A Harem in the Fantasy World Dungeon Volume 1 Chapter 3 Part 6



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… UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK?! No matter how you look at it, more than half a million is way too much for a slave! And that’s the price with the active 30% discount, for crying out loud!!!!

 「Well, looking at your face right now I probably know what is going on through your head, Michio-sama, and honestly, I can’t even blame you for it. So how about that: since I was the one who recommended Roxanne to you, I’ll lower the price for a bit. Does 422,800 Nar sound more acceptable? 」

The merchant presented me with something that must have sounded like a nice bargain price to him, but for me it was still way too expensive, even after such a significant drop.

I took a deep, long breath.

422,000 Nar. What kind of a price is that?! If only it was cut down by another 50%, then I would have jumped at the transaction without a second thought, because honestly, what other choice do I have? Right now, it’s either buy a slave and have yourself a Party companion or go solo and continue to be all by myself, a scenario I wanted to avoid at all costs.

Roxanne has absolutely captivated me. Literally everything about her screamed to me that I should make her mine: her deep, bright eyes, her magnificent chest and her beautiful face. The biggest problem here is that I only have 33 gold coins. My ethics or personal feelings are not the problem here anymore, because I have already steeled my resolve to do this. I just don’t have enough money to make the purchase, simple as that.

 「Unfortunately, it looks like it’s a purchase that’s beyond my current financial capabilities. 」

 「Is that so? This is grave news indeed. 」

The merchant replied. If he was disappointed with such an outcome, he did an outstanding job at not showing it in the slightest. I, on the other hand, was very disappointed with myself.

 「I guess we have no choice then. Why don’t you take a look at some of the other slaves then? 」

Ahh, I see what’s going on here. It was all a part of your clever little marketing strategy, huh? Oh you rascal, you. Showing me your best slave first, making me eager to buy her, only then sell me a cheaper one? It’s like those brothels in my world that scam people by marketing themselves with the best girl they have in their crew just to trick people into making an appointment with her, but when the push comes to shove and they muster the courage to arrive all that is waiting for them is 「The Lady Handling the Phones 」 who says that the girl you were supposed to meet up with is either busy with another guy, or that she’s sorry but she couldn’t make it in time and then just as you’re getting ready to leave you’re “graciously” offered to pick one of the other girls instead, only to taken aback by how big of a step-down they are, but you can’t just say no and leave with your money in tow, because some burly guy who looks like he just got released out of prison is blocking the exit and is threatening to “make you one with the floor” if you don’t make up your mind soon. A very specific example, I know, but do not worry, I’m not speaking from experience. Of course a sad, little cherry boy like myself wouldn’t have any experience in that field to back his stories up. It’s just one of the many threads about brothels that I visited back when I was surfing the net looking for ways to end myself.

On a side note, con artists and telemarketers often use similar trick, but with their own, unique twists added. But in this particular case, I can’t say that I was deceived by anyone. I just don’t have enough money to buy the best merchandise available, so I have no choice but to buy a cheaper replacement.

All right let’s get this over with. I already said A, so now I have no choice but to say B.

「Very well. Show me the other slaves you have for sale. 」

 「As you wish. 」

The Slave Merchant bowed down to me and showed me to another location. We went to the stairs at the back of the shop and proceeded to go to the third floor. The staircase was narrow, but well kept. Not a single floorboard squeaked under our feet.

 「Welcome. 」

When we got up there, an older-looking lady greeted us. The only things that were present on his floor were a small corridor beside the stairs and two pairs of doors, one on the left and one on the right.

 「Line up the girls for me, please. 」

 「As you wish, master. 」

The lady stood up from the chair she was sitting on, took out a small key from her pocket and proceeded to open the doors to the left and disappeared inside.

 「This third floor contains women’s quarters. Everything here is managed by female employees, and no men beside me have the right to enter here. 」

 「I see. 」

 「Right now, all the girls are undergoing a thorough inspection of their virginities. 」

He explained as if it was the most obvious thing under the sun. But now I get why he wouldn’t let any guy work on this floor. One man and so many virgins… the temptation would be too much to bear. While we were waiting in the corridor, the lady’s muffled voice could be heard from behind the door. Apparently she was going through a roll call after she finished her physical examination. Eventually it ceased and she returned to us.

 「The preparations have been completed. 」

 「This way, Michio-sama. 」

He guided me into the room, where many female slaves were lined up shoulder to shoulder. All of them were wearing simple, tidy clothes, they all looked properly fed, there was no excrement on the floor and the room itself was not giving off any particularly nasty odor. I guess that was understandable. They are a product to be sold after all, so they need to be kept in optimal condition in order not to scare the potential customers away.

 「So these are all the female slaves you have? 」

 「That’s right. Go ahead and see them all for yourself. Feel free to look to your heart’s content. 」

 「All right. 」

I walked in front of them and examined them all, one by one. A part of me regretted that they weren’t told to strip themselves naked so that I could see every nook and cranny of their bodies, but it’s better not to push my luck here. None of them were as eye-catching as Roxanne, so I haven’t decided on buying any of them yet.

They were all looking at me with curious eyes rid of anxiety and nervousness, which made me somewhat embarrassed and self-conscious about my average looks. I guess that they are judging me as much as I am judging them. I understand that they are doing so because when I finally decide to pick one of them her life is going to change drastically with me as her new master.

That is what it means to buy a slave. It’s not about grabbing yourself a free laborer or a sex toy, it’s about giving them a chance at a better life or ruining it completely.

 「Is there a problem, Michio-sama? 」

 「No, not a problem at all. I was just amazed at how well-kept your slaves are. It’s totally different from what I was expecting to see, to be honest. 」

 「This should come as no surprise. I run a business here, so in order to gain the upper hand over my business rivals it is essential for me to keep the entirety of my merchandise at the highest standards of both health and clothing. Their food is also being handled with proper care. Trust me, they are better off here than they would have been back where they came from before they were being sold into slavery. 」

The tone of his explanation suggested that he must have explained the very same thing he was explaining to me time and time again.

 「I see. 」

That was the only answer I could give him. Also, it made me wonder… this place is actually pretty damn neat, since the slaves probably don’t have much work to do aside from maybe keeping the shop clean. If not for the fact that they are going to be sold one day, they would have probably wanted to stay here forever, or at least that was the impression that I got from my time spent here and the information obtained from Alan-san’s words.

Also, the longer I looked at the girls, the easier it was for me to spot something critical:

Their interest in me was nothing but an act.



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