Chapter 31 – Part 2

Translator: Kousei

Editor: Ryunakama

Bran, who was injured in the fight with Dran, was returning as fast as possible to his castle, Darcloa.

He returned to his room in the castle. Even within this castle which cannot be recreated in human society, his chambers could be called luxurious, suitable for the status of a prince. Leaving the cloak and the Grief Maria in the waistband on, he lay down on the couch.

He quickly emptied a golden cup, gulping it down in one go. The contents of the golden pitcher should be obvious, given Bran’s race.

「The severed neck is connected again. Blood vessels, bones, nerves, and flesh are all connected as before. But what about this pain? The pain since the moment when it was cut off remains. I have to say it again. Dran, what a terrifying sword you wield! But meeting such a formidable enemy, that one can’t even hope to encounter even if one so desired, and that is on the night of nights, when we are awaiting the great guest, is this the will of the creator?」

「Bran, The Crown Prince of the Great Glossgrier Kingdom」

Bran felt the overwhelming pressure on his entire body. Strictly speaking, it is because Bran’s psychological state has influenced his body, and it isn’t necessarily an actual added burden on Bran’s body.

However, the owner of that voice was the main cause of the psychological changes affecting Bran’s physical body.

Bran looked around for the presence. The voice sounded as if it came from all directions, so it was useless to try to figure out their location from that.

He accomplished his goal in the blink of an eye, as he got up from the couch and headed to the owner of the voice and kneeled.

「If it isn’t His Majesty, I’m happy to have your presence here.」

「But I’m not as happy as you, Bran. To have my important heir being hurt like that.」

How shameless, Bran tried to hide the hatred in his heart. He has known it since the early days that his father wasn’t as worried as he said earlier.

「Raise your head, Bran. When no one else is around, you and I can act as a father and child, not master and slave.」

「I’ll take these words to heart.」

Bran looked at his blood-related father, Giorr Zegario Glossgrier, the 1300th leader of the Glossgrier family which has been around with him for about 3000 years.

Bran himself also possesses a big and tall body, but his father is even taller. His arms are as strong as a bundle of thick tree roots, and the thickness of the breastplate pushing up the black cape makes it likely that if a person hits him as hard as possible, he will not budge.

His combed back hair was dominated by the white strands, the appearance of his jaw looks like it can even crunch a rock, his nose resembles a raptor’s beak, and in the eyes like scars after getting slashed by a blade, a vicious light swirls like the Demon Eyes of the Basilisk Petrification.

The fierceness of the aura that gushes from the whole body makes you realize that the temperature of the ice drops further with Bran around, who is his child-related by blood.

I still can’t be compared to my father even now. I was always reminded of this fact whenever I met him, that it made my burning spirit to surpass him wither.

「Bran, the man who cut off your head, what do you think of him?」

「That’s not something that you should be concerned about. Certainly, my head being cut off by a human happens only once in a millennium, but I always won in the end. That’s how it is, until now and in the future.

We should take revenge for the disgrace by being cut by humans with our own hands. Father, please consider only the hospitality of the guests. Considering the guests, no one is more entertaining than you, father. 」

「That would be right. The only ones who can face him are me, and you, no one else. Our kingdom must lament the shortage of human resources. Bran, it’s up to you to dispose of that insolent human. Got it? 」

Based on just his words, he sounded like he was asking for confirmation, but in fact, it was a ruler’s question that did not allow a response other than affirmation.

「Yes, as you wish.」

「Then Bran, let’s follow the courtesy of the war and perform the ceremony.」

He replied with a short affirmative at his father’s word. Then Bran used telepathy to call Sierra, who was visiting Fatima. Soon after, a loyal former human servant appeared before Giorr and Bran.

While the servant was kneeling, looking on the carpet laid on the floor, Giorr remained in his chair, but Bran stood in front of Sierra, commanding her with his dignity as an absolute ruler.

「Sierra, this time, as per His Majesty orders, we will perform a sacrifice ceremony according to tradition.」

「Yes sir.」

「As for the ceremony, I’ll use Rita, the girl from the village.」

Sierra wants to think that her response to Bran was not delayed. It seems a bit stiff, but she prayed that the lord in front of her didn’t realize it—Prayed to whom? Even though she doesn’t believe in God anymore.

Bran’s voice hung in the cruel pleasure as he saw right through her.

「Sierra, you are also in the ceremony. As the one who turned you into a dweller of the night, I command you.」

「Yes, as you will, milord.」

A smile spills out from Bran’s lips.

「Use your whole spirit to suck Rita’s blood, the sacrifice ritual will end by sucking the blood of the sacrifice. 」

「Yes, I’ll be sure to do so.」

With the reply, she was allowed to leave, which Sierra did as fast as she could without appearing rude.

Waiting for Sierra to disappear behind the door, Bran turned around and looked back as he gave the most ruthless order. The words that came out of his mouth were unworthy of the ruthless words he had spoken just moments ago.

「Hnn, even though he is my father, he likes to come and go whenever he likes 」

His father, whom he expected to see, was not there. He had apparently gone out of this room without telling Bran.

「And he is shrewd.」

There was no sign left of the wine of the blood of the saint that was poured on the pitcher on the table. It seems he had taken it with him when he left the room.

They were a vampire father and child who didn’t know about the imminent situation or lacked a sense of urgency.

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