Chapter 89




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 # # #

Even if it was a final test, I already got used to it on the third day.

After I finished handing out the form, I wrote only my name, feeling the tension as I wait for the scheduled time, or how I would use my head for 50 minutes in an environment where I couldn’t speak at all.

Or about how there was no Kouhai-chan in the morning train.

And how there was Kouhai-chan in the return train.

The second half had nothing to do with the test, eh.

But since it was related to our test period, maybe there was a relation somehow.

Anyway, I got on the train alone and headed to school today.

I didn’t have any other people to talk to, and the time is just before the test, so I was going to check my notebooks, textbooks, and prints on the train, but I couldn’t calm down. Also, I’m sleepy. I slept a little late yesterday. It’s because someone asked to watch the shooting star. Seriously though.

I occupied the space next to the door where Kouhai-chan usually leaned on comfortably, feeling the acceleration of the train in a different direction, and trying to process the materials from my eyes, not my ears.

Uhn… I can’t calm down…

It’s quiet, uncomfortable, sleepy, and feels abnormal.

When I looked at the materials unfocused, the train quickly arrived at the nearest station to the school. I got off the train and stretched my body.

Third day. Today there are 2 subjects. Since there are also 2 subjects tomorrow, I only have 4 subjects remaining.

I have to do my best not to hurt the student council’s reputation.

 * * *

I took the train, going to school alone one hour later than usual.

Senpai should’ve arrived in the classroom by now, right?

At this time, the crowds in the morning have subsided, and although it is not that empty, there are also some vacant chairs here and there.

I sit down on a random spot, and end up daydreaming.

It’s before the test, yet I’m daydreaming. Well, there is a reason.

I get sick when I read a book on the train. It’s okay if I read from my smartphone though.

I studied all the way yesterday, and I only have to confirm what materials my classmates think are ‘really bad’. That’s why I come a little early.

Even so.

Today, it will be the three consecutive days that I didn’t commute to school together with senpai.

It feels really weird, or uncomfortable since we usually crack jokes every morning. Anyway, I can’t calm down.

There should be plenty of opportunities to meet on the weekends, but I can’t calm down just because I’m not with senpai on weekday mornings.

At first, I didn’t expect this to happen.

Before long, he became a part of my life. It has become common for me to talk with senpai every day.


When I thought about that and fiddled with my smartphone, I noticed that the train had arrived at the station near the school.

It would be nice if we can do all the tests at the same time, regardless of the day. Like taking the entrance exam. There is only one subject today, but let’s do my best a little bit. Senpai is also working hard after all.

 # # #

Fuu. It’s finally over.

Well, there is still another day to take the test. In other words, as long as I can pass just one more day, what’s waiting is only winter vacation.

Let’s ignore how the winter vacation is very short this time. What’s important is how it’s almost winter vacation.

…But there is something important before the winter vacation. At the closing ceremony, at the student general meeting, ah…

When I was thinking about that while walking on my way to the station, I heard loud footsteps coming my way.


Kouhai-chan was here today, energetic as usual.

Really. She’s very different from me who didn’t get enough sleep.

「Yeah, morning.」

It’s almost time for the second period to end, so we can still call it morning.

「Is it otsukare-chan, senpai?」

「What the heck is that?」

「Ah, otsukare-kun, huh.」

「Are we talking about that?」

「You look tired after all.」

「Well, there’s test, after test, after test after all.」

There’s no way I won’t be tired.

「…I’m sorry.」

Kouhai-chan who walked next to me suddenly apologized, and I was surprised.


「I made you sleep late yesterday, even though there is a test today.」

Oh my. So she was worried about that?

「Senpai always slept early at test period.」


「That’s why, this is my fault. I called you at that time.」

「I don’t mind.」

In fact, it didn’t really feel that unusual from how I usually take my test, and it turned out that there was no problem even if I slept a little late for a day.

…I feel like something bad will happen if I did it for 2 consecutive days, though. There will be mathematics tomorrow. Of course, I want to avoid lacking sleep.


Kouhai-chan turned her eyes up to me, just like a kitten.

「It was beautiful. I should be thanking you.」

I didn’t feel like teasing her.

「…Then it’s fine. Thank you very much too, senpai.」

I’m also easy on her, huh…

 * * *

We were facing each other at the usual position.

「I’m tired.」

「I only have one subject, so I’m ok.」

「Ahh, yes, yes. How nice being young.」

「Senpai will also have more subjects next year, eh?」


Let’s not remind him of that.

The test will be over tomorrow too. In the meantime, I wanted him to keep his promise properly.

「By the way, senpai.」

「Hey, Kouhai-chan.」

When I thought so and voiced it out, my voice overlapped with senpai’s.

If I yield here, it would become troublesome. I don’t want to do those「Ah… Please say it first…」「No… You say it first…」classics.

「Can I ask you my『today’s question』?」

「This is my『today’s question』.」

Senpai also didn’t yield to me.

「I will go first, okay?」

「I’m first.」

「No, me.」

「Me first!」

After arguing for a while, Senpai made a proposal.

「I understand. Let’s say it at the same time.」

「We won’t be able to hear what each other says then.」

「That’s true…」

Nn, what should we do?

「I have an idea.」


「Let’s send it via LINE at the same time.」

It became like that.

 # # #

In order to be fair, the counts were alternated.

「Have you finished typing it?」

Maharun♪:[Maharun♪ sent a sticker.]

She sent me a weird sticker.

「You aren’t typing it at all.」

「It’s okay, I already copied it.」

「Hoo, then let’s go.」




Iguchi Keita :Are you free after school tomorrow?

Maharun♪:Do you have time after our test ends tomorrow, senpai?

「Senpai, you had a false start.」

「No, we are almost at the same time, so it’s fine.」

But then.

「In the end, what we want to say is the same thing anyway.」

「That’s right.」

We laughed together. After that, Kouhai-chan typed something on her smartphone.

Maharun♪:And then, what’s your answer?

「Yeah, I’m free.」

「Yes, me too.」

We haven’t thought about what we will do, and where we will go.

But anyway, we decided that we will do something together tomorrow.

The things I knew about my senpai 89

It seems like he is free after the test tomorrow.




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Comments (9)

  1. Such an interesting development.

    The impression from various sources is that initially Maharun♪ was merely bothering Iguchi as a way to pass the time, and an idle psychological experiment; she wasn’t really interested in him, just bored.

    Whether that really was so or not isn’t relevant at this time, as it’s clear that Things Have Changed from whatever her initial motivation was.

    Likewise, Iguchi at first was only responding to her because he saw no polite way not to; it really was quite the annoyance to him.

    Given the opportunity to act as they did prior to meeting, they can’t.
    It feels unnatural, wrong somehow.
    Both of them feel this way.
    Not seeing each other, interacting with each other, on the morning commute is unpleasant to them. The world is off-kilter as a result.

    Such an interesting development, indeed.

    1. I think their development still lack for 89 days
      Not about they become boyfriend & girlfriend
      The way she still use honorofic is… a bit off for someone you like/love
      I want them call each other by their first name/nickname because

      This is not your everyday friend, this is your loved one and they both conscious about their feelings and indirectly want to be on relationship after Senpai rewrite school rules 51 about relationship

      1. You forget that this is Japan. Seniority and the rules for the use of polite speech are part of the fragment of reality there.

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