Chapter 121 – Minnalis And Events 1

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『If we go to the town of Gagallad in front of the mountains, we will know the exact location. If we’re to take safety precautions, though it’s a long detour, if we go from the town called Robelia, in the Law Country, we can get there easily』

Oh, finally, finally, finally, finally.

(…… Kufu, kufufu, oh, oh no. I’m even using my skills for the first time in a long time, but I can’t control my emotions)

Even though I know I’m not supposed to, the smiles just seem to spill out.
I could not move anything immediately, but I finally saw a concrete shadow.

「So, a lot of magic is classified into seven fundamental attributes of 『Fire』『Water』『Wind』『Earth』『Light』『Darkness』『Void』. There are also attributes derived from the fundamental attributes such as 『Ice』 and 『Lightning』 And, magic attributes that are not included in these magic are collectively called Non-systematic. An example would be, the 『Plant Magic』 that is used by the Empire’s fierce general Azaristo. In the wasteland of the northern part of the Empire, there is also a family that uses a unique technique called 『Sorcery』」

(So, this won’t do, I have to focus on the lecture)

Even if a little, to accumulate anything and everything possible in order to welcome the time of revenge that is already before us.
Thinking that, I bury my face in the manuscript textbook that was distributed at the beginning of the lesson.

There was something which I’ve used several times, but only understand by feeling listed on it.
I decided to forcibly suppress the uplifting feeling and concentrate on the lesson.

However, it was when I reconsidered.

The sand in the hourglass placed in the classroom ran out, shishishishi, and the sound of the bell rings.

「Is it time already. For the time being, this ends the morning lecture. In two hours, we will begin the afternoon session. Till then」

As with the tone during lecture, the lecture ended with a somewhat cold manner of speaking, and the lecturer went out of the room.

「Well then, what are you two going to do about lunch, wait, I guess it’s just as you appear then」

We placed the lunch box we had originally brought on the desk.
Today, there are two kinds of sandwiches, salty-spicy stir-fried guinea fowl with Koharu grass, and a rampaging cow cheese with bouncy smoked pig. It is my proud creation that I made to suit master who is going to do some research in the library.

「Wow~, it looks so delicious as it’s stuffed in so beautifully. I’ve always thought you were dexterous, but Minnalis, you’ve become quite an excellent cook」

「Or rather, isn’t she a better cook than I am with this……」

Spinne was grinning as Leone was making a slightly difficult face while peering at the lunchbox.

「Not just the appearance, but the lunchbox made by Minnalis is so delicious. I wouldn’t mind giving you a bite though」

Somewhat bragging, Shuria cut off the sandwiches a bite at a time and offered them to the two of them.

「「……Damn, so delicious!?」」

「Of course. There’s no way I am going to pull any stops in what master is going to eat」

While saying such resolutely, her excitement sprang out gradually with joy.
It really does feel nice to have your hard work acknowledged with words. Even more so, if it’s said by a favorable person.

「You really do like Ukei-kun huh」

「Yes, he is an irreplaceable person to us」

「Of course. Ah, but right now, I’m making preparations for encirclement so please keep it a secret from Kaito-sama?」

「…… right, right of course, that’s right」

「……? Is something wrong?」

「No, it’s nothing. Spinne, shall we go get lunch too? We’re going to be late for afternoon class」

「That’s true, but the first day was just boring, and didn’t gain much right」

「Good grief, saying such a thing. Review is important you know. …otherwise It’ll already be too late when it matters. Well then you two, let’s have lunch together some other time. Come on, let’s go, Spinne. Dan and Xank are waiting」

They laughed lightly and waved their hands and then left the lecture room.
With that as the trigger, we also set our hands on the lunch box.

「Yumyum, it’s so delicious today too」

「Hey come on, Shuria, that’s improper」


I wipe Shuria’s cheeks who digs into the sandwich with the sauce sticking to the edges of her mouth.

(…… Come to think of it, I used to eat from lunchboxes like this in those days too)

In those days, it wasn’t me but Lucia’s duty to cook.
When we threesome group of childhood friends play together, Lucia would have prepared and brought along a lunch box by herself.
When we became hungry while playing in the woods, we either just stayed in the shade or put our backs against a fallen tree and then eat lunch……..

