Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What happens if I am subscribed to the VIP system but the novel has recently completed/gone on hiatus?

Answer: If you forget to cancel your subscription, let us know and we can manually gift you Krystals in the same amount as the USD value of the subscription. Let us know in our Discord Channel.

The system encourages a community effort to keep projects you love going. Novels without a dedicated translator generally start at the 170-hour release schedule. Upon successful completion of the Speed-up Schedule 170-hour bar, the novel’s schedule will be reduced by 10 hours. This fund will be used to further translate more chapters for the novel.

We know how it can be frustrating to wait for a chapter to be released. This is why most novels will already start at a 90-hour release schedule. Your support towards the site makes a difference and enables us to keep paying our translators to keep the site alive. With your support, we will be able to hire dedicated translators. Depending on the successful completion of the Speed-up Schedule e.g. if a project is successfully sped up to release every 20 hours, we will hire further dedicated translators as required to ensure that the project will be delivered as promised.

To align with the goal as it gets more challenging for us to deliver, we have increased the Krystals requirement for every tier by 5000 Krystals. Please see below for more details:

From 170 hours to 160 hours is 5000 Krystals.
From 160 hours to 150 hours is 10000 Krystals.
From 150 hours to 140 hours is 15000 Krystals.
From 140 hours to 130 hours is 20000 Krystals.
From 130 hours to 120 hours is 25000 Krystals.
From 120 hours to 110 hours is 30000 Krystals.
From 110 hours to 100 hours is 35000 Krystals.
From 100 hours to 90 hours is 40000 Krystals.
From 90 hours to 80 hours is 45000 Krystals.
From 80 hours to 70 hours is 50000 Krystals.
From 70 hours to 60 hours is 55000 Krystals.
From 60 hours to 50 hours is 60000 Krystals.
From 50 hours to 40 hours is 65000 Krystals.
From 40 hours to 30 hours is 70000 Krystals.
From 30 hours to 20 hours is 75000 Krystals.

As you may know, Light Novels Translations is a community website that provides FREE content to everyone regardless of any donations. We don’t have a paywall system, all chapters will be released in due time for everyone to enjoy. Unfortunately, this also means we need to implement some measures to cover outgoing costs.

Light Novels Translations hire Author and Translators on the site to produce content for you all. Unfortunately, our content is stolen from us and distributed elsewhere.

You can support us by:
– not turning on your adblocker
– not creating PDF/ book files to encourage people to read on the site
– reading the content on this site (not on other pirate sites).
– becoming VIP
– purchasing Krystals

Any of the above actions helps the site to stay alive. Thank you again for your kindness and support!

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