Volume 3 Sequel 3.5


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「I just got here, so I do not know what precisely it is that you did, but as long as it wasn’t anything that would garner hate, like just holding their arm, then it shouldn’t be a problem.」

「Ah~……、that’s what you meant……」

 Once Haruna recognized that the “reasonable” action was to hold someone’s arm, Aearis continued.

「Usually that would be reasonable and not problematic, but in Hiroshi-sama’s case……」


「Also, there is another troubling matter.」


「Yes. The effects are not poison or status ailments, so you cannot cure them with a panacea.」

 Aearis began the most troublesome topic of all as she looked at Haruna’s cautious expression with a look of slight pity in her eyes. Haruna’s face went pale as she heard this.

「The effects should last about three days, and during that time you will be somewhat vulnerable to your impulses. And so I think it might be in both of your best interests to stay at a distance until the effects are gone.」

「……Yeah. But why did it cause me to get this way despite not being a status ailment?」

「You might find this strange, but it is actually a type of blessing.」

「……Blessing?In what way?」

「I do not know why exactly that is, but I believe it to count as a blessing due to the holy water affecting you.」

 Everyone agreed that this was a nuisance. In actuality, the effects of hearing Haruna’s music probably pushed her to stop merely trying to appeal to Hiroshi and go a little bit further, but even Alfemina didn’t know that much.

 As a result, no one actually understood the precise relationship, and thus a new type of holy (?) water was born.

「Well, since we do need to do something about this, how should we go about distancing them?」

「I have an idea. How about you come along with me to fully enjoy all the underground attractions?」

「Two nights and three days? You think they’d allow that?」

「I do have plenty of matters to discuss with the people of the earth as the priestess princess, so I could use that as an excuse.」

 Aearis had a face like a saint, but lately she had been saying things that were quite self-serving. A bit put-off at her strange reliability, everyone decided that this was the best plan of action.

「Well, now that Sensei’s back in action, let’s have lunch. Are you joining us, Elle?」

「If you are fine with that, then I will eat before being on my way.」

「We have plenty–」

 Seeing that the conversation had reached a conclusion, Mio suggested that everyone hasten to finish lunch. But then, someone cut her off.

「Haruna, you can’t just be the only one to flirt with Deary……」

 Rainy complained, but

「That’s just the difference in your performance, so give it up.」

「Haruna’s one thing, but who knows how Hiroshi would react if you were to try something.」

 And Rainy was in turn cut down by the two elders. And so lunch began after a feat of strength……

「Underground? You mean those ruins you mentioned before?」

「Yup. You interested too, Nora?」

「Of course I am.」

 And now the barrage of questions about the underground attraction emerged.

「Well there’s a transportation circle leadin’ right there, an there’s materials over there we can get too, so s’long as ya don’t see it conflictin’ with work, I’m fine with ya comin’ along too.」

「Then once the lecture’s over today, everyone should do their best in their work.」

「Lime can come along too, right?」

「If we’re talkin’ attractions, then it’d be better to have her along.」

 So with this being the perfect opportunity and all, Azuma Workshop’s members hastened to be part of the sudden “field trip” to the underground resort.

「So what about the evil idol that caused all sorts of trouble?」

「I can’t say it’s totally harmless, but it ain’t gonna go in the same direction that Dentlis intended no more.」

「As a material?」

「It can make some purty grim things, but I gotta deal with other materials first, so nothin’ right now.」

 Hiroshi declared in response to Tatsuya’s question, putting the second serving of pasta in the stew. Aearis looked at it, almost as if asking to have just a bit more. She was getting closer to an adult in her growth period, so she was requiring more than usual.

「So Haruna-san, Elle, I’d like ya to lead the way. As for me, I’m gonna just proceed with the preparations for direction’ everyone from the temple and for going to Forre.」


「Please leave it to us.」

 Hiroshi said as he gave Aearis a third of a pile of noodles, and both Haruna and Aearis expressed their readiness. And so the lively lunchtime and the lecture of love to the priests had both ended, and the day ended without any trouble besides the incident with Haruna unconsciously grabbing Hiroshi’s hand. And then

「Haruna-san, you’re so reckless……」

「Haruna-sama, you’re amazing.」

「Hm, maybe we should have raised the difficulty a bit?」

「Nah, I don’t think we should compare ourselves to her level……」

 Haruna, who could no longer be around Hiroshi now that the holy water was taking effect, was trying her best to vent her withdrawal symptoms and ended up easily mastering an attraction two times. Together with Lime, who had exceptional reflexes for a five year old, the two of them ended up causing the moles to have to reconsider the difficulty, truly inconveniencing them.


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