「Hmmm, let’s add a little sour flavor next time」

Right now, I am in a desperate need of a stimulus that would jerk me up from the salty taste that is transmitted to my tongue.

「However, these lectures are more exhausting than I thought」

I release a sigh as we walk on our way back home which is now dyed in red hues.
After such a long time which felt short, Shuria and I, together with four of Leone’s people were walking on the way back to the inn.

「Is that so? Shuria isn’t particularly tired though」

「That’s so admirable, I respect you. Such a good girl~」

「Hmphyu! I would rather you don’t pat my head so arbitrarily! The only person who is allowed to press down Shuria’s head, hit it, or stomp it is Kaito-sama! 」

And, so Shuria’s usual sickness was activated.
Aah, after all those instructions that she shouldn’t act rashly in public.

「Eeh? A, are you really being subjected to such terrible treatments~!?」

「That, doesn’t sound nice at all」

「He didn’t seem like the type of guy to do that though」

Leone’s people started to frown.
Shuria too doesn’t mean bad, but it’s actually because she doesn’t mean bad that it’s so troubling.

「No, that is……」

「Hey Shuria, did he really do such a thing?」

「That’s right!! Master Kaito is lenient towards Shuria and Minnalis, so if you do your best, and ask for a favor, he’d at least grant you once in ten times! In addition to the astounded looks he gives, he rubs and grinds against it, Kyuu, it gets me all excited and feels good. Kyufufufu」

「Huh, oh, ugh…….?」

Leone, who kept a keen eyes to Shuria’s statements, made a complicated expression, that was speechless against Shuria’s state.
As the gazes as if demanding assistance gathered, I calmly spun the story.

「…… Leone, when I was a child, Spinne told me that 『There are various forms of love in the world』」

「Ah, ohho~, me, did I say such a thing?」

「Spinnee……, how could you, to a child……」

Leone sighed after she turned her gaze towards Spinne who quickly averted her eyes.

「Haa~, so, Minnalis, Shuria is umm, I mean, is that kind of thing alright?」


「I guess she’s picked up quite the intense fetish from a young age. That path is really intense~」

「Ahaha, dear me, not at all」

Spinne and Xank kept watching Shuria, who wasn’t coming back from the sea of delusion, while making a forced laughter.

「Please excuse this shameful sight……. And Shuria, how long are you going to be like that! 」

「Fumyuu!? So cold!?」

「My goodness, you……」

I put my hand on my aching head while pushing an ice fragment I created using chantless magic onto the back of Shuria who had gone too deep in her delusions as she began to wriggle and twist her body.

「Umuu, that’s so cruel」

「Well, anyway, the both of you being in the advanced classes means that you listened to a much complicated subject right? Setting Leone and Spinne aside, you two are quite something to achieve that at that age」

Thus, Dan said such as if to switchover the sensitive atmosphere drifting on the spot.

「Honestly, Dan too, you better learn from them. At the very least please stop snoring next to me. They’re going to start giving me too the cold shoulder otherwise」

「Ugh!? Xank you, stop ratting me out!!」

「D~a~n? Wait a minute, what was that just now?」

「Oh, ah, I mean, umm, look, look at that! They seem to be doing something interesting! 」

With his face all stiffened up, Dan looked around for help and pointed to a place where a small crowd was formed.

The place, which looked like a small square, had a fountain in the center surrounded with small mobile stalls, street vendors, street performers, and so on, and gathered favors from people that were going and coming.

「The way you diverted the subject is too sloppy, Dan, you’re getting a nice scolding later. Even so, it certainly seems like there’s a really exciting event」

Says Leone who slowly ignored Dan who was hanging his head in disappointment.

「『Now now, who is the next challenger? If you can knock down the target through the blowpipe board hole, the prizes displayed out here are yours to take! 』」

「『Prizes, prizes. Gorgeous prizes, gorgeous prizes』」

The ones raisng their voices were a lanky tall man, and a comparatively short man with a round figure silhouette.

