Chapter 41: The Silver Mask and The Myth going into Motion Part 2


Heat Haze Castle, inside of the castle which was dyed in the color of blood and flames.

Cruz who had just returned from the human world, respectfully presented the Divine Corpse to Iblis who was within the Magical Globe.

『So this is——this is the “Divine Corpse”?』

Her voice was mixed with both the arrogance of a noble and an uplifted tone, it only served to indicate just how much she valued the object that was presented to her.

『Cruz, you’ve done well——However, is this “all” of it?』

「Ha? I don’t really understand what you mean………?」

『Do not play dumb』

The coercive pressure Iblis was exerting was enough to make a lower demon spout out blood and faint, but in the case of the person behind the silver mask, he was not even perturbed.

「Naturally. I didn’t leave a single ounce and I took everything in the Slavemancer’s possession. This is all of it」

After a moment of silence, the pressure she exuded finally dissipated and slackened.

『——Very well. Then, can you tell me what happened to the Slavemancer?』

「They were all caught up in the explosion set off by Flamia-sama, and they were buried alive so I didn’t really look into it after that……Well it is likely that they’ve already died」

「Then, what about Flamia-sama, how is she!?」

A voice that contained uneasiness and impatience bounded out from behind of Cruz. It was the Demonic Noble who wore a lion’s mask, the Demonic Swordsman Strahl.

「Oh what do we have here? I didn’t even notice you were there, Demonic Swordsman. ahh, your copy of the 12 demonic swords came in handy by the way」

「Who cares about that?! I’m asking you what you know about Imouto-kun——!!」(TL: Imouto-kun = Younger sister-kun)

『Strahl. “That thing” has severed its connection with my demonic crest. That’s all you need to know』

「Wha!? How could it……be…..?!」

The loyal subject Strahl who has served the demonic family for such a long period of time slumped into the ground.

He realized from the cold-blooded words that his Master had just spoken, that she had no concern over whether Flamia had died or lived.

And inside this room which was filled with silence……….Suddenly, Iblis’s figure which was soaked in a high amount of dense magical energy reverberated. Even within the long years that the demonic swordsman has served, he had never heard of such a thing, it was the sound of his Master’s spirit trembling.

『Mu………This is——!』

For the longest period of time, not one person dared to speak.

Palmyra, Sistina  and even Flamia had kept silent, the only thing that could be heard was Nina crying bitterly.

Just as an off chance, we tried touching the remnants of her right hand with the wounded side of her body to see if anything would happen, but no matter what we tried, Nana was not responding.


「Himeno-san, could you please not look at my face right now」

I can’t forgive this. I definitely won’t forget this!

The guy who deprived Nana and took her away from us, even if it is my former classmate Kurusu, I don’t give a damn!

I will chase him all the way to hell and make him regret it…….!


The room was completely in tatters and it was at this point in time that the tanned dark elf entered the room quietly.

The blind Priestess did not seem to waver or lose her way as she walked towards Nana’s body which was in complete tatters, she then extended her brown hands towards Nana’s head.

「Indeed…….I can still feel it. Although it is a very small amount…….I can sense the pulse of her sleeping soul」

「What do you mean, Dianne!?」

The dark elf turned towards us with her refreshingly clear and beautiful face, as her lips formed into a faint smile. As if telling us that everything was fine, and that we could be relieved.

「What I am saying is that…….This Armored Golem is still alive」

The floor which was made out of magical crystals soundlessly opened up and swallowed the Divine Corpse within it as it closed up again. The ‘incident’ occurred straight after Iblis has just swallowed the Divine Corpse.

「Wha……What’s happening!?」

The space and the ceiling itself was wavering and making weird sounds as if it were going to break apart. At such a sight, the Demonic Swordsman opened up his eyes widely in shock.

A vertical crack that reaches many meters in length appears along the wall, however what came from the other side was quite the anti-climax, it was a small human-like figure with a big shadow.

「Hi, hi ~ It’s been such a long time hasn’t it, Ibi-chan」(TL: Ibi-chan is Iblis being called in an more informal and affectionate manner)


These kinds of words being spoken right now was reaching the extremities of insolence especially when speaking to the Lord of the Castle Iblis—— the being who dared to speak in such a manner was a demoness noble with fox ears and a flourishing amount of blond hair.

Everything about her seemed extravagant and over abundant from her extremely expensive looking kimono to the cleavage she was showing, her pure white breasts were seemingly about to spill out from the kimono at any moment now.

She had multiple amounts of luxurious tails sticking out from her voluptuous butt, she was wearing a vermillion colored Kimono and holding on to a pipe with a metal tipped stem and was holding it in her coquettish mouth. Additionally, she was floating on top of a very large magical crystal.

「I…..Immortal Fox Goddess Mikura…..sama? The oldest candidate as head of the family out of the Noble Eight Families, why is she here!?」

「Araa (Oh?), It’s not just me you know?」

The space that Mikura came from teared open even more…..What emerged from the center was a being covered in limitless amounts of black colored scales with deadly looking horns on its head, it had three lava-like eyes that gave about a bad omen to them and he had a dragon head.

He was able to meet the fox eye to eye, even though she had been sitting on top of a gigantic crystal, he was a large demonic noble with a majestic appearance.

「P….Possessor of the Dragon Bloodline, Duke Drago Vamp….!?」


「I see, so that’s the existences of those who are closest to being one of the three archdukes……! 」

She is one of the oldest member that served the Demonic Kingdom as one of its rulers, in terms of magical power, she would not be outdone by three archdukes, that was just how powerful the Nine-tailed fox was.

