A Harem in the Fantasy World Dungeon Volume 2 Chapter 1 Part 11



Translator: DarkHeartedAlchemist

Editor: Weasalopes

「I like this one here better. It has a nice, relaxing, gentle and calm color that suits you better.」

I confidently recommended the cloak on Roxanne’s left arm. I also believe that the argument behind my choice was solid and rational. It looks like it would be easy to repair if it was ever torn, and the color scheme makes it really easy on the eyes. I honestly don’t know how else I could describe it. To me, it’s good because it’s not all that eye catching

「You think so? I have to say, it looks like it would be comfortable to wear and easy to sew any eventual tears without ruining the design, but isn’t the color a bit too heavy?」

「O-Oh yeah?」

Oh-oh, could it be that the right answer was the cloak on the right arm due to its color?

「But…I guess you’re right, master. Now that I look at it, it really is a nice, calming color after all. Alright, I think I’ve made my final decision. I’ll be taking this one.」

「I’m glad you finally made your choice. Is there anything else you want?」

It would seem that the debate over which cloak to buy is now over, and the winner is the one from the left arm. I received the cloak from Roxanne and she puts the other one away.

「No, I don’t think I need anything else. Anything more than that would be…!」

So there is something more, huh?

「If there is something else you want to buy then don’t hesitate.」


「No buts! Today is a special day, so think about it as a way to celebrate.」

I whispered that last part after bringing my face closer to hers. That statement is not wrong. After all, today is the first day of my life together with Roxanne, so I guess you could call it our first anniversary.

「Well, in that case… would you mind if I also bought some underwear for myself?」

「Sure, go right ahead.」

「Thank you. I will!」

I nodded affirmatively and Roxanne went to pick some underwear for herself. And do my eyes deceive me or does female underwear look similar to my pumpkin pants? Unlike in my old world, it would seem that in this world the undergarments of both males and females are not all that different. Both of them lack any kind of sex appeal at all. Then again, I might be thinking that they have no sex appeal whatsoever because I’m looking at them with the eyes of a human from 21st century?

Contrary to how she was openly checking all the cloaks in the store, Roxanne was a lot more secretive about going through the various kinds of underwear. Maybe she didn’t want me to see them because she was embarrassed? And on a side note, the case she brought with herself when we were leaving the Slave Merchant’s shop contained only her main set of clothing. Other than that, she seemed to have very few personal belongings. Did she have a spare pair of underwear with her? Or maybe she id not, and that’s why she wanted to buy it now?

「You sure you want to buy only one pair?」

I asked Roxanne, who finished making her choice relatively quickly this time.

「Eh? Uhm, I, b-but…」

「Just go ahead and buy some more. Hell, maybe I’ll take some spare ones for myself as well. Excuse me, we would like to add four pairs of underwear to our previous purchase!」

I told the shopkeeper.

「T-Thank you very much, master.」

「Understood. Four pairs of underwear plus two cloaks then. That’s going to be… 5656 Nar in total.」

This time the 30% Price Reduction worked like a charm. Total success! I paid the money to the shopkeeper, gave Roxanne her cloak, and placed the rest of the items inside the backpack.

「So, ready to head back to the inn now?」


When we walked out of the clothing store, I noticed that the day was slowly coming to a close. It’s not that big of a deal, but we have spent as surprising amount of time in there. Maybe I should mentally prepare myself for such excursions from now on? Even if I had to, I guess I know that I will be able to endure it now, because watching Roxanne is never going to bore me.

「Yo, welcome back.」

When we returned to the Veil Pavilion, I quickly grabbed the key to our room from the front desk.

「I have some stuff to drop at the room, but in the meantime, I’d like to request a dinner for two people. After that, please prepare two basins of hot water and two lanterns.」

「A meal, two basins of hot water and two lanterns. 35 Nar please.」

Leaving the money on the counter, we made our way back to the 5th floor and our room. As soon as we got back, Roxanne placed the coat I bought for her in the closet with the utmost care.

「Thank you for today, master.」

「Don’t mention it.」

I’m grateful to her as well, because if it wasn’t for her I would have probably not been as interested in that shopping bout as I ultimately was. I approached Roxanne as she was taking my coat out of the backpack, and stroked her head and ears. This really has become my habit, and who knows if I’m not going to get addicted to it? But it doesn’t look like she dislikes it either. She doesn’t look scared by it anymore.

Heaving a satisfied sigh, I left her side and plumped down on the bed, but Roxanne didn’t join me, standing next to it instead.

「You don’t have to stand around like that. Come on, sit down.」


「No Roxanne, not on the floor, we’ve been through this already.」

「Of course, as you wish, master.」

She tried to sit on the floor once again. This is really something that we’ll have to work on if I want to make her stop doing it. Without saying anything I just patted the spot next to me, and understanding what I meant by it, she replied with a short 「Yes」 and sat next to me, but she moved somewhat slowly and hesistantly to an almost frightening degree. Is she being wary because she realizes that I might try to push her down if she sits on the bed? And yet she still fulfilled my order.

「Roxanne, I want you to remember one thing. You might be my slave, but that does not men that you have to sit on the floor.」

「But… but the bed is yours, master, so…」

「It is yours as well. And I want you to sleep in it.」




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