Chapter 12: Strengthening the Garden and Strengthening a Manufactured Object


There is a large rock in the middle of the garden of my house. Normally I can take a nice stroll across my garden, but right now there was a big rock blocking the pathway.

When the witches and the dragons were fighting each other, the dragon dug up part of the ground and this was the cause of the current situation.

「This rock, what should we do with it? It isn’t easy to walk around the garden」
「Let’s see. Even if Master makes it part of the garden, it’s so large so it will become an obstacle」

It’s become a terrible eyesore, so I really want to clean it all up today.

「Let’s just remove it, how about we make a wood golem?」

I think this kind of laborious work is more suited to the Wood Golems, I chose a bunch of apple trees and gave them their orders. Hands and feet sprout out from the trees and they start to stand upright.

「If we make them one by one, they appear quite small don’t they. Should we make a bigger one?」

In order to make a golem bigger, all we have to do is synthesize the same golem and combine them together. Therefore I hang my hands out and tried to combine the two golems in order to enlarge it. However,


Woops, I think I failed a little.
The Wood Golem has shoots out its arms and hits me.

「Ar-are you alright!? Are you injured!?」
「Ahh, I’m fine, I’m fine」

Sakura was really worried about me, but fortunately I was uninjured. Because of my failure, it seems that the externals of the tree were a little twisted. Golems don’t really have that big of a strength so it doesn’t really hurt me.

Nevertheless, I really need to remove the inconvenience as soon as possible.

「–Nn? Oh?」

When I was thinking of proceeding, the golem which I just synthesized started to move. It raised its right arm high in the air.

「I haven’t given it any orders yet, how is it moving?」
「That’s true….? I wonder why…..?」

Sakura doesn’t seem to know either.
For confirmation, I tried raising my right arm again.
And this time, I wiggled my fingers.

Following this, the golem seemingly moved like me.

「Ahh, is it copying the movements of my arm?」
「It seems like you guys have synchronized. It seems that the golem has received the magic transmitted from your body and turned it into a signal」
「Eh? Is it possible to do that kind of thing?」
「No, it’s never been done before so I don’t know. However, since Master is able to accomplish it, then it must mean that it is possible」

Eh, that’s pretty interesting. So this tree, will replicate the movements that I perform? In that case,

「……I’ve thought of something interesting」

「As I expected. When I envelop myself in it, I can still move」
「Ah- it is splendid, Master!」

Looking at myself in front of the mirror, I saw the figure of a Wood Golem. No, to be exact, did I myself become the wood golem? Or is it that only my external appearance has become a wood golem?

Well in any case, I was buried inside the wood golem.
And I wanted to try this out to see if I could move my whole body.

「I didn’t expect this to work so well. I guess I will give it a go」

I was about three meters tall, and I could intricately move around as the wood golem. Normally the range of movements would be limited to approaching a target and hitting it, or walking to a spot, or those kinds of simple orders, However, I can move this using my own will. It is quite convenient.

「If I call it Wood Armor, it seems quite weak, but it’s actually pretty sturdy. It makes it really easy to do physical labor and it’s really interesting」

If it’s like this then I will be able to carry the rock to any position I like. I tried carrying a smaller stone which were at least tens of kilos and it was possible to carry it quite easily.

I don’t completely understand the inner workings of this body, I just imagine that the bulky stems are akin to my muscles. In other words, having such big and powerful muscles makes the job easy. If I can somehow miniaturize the form of the Wood Golem, it will be possible to use it inside the house. Therefore, I want to learn how to do so, so that I can use it…..

「However….It looks unfashionable and lacking in style」

When I looks at myself in the mirror once again, I notice that my current body is quite unrefined and a little strange. It seems to be really thick and bulky. Or perhaps, is it better to say that the tree is inflated.

「Master, Don’t mind it, after all this is the first time you’ve made such a creation. If it’s this much, I think that you’ve done a splendid job」

Even though Sakura said this to cheer me up, I wanted to be a little smarter in front of her. Well, after all, I don’t really have a good expertise knowledge in sculptures so… I look kind of lame in this right now.

「Although….Not being able to see Master’s face makes me a little sad」
「In that case, shall I try to fix at least the facial aspect ?」

I tried to use the image of an Ashura god or the Two Deva Kings as material reference for the face. At any rate, although there was a multitude of things that can be improved with this model, I at least obtained a “heavy machinery” type of object. With this, I’m sure that I will be able to easily do my gardening tasks from now on!

But well, after creating the Armor, I feel really tired right now, so for today, I will just go to sleep. Moving the large rock can be done after.



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