The other figure was a being that held the bloodline of dragons who was destined to hold enormous strength, combined with the bloodline of the blood-sucking vampire species who by nature lived immortal lives, the being known as Duke Drago Vamp had been a ruler for at least 2,000 years.

Having three heads from the Eight Noble Families gather in one location was a tremendous event that hasn’t occurred in the past 1,000 years.

The two people who appeared, did not even spare a glance at either the demonic swordsman who was shocked and unable to move or Cruz.

The subordinates of Iblis were considered the same as furniture in their eyes, and there was no need for them to give any special attention to someone with such an obsolete status.

『Both of you…….Coming here and invading my Castle without permission, what reason does thou have to be so rude?』

〈What a stupid question. Stop with the pleasantries, you greenhorn〉

The Draconic Duke firing off such short and impolite words was enough to set the Lord of the Castle Iblis flying into rage. She began to release a strong magical force filled with the power of death.

Strahl’s ears and mouth started to leak out blood. If he actually got hit directly by that aura of death, he would most likely instantly die.

「There, there, Ibi-chan just stay calm for a minute okay? The reason for us in coming her is obvious…..Naturally it’s because we are trying to collect the ‘Divine Corpse’ which the Demon King has given to us as a parting gift」

『Hou? Why are you coming here and talking to me about it? Isn’t that kind of existence just a myth…….?』

Looking at his Master who was blatantly putting on a cool front whilst feigning ignorance in the matter of the Divine Corpse, Strahl could only let out cold sweat from his entire body.

However, as if Mikura was already expecting such a response, she answered by laughing in a beautiful high-pitched voice that sounded like bells ringing.

「After all, it has finally appeared, in the human world——」

The Nine-tailed fox took the pipe out of her mouth and pointed it towards Iblis.

「——A brave Yuusha-chan, ne」 (TL: Yuusha = Hero, the chan at the end implies it may be a girl or a young boy) (Full Color Light Novel Illustration: Mikura the Sexy Fox~)

After that incident a full day has passed……the dark elf underground village which had been destroyed partially was rapidly being rebuilt.

I was sitting alone in my own room and I was holding on to this red globe around the size of a ping-pong ball within my hand.

This was the mono-eye that Nana left behind.

And this is precisely the location of Nana’s left over soul.

『I’m sure you are aware of my abilities as a Priestess, in being able to understand and communicate with the will and consciousness of certain beings dwelling in objects. Nana’s memories, mind and soul……Without a doubt all of these things have remained inside of here, Tooru-dono』

If the words spoken by Dianne are true, then Nana is not completely dead just yet.

After erupting in happiness and excitement knowing that she could still be saved, our objectives for travelling in this world had increased yet again.

That’s right——I’m going to find a way in order to “reincarnate” Nana.

This mono-eye was precisely acting like a system back-up; it was storing everything that represented Nana in a compact form. In such a case, as long as I can make her a new body; or if I could find her one, then I could revive Nana.

And in order to obtain a clue as to how I will achieve such a thing, I needed Princess Sistina to use her powers in order to dream up a new prophecy.

There was a couple of concerns raised at the fact that Iblis may send out another attacking force in order to finish us off if we stayed within the dark elf village, but at the very least, I concluded that they wouldn’t do that any time soon.

I was pretty convinced. Judging from the words that Cruz used….He is not exactly working for Iblis as a mere pawn. Most likely, their relationship was one that tried to make use of each other. Because of such a thing, I believe that I can make use of this gap in their relationship.

Moreover, Cruz has mentioned that he will be leaving the fragment of the Divine Corpse with me for safe keeping, and this these words were enough to convince me of the fact that there was not going to be any clashes for a short while.

Now then……..putting that matter aside…

「Oniisan, Oniisan! I’m ready~!」

「Oi, Flamia! Considering that you are just a newcomer why don’t you show a little more restraint…..!」(Palmyra speaking)

「Ehh~, I don’t know how to do such a thing mon~ The earliest bird gets the worm~ !」

The door is opened with vigour and two compact sized loli bodies entered the room.

Now then, it’s finally time for my long-awaited 3P with the demoness’s!

Slavemancer Tooru (Skill Level Up!)

Job: Slavemancer LV 16

Skill:【Subjugation MagicLV10】【Contract with the DevilLV1→2】【Magical Slave StrengtheningLV6】???

・The current amount of Magical Slave slots(Open Slots:2People Remaining)

【Princess Knight Kirika】【Housemaid Magician Nina】【Warrior Amelia】

【Elemental Archer Sierra】【Demoness Noble Palmyra】【Earl Yurina】

【Mad Princess Flamia】【Otherworldly Knight Celesta】

Elemental Archer Sierra (Special Equipment Get!!)

Job: Elemental Archer LV 9

Skill:【Bow TechniquesLV4】【Elemental MagicLV2】【EspionageLV3】 ???

Special Equipment: Bow of the Stars Thousand Light

Mad Princess Flamia

Job: Mad Princess LV 13 (Originally she was at least above LV 20)

Skill:【Airspace ManipulationLV11(Originally this skill was at least above LV 16)】【Magic ResistanceLV2】 ???

Otherworldly Knight Celesta (Job Change!!)

※※※※※The Job has been changed by dishonest means※※※※※

Job: Swordswoman Level 8 → Otherwordly KnightLV4

Skill: 【Sword Techniques LV 7】【Otherworldly Weapons LV 0 → 3】【Magic Resistance LV 1】? ? ?

※※※※※The Job has been changed by dishonest means※※※※※



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