Chapter 83: Gathering Information from Drunkards

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「 There had been a lot of Bicorns and Tri-Horns, but man, when the Black Demons turned out to be wolves, I thought we’re done for. Oopsie, boss, give me 5, 6 of those and bring them all here. 」
Dean gave off the impression that wine is water.

Black Demons were the monsters that we usually hunted, the ones with the black part on the rim of their eyes spreading out. Actually, there’s a lot of varieties; there were also ones whose dark rims didn’t change but the number of their horns increased. It was said that those with many horns turned out that way because of their physical strength and appetite, while those with lots of black markings possessed strong power —magic, primarily — and deep hatred against the people, but the distinction was kinda vague.

Surprisingly, when their entire body became black, they would lose all warts and wrinkles and their entire body would become neat.

You can gauge their strength based on the surface size covered in black and the number of horns. Oh, and by the color of horns, too. This observation couldn’t be generalized for all since the receptacle’s inherent abilities also had an influence on the majority of the monsters, but the smooth monsters were an exception.

Lizards become more sluggish the stronger they become and it would be difficult for them to move for long distances. On the contrary, if the monsters were the agile type then it would spell disaster for the humans — not because they’ll attack the city. There’s a possibility that these nimble monsters, along with the weak ones that they were chasing, would run into the city.

The wolves posed the greatest menace to that city, but they were already defeated, apparently. In short, I missed the highlight of the monster subjugation, but that’s fine.

「There should be more of them, no matter how I think about it. 」
「 Both the Guild and I thought we still had a bit of a leeway when we heard about the progression of war in the Central Plains. No, the Guild must have predicted it.」
「 That’s because the three Gold-ranks also participated. 」

It wasn’t clear whether Chris and Dean were grumbling or explaining while they drank.
I was busy tearing off the rib roast from the bone with my teeth, so I was just listening to them talk. This whole biting the meat off business made me feel like “Hey, I’m really eating meat!”

「…That doesn’t really suit you, huh. 」
「 So you’re a wild one, Twilight. 」
「 Don’t mind me and just continue talking. 」
How I ate shouldn’t matter, right?

「 I got a hunch that aside from Haldea, there’s another country wielding some kind of terrible magic. At any rate, I’m glad we learned about this before things got outta hand. 」
Retze returned to the topic.

Oh, yeah, it’s the synergy of heroes and wars, huh. I’ve been focusing on the heroes all this time, but it seems like the Guild is monitoring the war.

Ugh… I really want to eat vegetables.

「Amadeo’s going to be the face of the next party, and they’re planning to gather everyone within the kingdom. How many participants will there be, I wonder? 」Ash said.
「 It’ll probably turn into a large-scale expedition, and it’s been a while since that happened! 」Chris replied.

A party with three Gold-ranks was tempting, it seemed, and apparently, there had been as many members as the large-scale guilds and clans in Japanese games. It was difficult to see who the members of the expedition team were based on the image reflected on the water basin.

「 Did Amadeo-sama invite the two of you? 」
Butler asked with a smile while pouring wine for Dean and Chris.

I already heard about a lot of things, so when Butler said that line, the word ‘Amadeo’ sounded like ‘Roza’ to me. She’s thinking of gathering people to restore the country, apparently.

「 He did invite me, but it doesn’t suit my personality, so nah.”
「 As a knight, I am not reluctant in granting a beauty’s wish, but as expected, it’s better to be the head of a dog than the tail of a lion! 」

Oh, so they also had that idiom here, huh. Ah, no, 【 Language 】 probably automatically rephrased it in my mind so I could understand it? Eh wait, Chris is a knight?

「 You guys were invited too, right, Ash? 」
「 Mm, but I refused. 」
Ash replied while cutting her meat, while Butler just smiled.

「 Nobody invited me. 」
Retze scowled a bit.

「 That’s because they don’t know what’s good. 」
「 Ahahaha, thanks. 」
No, I’m serious. Retze thought it was just mere flattery, though.

Yeah, pretty sure they’re choosing based on whether there’s a spirit or not.

「There shouldn’t be anyone possessed joining this time around, but it’ll probably be a pain in the neck. 」
「 Yeah, what will happen when they discover that you turned down the invitation to become Amadeo’s believer, er, party member. Good luck.」
Retze half-heartedly cheered a disgusted Dean.

「 They don’t look like they’re giving up. 」
「 Really seems like a pain in the neck, good luck. 」
I also flippantly cheered for him.

「Twilight, you will not join the next expedition also, I presume? 」
「 Of course. 」
I answered Chris’ question without any hesitation. I don’t like living outdoors, and no plans of hanging around a bunch of troublesome people, either.

「 Jean’s bag is famous now after the Guild gave them to the three Gold-ranks. The guild is being flooded with orders, you know? 」
「 it’s awesome raking money in without any risks. 」
Let’s thank the Gold-ranks in relation to the bag that Retze referred to.

The larger the scale of the expedition, the better it is for me! I’m recommending all the members to use that bag. As for the production and whatnot, I’m leaving all that to the Guild.

「 Oh well, bottoms up! 」
Dean then drank the wine in one gulp.

That liquor was quite strong, so would he be alright? I got 【Healing】 so I don’t think I’ll go beyond being tipsy.

「 Yeah, it’s been a while, so let’s enjoy this beef to the fullest. 」
Chris scooped a mouthful of stew and brought it to his mouth.

「 Deliciosa! Even so, Moonlight, you really do eat so gracefully, just like a noble.」
「 …Really? 」
She was trying to conceal herself, so maybe it would be better not to act like a noble — Ash looked like she was contemplating so.

We continued chatting about the mysterious guy who suddenly appeared and was suspected to be Ruf, news about the heroes, and trivial stuff like Dean’s search for accommodations, until both Chris and Dean became wasted after having too much to drink.

I was a bit flustered when they started talking about women and saying dirty jokes and erotic stuff even though Ash was there. Their drunken yammering had been way too loud, too!

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