Chapter 447: Catch A Cold


Translator: Reflet
Editor: ryunakama

“This is very bad, Taiyou-chan is in heat!”

“You…cough…stop yapping…cough.”

Taiyou said, lying on the bed.

Unlike usual, his face was red and he seemed to be having a difficult time, not even having enough strength to swat Hera.

“So you aren’t in heat?”

“Were you…cough…serious about that?”

Taiyou felt a headache coming on.

“Yeah yeah, move it along.”

“Natsuno-kun, are you okay?”

Akiha brought a basin with ice water, and Aoba, all better now, entered the room.

Their movement was very brisk as they took out a tightly wound, cold towel out and put it on Taiyou’s forehead.


“Some snot’s coming out. Kay, chin up.”

Akiha brought a tissue to his nose.

Taiyou felt a bit ashamed, but his entire body was limp, so he was grateful for the extra care.

“First time I ever saw Natsuno-kun catch a cold…I wonder if that was my fault.”

“You mean because he took care of you he got it too? Hmm…”

Akiha pondered.

“That’s…cough cough…not true. It just took a while to get to me after I bathed in half my body.”


“Anyhow…Youran and Sakura-san, are they alright?”

Making sure Aoba didn’t worry, Taiyou asserted that the cause was the long bath he took.

“Y-Yeah. They’re both fine.”

“Okay…Then I’m glad.”

Taiyou said, closing his eyes.

His head was vacant, his body was limp, and it was hard to even open his eyelids.

But the cold feeling on his forehead was refreshing, and the other two in the room being there comforted him.

He considered the possibility of the two girls once again catching a cold from tending to him, but it felt so good right now that he hesitated to say anything.

(…Eh, if that happens I can just take care of them.)

He wanted to have his way for now. He wanted them to stay here.

Heck, maybe he should call the others over too.

A cold, a sickness he had not experienced in a long time…He did not realize that he was in a weakened state because he got sick after Hera had appeared.

He simply thought it was an extension of his yearning for his brides.

“Aki-han? Why have you been staring at that?”

“That? Akiha, that’s the tissue that was in Taiyou’s nose.”



“Hey, colds heal once they’ve already passed on, right?”

“Eh, uhh, yeah.”

Aoba nodded, clearly troubled. Judging from the situation, it seemed like the sickness moved right from her to Taiyou, and she found it hard to say that.

“Alright, then I’ll catch it.”

“Ehhh? Catch it? You mean purposely try to get it?”

“Well yeah.”

“How are you going to do that?”



“Eat this.”


“Eat. Half for you, half for me.”


Taiyou fought his dreariness and opened his eyes.

He questioned what Aoba was getting so worked up about…but then he got so surprised he rose up.

Akiha held out a tissue to Aoba, split in half.

“If we eat this and move the sickness to us—-”


Taiyou used whatever power he could muster and slapped Akiha’s hand. The split tissue that had been in his nose fell to the ground.

“Hey, what’s the big idea Taiyou?”

“That’s what I’d like to say—-cough, cough cough.”

He was about to interject and then coughed loudly.

It was an explosive, spasmodic cough. It felt like he was going to cough up his organs.

“Natsuno-kun! You okay?”

Aoba rubbed his back, concerned.

“Geez! It’s because you say such weird things, Akiha.”


“Throw away that thing already. You say you wanna eat it again and I’ll get seriously angry, okay?”


Akiha threw away the tissue and dejectedly headed to the trashcan in the corner of the room.

As Aoba massaged his shoulders, Taiyou looked at her.


“You okay, Natsuno-kun?”

“Akiha’s cute when she acts like that.”

Taiyou said in a hoarse voice.


“She’s always cute, but don’t you think that unusually depressed look is also cute?”


Aoba said angrily.

“Don’t say weird things like that. Rest and get better!”



Akiha was despondent when she got back. Clearly she wasn’t able to handle Aoba’s scolding.

“Could you stay by me as I sleep?”



Aoba exclaimed. Taiyou asked her to do the same.

“You too, Aoba.”

“The heck are you saying, Natsuno-kun? When you have a cold you can’t just—-”

Aoba said, but Akiha quietly entered the futon and snuggled close to Taiyou.

“Is this fine?”

She inquired.


He nodded, looking at Aoba.

His eyes seemed to be asking if she planned to join.

Aoba hesitated, but only for a few seconds.

She sighed and entered on the opposite side of Akiha.

They slept with Taiyou between them.

“But isn’t it going to end up spreading if we do this?”

“I’ll make sure it doesn’t.”

“Who cares if it does?”

Akiha began to regain some of her energy.


Aoba gave up, clinging onto Taiyou.

Taiyou almost felt like the dreariness was leaving his body.

The cold was chased out of his body by the warmth of the two brides. That was what he felt.

“I’m going to do it too!”

“Don’t yap in my ear. Wait, don’t put your ass on my forehead!”

The fever came back just a bit.



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