39. Wolf’s Hidden Village (12)

「Decide what to do with her. That is my question to you.」

Mello Brandy, a scout and an elite soldier of Duke Abik.

She is a member of the party that arbitrarily entered the dungeon adjacent to the Wolf’s Hidden Village and tried to destroy the village as a pretext. Her three other companions died in the dungeon, and she was the only one left alive.

Half a bell (about 30 minutes) passed after I asked the werewolves how they would decide her fate. The debate was still ongoing.

「It’s obvious, isn’t it! She should be severely punished!」

A young black-haired werewolf raised his voice. There were many who were angry at the extent of the damage they have suffered for the selfishness of a single party. A few agreed with him, but a man in his prime years stopped them.

「That’s the lord’s soldier. If we do that, we’ll start a war. Why don’t

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