A Harem in the Fantasy World Dungeon Volume 2 Chapter 2 Part 5



Translator: DarkHeartedAlchemist

Editor: Weasalopes

「Ha, haha, hahahahahahaha… I see… *sigh*…」

「Ah, no, don’t take this the wrong way, master. While it’s true that Magic Crystals can be sold for a very high price, filling them completely takes a huge amount of time. No one will be able to sell more than a few Magic Crystals across the span of their entire life, so even if you don’t have one with you now, it is not that big of a loss as you seem to be thinking it is. So… don’t let it get you down.」

Is she actually trying to comfort my stupid ass? That is so sweet of her.

「So? How can we get our hands on this Magic Crystal?」

「Normally they can be found in the chests found in Labyrinths, but the Adventurer’s Guild also sells the depleted ones.」

「Then we’ll go do that later. As for the ones found in chests, I can’t say that I saw any during my previous forages here.」

Yes, I don’t think I ever happened upon an item like that when I was grinding the money to buy Roxanne. But now that I think about it, maybe there was something like that here, but I just ignored it because I didn’t know what it was?

「This Labyrinth has been discovered only recently, correct?」

「That’s what I heard. Supposedly it has been discovered only a few days ago.」

「In that case I don’t think we’re going to find any Magic Crystals in here. It takes a long time for the magic to gather and the crystals to materialize.」

Then I probably didn’t miss any of them. Good to know.

「Is there any other way of getting money in the Labyrinth other than looting monsters and collecting the power in Magic Crystals?」

「We could always try finding treasure chests.」

Treasure chests, huh?

「Regrettably, I haven’t seen those around here as well.」

「That’s because they rarely appear in newly-found Labyrinths like this one. I heard that they are the most common in the ancient Labyrinths.」

「Oh really, that’s a shame then, but nothing we can really do about it. Let’s just go and focus on finishing this run safely, okay? Now, where should we go from here?」

Now that I also know that I didn’t miss any treasure chests due to my own negligence, I can fully focus on going forward without worrying. Onward ma….!

「Master, wait!」

But once again, Roxanne stopped me before I could so much as set foot outside of the room.

「What is it, Roxanne?」

「There is a monster nearby. To the right.」

「Oh? You can sense them?」

「Not sense, but I can smell them.」

What the hell? I can’t smell anything out of the ordinary in the air.

「Does you being able to do that has anything to do with you being a Wolfkin?」

「Precisely. Even among other Wolfkin, my nose is said to be particularily sensitive, so detecting monsters through smell is my specialty.」

「That’s amazing!」

「Thank you very much, master.」

I followed Roxanne’s advice, and instead of heading straight like I initially wanted I chose to go through the passageway to the right, and sure enough, not even a minute of walking down the right pathway and a Needlewood appeared right before me.

「Wow, you were right. There really is a monster in here.」

Roxanne’s sense of smell truly is amazing. She has it all: stunning looks, she’s great in bed, and now she’s also of great help in the Labyrinth! A perfect hat-trick for someone like me.

「Let’s do this then.」

「Alright. I’ll be right behind you, master.」

「Nah, you just sit back and let me handle this one.」

This time I was the one who stopped Roxanne from charging at the enemy. I brandished Durandal and went ahead. I ran up to the Needlewood and slashed at it from the left downwards. The Needlewood fell onto the ground and turned into a puff of green smoke, disappearing.

「It… it really fell with just one hit. Amazing!」

Roxanne caught up to me and showered me with words of praise and gave me a look of admiration. I gotta say, being praised by someone as beautiful as her was the best feeling ever, and a massive ego boost for me. It’s moments like that that make me really glad that I decided to invest enough Bonus Points in Bonus Weapons to obtain Durandal. Looks like the value of my stocks in Roxanne’s eyes have risen again, and I have it to thank for it.

「As I thought, this sword is truly remarkable. Very well maintained at that. It’s practically as good as a brand-new weapon.」

Roxanne says as she inspects Durandal carefully. She seems to be really pleased with it’s condition and how well-maintained it is, but I think that’s because apparently all of my equipment’s condition is brought back to its highest value whenever I am performing a Character Reset. If it wasn’t for that, then considering that I have been using it nonstop ever since I came to this world a few days ago, its condition would have probably been even worse than the ones of the Copper Sword or the Scimitar, and Roxanne was quite angry with the state those two weapons of mine were in. If it wasn’t for her, I probably wouldn’t even have thought about performing any kind of maintenance on the at all, and that would have probably came back to bite me in the ass sooner or later.

「If I can ask this of you, then please keep the existence of this sword a secret, alright?」

「You want to keep the fact that you have such an amazing weapon confidential?」

「Yup, it needs to be kept as secret as possible. If it is not, then, for example…」

I grabbed Roxanne’s hand and forcefully pulled her towards me. Then I turned her around and placed Durandal’s edge next to her throat.


If you care about this bitch’s life, then hand that sword over to me or else…! Something like that might happen.」

「Y-Yes, you’re right, master. If that sword really ia as amazing as I think it is then that is certainly a possibility. I understand. I won’t tell anyone about it.」


I released Roxanne from my villainous grasp. What I did just now might have been confusing, but just like Roxanne said just now, it’s a scenario that might end up happening for real if we were to brag left and right that we have such an amazing weapon with us.

「But if such a thing do ends up happening, then please, be sure to choose the sword over me.」

「Now that’s a promise I cannot make, because if I had to choose between the sword and you, then I would choose Roxanne without a second thought. You are more important to me than the sword. But if it was at all possible, then I would have like to to avoid losing either of you.」

「I… I see. Thank you, for thinking so highly of a simple slave such as myself.」

I know I just said that such a thing might happen, but I don’t even want to think about such a scenario.

Roxanne knelt down and picked up the branch that the Needlewood left when it died. She then handed it to me, and I have safely placed it in the safety of my backpack.

「Alright, which way should we go now?」

「If we continue to head straight, we should eventually reach the point where we will be able to go to another level.」

「Okay, straight ahead it is then.」

「Th… thank you very much.」

Roxanne said that out of the blue while bowing her head down deeply.

「Huh? What for?」

「In the past, when I was taken to various Parties as one of the members everyone either ignored or disregarded my opinions simply because I was the newbie of the group. Not only that, whenever there were battles, I was always ordered not to get in everyone’s way or to try and launch sneak attacks on the enemies.」

「What a waste of your talents. But fear not. You have such amazing skills on your disposal, so I intend to put them to good use. I mean, what’s the point of having some useful abilities if you’re not going to utilize them for the good of the Party.」

「Yes! I am happy that I can be of service to you, master!」

So Roxanne was being disrespected in the previous Parties she was a member of? So the relationship between Party members can also be like that, especially when we take into account the difference in experience between the veterans and the newcomers.

Great, another thing that I had no idea of because I a a newcomer to this world myself. Just fucking great.



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