moment. If I take it down, I’ll level up to 10 for sure.

With that in mind, I assessed the situation.

「Magic Search. Magic Search. Magic Search.」

I activated the spell three times. By examining the movements of both the adventurer and the monster, I’ll be able to tell if they know the trick to killing it.

「Hmm… looks like they’re having some trouble.」

The adventurer didn’t know how to fight a Raging Ape. They seem to be high-levelled since they’re able to stand their ground at the moment. But they won’t last long enough to take the monster down.

「Magical Invisibility.」

I concealed myself and inched closer to the adventurer. This is my chance to gain some exp.

「Ey! Hyah! …Ha!」

As I expected, it was a Raging Ape. What I didn’t expect, however, was that the adventurer was a woman of small stature. On her hand was a red spear.

The situation was a lot worse than I imagined. Her hands were full with defending herself from the enemy’s attacks. She couldn’t strike back. To top it off, she was bleeding from her shoulder.

…I should help her out.
Butting in while they’re engaged in close combat would be risky. She might get distracted from the sudden reinforcement and fail to defend herself in time.

So I bided my time and waited for an opportune moment. After a while, she tried to block an attack from the Raging Ape but got sent flying a few meters instead.

Now’s my chance.

「Magic Taunt!」

I cast a taunting spell at the Raging Ape. It deals no damage, but can draw the attention of a target.

「A-An adventurer?! Run away! This monster’s too much for you!」

The female adventurer slowly got on her feet. Despite being sent flying a few meters just now, her feet were steady. She’s tough.

「I’ll deal with this thing somehow! Get away from here!」

Big words, I know. Deal with it somehow? The skills I have at the moment are not enough to take down the Raging Ape. I have to learn some new Skills first.

Spells like the『Magic Search』are Basic Skills that are automatically learned when you reach a certain level. But powerful Skills like『Steam Explosion』can only be learned after allocating Skill Points. Only then can you use them.

Skill Points are finite so you have to be mindful in using them. The spells I’m about to learn now will be useful later on so there shouldn’t be any problem in acquiring them now.

「Learn Skill, Skill Code: 1208, Blood Poison. Learn Skill, Skill Code: 1211, Shadow Fog.」

I uttered the words and learned the Skills. Normally, learning a skill would require going to a church where there’ll be this stylish ritual. But you can actually learn Skills by voice command as well. This world is probably not aware of this method.


With the taunt successful, the Raging Ape came charging at me, but before he could reach me, something caught its foot and the monster tumbled on the ground.

It wasn’t a coincidence, of course. I already anticipated that it would charge at me so I set a trap with Sticky Bomb beforehand.

If the trap is effective in bringing it down, it’s a much easier fight. I’ve pretty much won.

But then the adventurer approached the Raging Ape.
…You’re dead if you try to attack it now.

「Injured people should back off!」I shouted.

「No, you get out of here! Even I can’t take it down! There’s no way other solo adventurers can kill it!」

…She made it sound like she’s the strongest solo adventurer around.

「I got this! Just stay back! I have it restrained with a spell right now, but don’t get close to it. It’s dangerous!」

I cast my newly-acquired Skills – Shadow Fog and Blood Poison – at the Raging Ape and added some more Sticky Bomb to slow it down. Shadow Fog robs the target of its vision and Blood Poison reduces the target’s HP with poison.

With my current strength, my attacks won’t deal any damage on it, but poison will. Some monsters are immune to poison. If they’re not, then they’ll take damage overtime from the spell.

If I recall correctly, continuously introducing poison to the Raging Ape for twelve straight hours should kill it. Gaining levels and killing it using a Skill with high firepower will be faster, but twelve hours is not unrealistic.



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