「Aww, so close」 「And it was only a little off」 「he sucks」 「Try aiming better!」

The event seem to be one in which you blow a cheap-looking blowpipe from on top of a stand that has been prepared, and then you try knocking over a doll just ahead through a hole opened in a wooden board, just now, somebody failed and is now showing his sadness.

It seemed that the reason for all the excitement is because of the goods which were lined up as prizes.
From stuffs like toys, goods for everyday use, raw materials for expensive magical experiments, and eye-catching items that seemed to be of high quality.

「Ooh, that’s a pretty nice product lineup. But……」

「With that, nobody is getting jack」

「? What do you mean?」

「See, look at the wooden board」

As urged, I looked at the board with the hole.
But at first glance, it only looks like a board with a hole.

「Hm-mm? Now that I take a closer look, it gives off a strange feeling」

「It’s true that there is a strange magical power at work」

It seems like Shuria could see something with her 『Scarlet Eyes』.
It is certain that there’s some kind of gimmick in the obstacle board, so I looked again at the wooden board.

The red and yellow painted plates were drawn in a streamlined design.
There are sparsely open holes of varying sizes that conforms with the value of the products.

And, the arrow blown by the next challenger just passed right through the hole.


The arrows that went through the hole, are being diverted from their course so carefully that it wouldn’t be noticed without paying close attention.

(Just now, it seemed like a slight pattern just emerged……)

「Aww-, so close, it even passed through the hole」

After all, this challenger also failed and was visibly frustrated.

「I see, I don’t understand the logic, but it seems like there is a mechanism in which the arrow is diverted when it goes through the hole so that it won’t hit the doll」

「It’s a cheap magic, but the concealment technique is top-notch. Shuria, I’m surprised you were able to see through it」

「Hm-mmm, Of course what do you expect!」

Ughh, does that mean I was the only one who didn’t notice it. That’s a little frustrating.

「Well, it’s a common spectacle, shall we go then」

「Eh? Are we not reporting it to the police?」

「All events of this kind do at least this much. The town’s police also know about it, so unless it is very bad, they won’t make any move」

Leone who said that shrugged her shoulders.
And, while they were doing that, another challenger seemed to have failed.

「『Oh, young miss, that was very close』」

「『Try again, try again』」


A dejected little girl, the new victim of the game, returns to a spot slightly out of the circle the audience made.
I could see a very deep sorrow in her eyes. I know that look very well.

「……Even after deceiving such a young girl, still?」

「Well……, it’s not a good feeling, but……」

Leone knits her brows as if she were troubled.

Probably because, this is really one of those scenes that is truly everywhere.
It is not such a rare sight to be worried about at each turn.

Even if you were deceived, the amount you lose is small. And from the perspective of the many, the situation can just easily be shrugged off while saying it is regrettable and move on.
It’s an event that everyone could write off saying 『from just』 that and laugh it off.

It utterly makes a fool of the feelings that are invested in there.

「……『I don’t like it』. That alone is enough」

「Well, Shuria and co don’t know anything about that」

「Oh, wait, you two?」

I could care less whether everyone’s doing it, or it’s a normal thing, or that it can’t be helped.
The only thing that is certain is that, we cannot tolerate it.

「Hey there, little girl. What is it exactly that you want?」


「There must be something that you really want right? Which of the prize is it?」

「Uh, umm, I want the medicine……. My mom is hurt, and she seem to be in pain. But, I couldn’t buy medicine at a regular store……」

What lay ahead of the girl’s pointing finger is the high quality potion.

See, this is why I don’t like it.

It’s not that Leone-san and the rest are strange.
It’s just, that was only natural.
Normal things like that, that everyone tends to follow, can only cruelly crush the feelings of those that are in need.

『That’s not true!! I’m unrelated to it, I didn’t know anything about it!!』
『You’re being deceived, by that woman!! Goddamn filthy beastkin』

……Just like it is normal in that village, just like how my mother and I were discarded away.

