Chapter 5: Serpent Sin of Envy.


Author: Arya

Diane’s expression turned ugly after she listened to the transmission. A bad premonition rose in her heart. She turned towards the officer and told him to prepare for combat. She also ordered an increase in the defense of the carrier.

“Captain, the aircraft didn’t change its course and is right over the horizon. ETA 20 seconds.” the officer reported Diane.

“Sis, we should prepare for battle” Sophie beside Diane commented.

The officers and staff were surprised. They didn’t think that a single aircraft could take down their base. They were confident in the base’s defense and weapons. However, they were surprised by the captain’s response. It seemed that she was afraid. Although the staff was not aware of the enemy’s background, they still wondered what might make their icy captain fear. In their memories their captain was always cold and ruthless.

While such thoughts were going to the officer’s mind, the captain and vice-captain already left for their cabin to prepare for combat.

Soon a black Osprey appeared on the horizon.

“Activate the weapons system, let’s blast those stupid people.” The officer on deck commanded.

A series of rumbling sounds reverberated in the cabin and suddenly everything went dark.

“Dammit, what the hell just happened!” The officer asked in a frustrated tone.

“Sir, the entire system just went offline! We have lost all power and control.“

An agent reported.

“God Dammit! Those bastards! Hurry up with the manual reboot.” The officer on deck roared.

“Roger that sir, the manual reboot will take around 10 seconds.” The agent responded.

“Sir, the doors are locked. We can’t open them unless the power is back. ” Another officer reported.

In a few moments the entire carrier was locked down and every agent was locked in their respective cabins. The Osprey landed on the deck and the doors opened. James exited the aircraft and waved towards the control tower, moving inside the carrier. Even though the carrier was on lockdown the doors opened wherever he passed. He reached in front of a cabin and the doors opened, inside Diane and Sophie were seated and having a conversation. It seemed that they were unaware of the commotion outside. They felt the door open and turned towards James. They were totally shocked; the sisters hoisted the guns towards James with a sharp glint in their eyes.

James was undisturbed by their gazes and moved inside, the door closed behind me.

“Hello, Lady Diane and Lady Sophie. I am James and have come to talk about something important on behalf of the Jackson organization.” James responded in a polite way with a gentlemanly bow.

Diane sighed; she knew something like this was about to happen the minute the message arrived. She instructed Sophie to lower her weapon, as she too lowered it.

“The Jackson’s sure are bold. Say, Mr. James, what is so important that you must disturb my humble abode. If you are here to persuade me to join your organization, then my apologies as I won’t.” Diane spoke to James.

“It seems Lady Diane has misunderstood something. It isn’t I who wished to speak to you. It’s the Young master who wants to speak or in your words the founder of the Jackson group. ” James responded calmly.

As she heard James answer she was totally shocked to the core. It was accepted widely that the Jackson group was an organization. Thus, people concluded it to be governed by a group of people of whom James was the representative of. Even Diane believed so. But after she heard him, she came to know that a mysterious founder existed. The leader figure of Jackson’s.
James took out a circular device and planted it on the table. The device activated with a hum and a projection of Percy was projected as a hologram. Percy turned towards Diane and Sophie and started to converse.

“Hello, Diane and Sophie, I am Percy Jackson, the leader and founder of the Jackson’s group. Pleased to meet you. Since I couldn’t explain such things in the invite, I had to send James here. I hope you don’t mind. So, let’s get to the point shall we…”

Percy told everything to Diane and Sophie, the apocalypse, his plans after the apocalypse, the devas and everything. After she heard Percy the face of Diane turned pale every second. After
Percy finished, she took a deep breath and responded.

“Pardon me, Mr. Percy but you should be speaking to the United Federation about this.”

“It’s not that I don’t want to, but you know how selfish those world leaders can be. It’s not the issue of safety, but the issue of trust. I don’t trust the world leaders. As they say there are no eternal enemies, only eternal profits. Those idiots will never stand United in the face of that dreadful threat, believe me when I say so. I know more deeds about those fools than they themselves know. All I need is for you and your sister to join me in my crusade. So, will you?” Percy asked.

Contemplating for a moment, Diane answered, “If what you say is true, how are we going to fight those dreadful monsters.”

“All I need is the answer, yes or no? You will know the answer if you join, yourself.” Percy spoke.

” Please give us some time to think about it.” Diane asked.

“Alright, send me your answer through a message at Jacksons email. I will know. Uncle James, you should come back now.” Percy said and the transmission ended.

“As you wish, Young Master. It was a pleasure meeting you Lady Diane and Lady Sophie.” James answered and was about to leave as he turned back and spoke.

“Also, Lady Diane, it would be better if you tell your people to calm down a little. Young Master does not wish to have your beautiful paradise destroyed.”

Diane was terrified of the seemingly simple suggestion. As the head of Oracle, she knew her share of information. If the Jackson’s could find her HQ, then they very well had the ability to blast them into oblivion. That was the reason the Jackson’s were feared around the world.

She hurriedly contacted the control tower and ordered them to stand down.


James waved towards the control tower and boarded the Osprey. It roared its engines and took off over the horizon.

Meanwhile inside the room Diane and Sophie were having an intense discussion.

“Big sis, what do we do now?” Sophie asked.

Diane took a deep breath; one could see the panicky and confused expression on her face.

“Sophie, what do you think? Should we join them?” Diane asked.

“Big sis, according to what we heard the Jackson’s are very formidable. They do not need our gathered intel and we have no feud with them. So, why are they interested in us? Also, I am tired of this lifestyle. I think we should join. We have nothing to lose anyways and the Jackson’s surely are not interested in our Organization or money at the least.” Sophie answered. She was quite excited by the prospect of joining a new organization.

Diane sighed and nodded.

After having the discussion with her sister. Diane sent a message “YES” to the Jackson’s.

The real Percy was seated on the chair inside the palace. He calmly thought about why he had selected them.

Diane, a beautiful and smart lady blessed with talent of being the best intel gatherer. Her greed for more information led to her knowing a very harsh truth about every organization she worked for, thus taking a decision of creating one. She has a bold personality. But she is cunning enough. Already listed as a traitor by multiple countries and a fugitive. Stole data and intel from all the organizations she worked for. Well, she will be a piece of work…

Sophie, a lady who loves Diane. Also her sister. Envy’s her talent, but would never betray her. A lady adept at multiple things and responsible for logistics of her sister’s organization. She is courageous and could be seen from the reaction she gives. But her simple nature is what makes her more easy to approach, rather than her sister’s cold demeanor. Is adept at various fighting styles and has also worked with various organizations as an agent.

“Sir, the confirmation email has arrived.” Aria spoke

The thought process of Percy was disturbed by this message.

“Alright, select the next target and give me the info.” Percy spoke.

One could see the smile on his face. He had expected this response.
Inside the Osprey, James was notified of the reply. The reason behind James’ excitement was different.

“Ahh, the day I get to see the little master and mistress is soon. I will make sure to make it happen.”

His eyes gleamed with determination. If Percy was here, he would surely be terrified of those eyes.

Meanwhile inside the palace, Percy suddenly felt a chill run down his spine and muttered under his breath.

“It seems I need more tea. Hmmm.”



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