Volume 4 Chapter 3-2: Hemp


However, Roleau was wearing his usual worn out clothes. Well, at least he had washed them as if to excuse his choice.

I know that Roleau had good clothes since I had instructed the women folk to make him a stylish outfit from the cloth over the winter….

「Well, pretty clothes like that make my shoulders stiff. No one even cares what I look like anyway…」

「I see, then if that unwashed beggar over there opened up a shop selling items, could you buy it happily? Then what about if he was selling food??」

I said while indicating the beggar leaning against the wall, wrapped in rags covered with dirt.

Roleau frowned heavily.

「I don’t look that bad.」

「Well that’s only from our point of view. However, our main customers will be rich people. If those people were to look at how you are now, they would only see a filthy beggar. So, I’ll have to pay to get you a decent outfit.」

「Because of me we have to spend unnecessary funds….I’m sorry Chief.」

「I can forgive this simple slip up. I was also wrong for not informing you of the reason.」

In the case of repeating the same offenses…the first time I can forgive with a laugh, the second time I’ll get angry, and the third time I will wash my hands of it.

「Yeah, I’ll be careful.」

Roleau unusually said something admirable and bowed his head.


After that it’s wheat, barley, and potatoes. I also asked them to fit as much vinegar on the cart as they could and deliver it to the inn since we were running low. I’m glad we could buy potatoes. With this many we could fill up the greenhouse entirely.

After we harvest the turnips we’d have to do our best and plant these.

「Cyril you look to be in a good mood.」

「Of course since I found a bargain! I’m glad I came here.」

「Are you talking about those seeds?」

「Yes those seeds! These are hemp, I don’t know of a plant with more usefulness than this one.」

I saw a good amount of hemp seeds for sale so I bought them wholesale. I could have the refugees at the base cultivate these. Now instead of just supporting them, we would get a work force.

I had used the power of the Dwarf Kuiro to the limit to create farmland for the supply base. The seeds I had given them were not enough to fill up the empty plots.

「In a little while the supply base will be covered in green hemp plants.」

Hemp was great, a fast growing annual plant that can be planted whenever and harvested quickly.

It had a large number of uses including making cloth, ropes, baskets, and materials that Erucy lacked. The leaves and seeds were also nutritious and could be made delicious while being preservable. You couldn’t overlook the oils from it as well.

It was also possible to use as material for medicines. It was especially useful for making painkillers so I wanted to stock up.

From the partially released seals of one of my unknown 『selves』 I knew how to craft some drugs and perform genetic modification on the seeds so that I can adjust the most useful parts to become more effective. After looking at these current seeds I could see that they were a bit lacking in certain elements.

Using this I could weaken the Empire while earning money at the same time. It’d be in the units of tens of thousands of gold….

「Covered in greenery…sounds pretty. I think I’d like to see it.」

「Me too. It’s a plant that Cyril-kun praises so highly after all.」

「Un, that’s fine. Once the harvest is ready the three of us can go take a look. It truly is a vibrant and beautiful shade of green that will spread across the land. Even now I’m looking forward to it.」

In the case of international conflict just killing one or two wouldn’t cause an issue. Even for the Empire, losing those 5,000 soldiers wasn’t fatal since they could recover in a few years. Once that happened we would once again have to wage war with our existence on the line.

However, I could now make a weapon that could influence their Empire as a whole. Furthermore, these kinds of things hadn’t been circulated before so they wouldn’t have any countermeasures in place.

In fact, once it was released some people would still want to use it and spread it even if they knew that they should stop.

If the top leaders became stupid in the head, then I could anticipate secondary disasters as well. I’m truly glad I came to this shop.


We separated from Rera and Kona and headed towards the clothing shop.

Before parting I handed out 60 silver each. Since we had come to the city I wanted to let them have some fun. I thought that these kind of side benefits were fine.

Kona didn’t know how to read, write, and calculate so I sent Rera with her to look after her so they would spend their money properly.

「Rera’s great, she can read, write, and do calculations?」

「Yes, she’s my Teacher after all.」

Normally, reading, writing and calculation are taught only by the children of parents who have some power in this era. But Rera is a bit strange because she was born into a normal family. Also sometimes she turns a sharp discerning eye to Kuu.

「I’ll have to talk with her more in depth. There’s the matter with Roleau as well.」

「True, Rera is beautiful, kind, and smart but because she is only a gray wolf many of the village avoided her. But still, I think Roleau-san will be able to see her good points.」


「What’s wrong?」


Kuu was gold, the type of Fire Fox with the greatest power, and compared with the gray fox that had the weakest power….I’m sure she had many complicated feelings about this.

But, that’s not the only issue.

「Roleau, why are you trying to hide?」

「I’m not good with places like this…」

Certainly the shop was pretty and filled with a more refined aura. Roleau stuck out like a sore thumb.

「Just come on in.」

However, we didn’t have time to waste and it was necessary for him to get used to this kind of atmosphere. I grabbed his hand and forcefully dragged him inside the shop.

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