「I see, if so, then please hold on for a little longer」

「Your beautiful sisters will go get it for you」

I hate this world, and I hate a world where such feelings are trampled on even more.
I smile at the girl with tears in the corner of her eyes, and then head towards the organizers of the event.

「Now, who’s the next challenger? The sun is also starting to go down, so the next challenge will be the last!」

「Challenger, Challenger, Enter, Enter」

「Hey mister, Shuria and co will be your next challenger」

「You don’t mind two people facing the challenge at the same time right. How much is the fee?」

「Oh, what pretty young ladies, the entrance fee is usually five large copper coins per person, but if you agree to have a cup of tea with me after this, I will let you have a go for free?」

「So, that’s one piece of silver for both me and Shuria」

I tossed over the silver coin I took out, and Shuria grabbed the blowpipe.
Only 2 arrows are provided per challenge.

「Minnalis-san, I’m going to be the one to do it」

「No, it’s fine. I also have a technique I would like to try so it’s all good」

I stopped Shuria, who was trying to employ 『Puppet Possession』, and I somehow awaken the smouldering sensation burning within myself.
It’s a portion of the power that was used at that time when Kuu-chan entered inside me.

「Here we go, Shuria」


Shuria’s hand that is holding the arrow was charged with magic power, and a temporary life-force was filled into blowpipe.

We climbed on to the stand in front of the organizers with shallow smiles glued to their faces, and then let the arrows within our respective blowpipes loose.

The arrows released from me and Shuria heads towards the hole as if they were sucked in.
The arrow which was given a provisional life by Shuria, without diverting from course even after going through the hole, hits the doll.

While the arrow that I released was guided to the designated target by one small insect, which altered the course of its trajectory accordingly.


「Wow, that’s amazing」

(Oh, this is the power I am able to use. The width of what I can do has greatly expanded)

The power to manipulate the insects produced by magic.
It’s much weaker than the power that Kuu-chan wielded when it was inside my body.
Still, it seems possible to do more if it’s paired with other abilities.



The surprised voices of the organizer reaches our ears, and then we released the second wave of arrows.
Shuria’s arrow knocked down a single target as planned.
And the arrows that I released knocked down one target, and then ricocheted off and knocked down another target.

As a result, we managed to knock down five dolls.

「Well then, I guess I’ll go get our prizes」

「It’s such an abundant harvest」

「Eh, ah, whoa, hold it!! That shouldn’t have been possible……」

「What exactly, shouldn’t have been possible?」

「Ugh, ah, ughh!」

When I replied thus to the flustered organizer man, he shut his mouth without saying anything.

「Well then, shall we go?」

I grabbed five items, and handed the potion to the girl.

「Eh, huh, umm」

「The sun is going down soon. I hope your mom gets better」

「B, but……」

「Come on, get going. While there’s still a chance to save her」

「Thank you! The big sister in maid uniform, and the big sister-chan dressed in strange clothes!」

The little girl expressed a broad smile, and then took off while waving her hands.
I naturally broke into a smile, looking at that figure.

「Ugh, it’s not a strange cloth……. Also, why is Minnalis 『Big sister』 and Shuria 『Big sister-chan』?」

「Now nowl」

We went back to Leone and the rest and called out to them.

「Well then, let’s part here. I have a few places to stop by, so I hope to see you again tomorrow」


「Geez, you two……」

Thus, I gave a light greeting, and parted with Leone and the others.


  1. Scarlet eyes? that doesn’t make sense, the power of her eyes should’ve been gone after her powers got absorbed by her sister.

    • The thing she went through stole her talent for magic, aka her elemental affinities.

      The eyes are a part of her body, completely unrelated to her talent in magic, so they naturally wouldn’t transfer over.

  2. The Scarlet Eyes were an innate ability and were not taken like her magical abilities. She only lost her Scarlet Eyes in the first world when the demon stole her soul and then Yumis resurrected her as a perfected undead, stealing her eyes to make a magical item.

  3. Yeah, I don’t feel like Kaito’s group will ever truly get along with Leone’s. Leone an co are cowards who conform to this twisted disgusting world and its mind set, while Kaito’s group hate it with a passion and actively work to smash it to bits.

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