Mercenaries in Apocalypse

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Action Adventure Mystery Post-Apocalyptic Psychological Science Fiction Supernatural
  • Author: Arya
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Humanity has rooted themselves on this planet Earth since 500,000 years ago.

But where did it all begin ?

What led to the evolution of our species ?

Was it just mother nature or some other hand at play ?

This remains a mystery till now.

Scholars have debated about it. There have been researches and theories about the existence and evolution of humans till date, but no concrete evidence.

But what if we suddenly come to know the reason behind our existence! Our History. History of Humans. What if the truth is not what we imagined! The darkness that embraces the truth. The Lie that shadows the fact. What happens when humanity finally opens up Pandora’s box of our history. Will we fall to Oblivion? Will we succumb to the darkness? The truth behind, will be finally discovered.

Follow the protagonist who discovers the horrifying truth and chooses to fight for his fate, for the planet’s fate and more importantly for the fate of the Human race and its brave warriors. Find out the reason for our existence. The truth which faded inside the river of time. For ignorance has always been a bliss, but the truth cannot be ignored anymore.

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Latest release: Chapter 30: Future Plans4 years 2 months ago

Latest release: Chapter 30: Future Plans4 years 2 months ago

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Mercenaries in Apocalypse

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