A Harem in the Fantasy World Dungeon Volume 3 Chapter 2 Part 15



Translator: DarkHeartedAlchemist

Editor: Weasalopes

Since I want to keep as much information about me a secret from the inhabitants of this world in order to avoid being targeted by them I have to keep the highest level of caution and secrecy at all times, even if it means switching weapons and Skills on the fly. So for the time being, I proceeded while still wielding Durandal.

Thankfully there really were fewer people here on the second floor in comparison to the first, so we had more occasions to fight against the monsters here with Durandal without anyone bothering us. After a while of exploration we have reached the Boss Room and defeated the Floor Boss of the second floor, who was just a bigger version of the regular Naïve Olive by utilizing the same strategy we used to bring down the Kobold Kampfer: Roxanne kept the boss busy from the front, while I delivered a smackdown to its back, finishing the encounter before it had the chance to truly begin. As long as I have Durandal with me, every battle is like a walk in the park with its OP stats and effects.

When we went back home, it was already the time for breakfast, so we decided to put all of the Olive Oil we found today to good use and made stir-fry vegetables. I felt like something was still missing from it when we ate it, but for now there is little we can do about it, so there is no use complaining about it. The most important thing is that now that we can cook stuff like that pretty effortlessly, it feels like all of our basic necessities and the foundations of a satisfying day-today life have been covered up.

「You know, sooner or later I would like to do something about this room. Right now it feels too empty to my tastes.」

While we were eating breakfast I started a conversation with Roxanne.

「Do something about the room?」

「Yeah. You have to admit that aside from the furniture we have already bought the rest of the room looks pretty darn barren in comparison.」

I said while looking around. Aside from the things we have bought, the walls and the floor didn’t have any kind of decorations on them, making the entire room look gloomy. I know that it hasn’t been all that long since we moved in here, but that does not change the fact that the entire place lacks individuality, to the point where I can say that just staring at them makes me uncomfortable instead of invoking the feelings of relaxation.

「In that case, why don’t we decorate it with something? How about a carpet, for example?」

「A carpet, huh?」

「Yes, a carpet.」

If we were to lay a carpet on the floor, then our feet would not get cold while walking around without any shoes or socks.

「I see. A carpet sounds like a good idea, but this room is fairly large, so wouldn’t it be hard for us to find a one that would fit the floor here?」

And while we are at it, will we even be able to find a carpet that’s both relatively cheap and nice-looking at the same time? Even back at the Slave Merchant’s shop, the only place with a carpet was the room where Alan-san was meeting his clients, so isn’t that a testament to how much of a luxury product carpets are?

「Uhm… Rather than putting it on the floor, I was thinking we could hang it on the wall as decoration.」


「That’s right.」

「So we wouldn’t be… putting it on the floor like you’re supposed to do?」

「We could, but then we would probably have to buy more than one, and finding matching ones might prove to be potentially difficult.」

Roxanne nodded. I had no idea that carpets could also be used as a wall decoration as well. I thought that we would have to get some wallpapers for the walls if we wanted them not to be so rough and empty, but now I think that carpets could make quite a nice alternative for it. Heh, who would have thought that carpets could be so useful?

「Is that so? Well colored me surprised.」

「I have heard that rich people sometimes place carpets on the floors in their homes, but if they are not rich enough they can only do so in a few rooms.」

「Uhhh… Y-yeah, I guess that would look pretty bad, wouldn’t it?」

I can see we are totally not on the same page here. What I had in mind were the kind of carpets that are being sold in pieces or by the meter, but the kind that Roxanne is talking about are definitely the hand-crafted ones that are bound to cost a small fortune for a single one. But now I see. That must be why Alan-san only had one carpet in his establishment. Even though he runs a slave-selling business and he supposedly has a lot of clients, the profits from selling slaves must not be as high as I originally thought them to be. In times like these, I really wish there were tatami mats in here. Maybe they were not as soft and comfy as regular carpets, but in every other aspect they are just as reliable as them.

「Of course. In worst case scenario, such a blunder might even cause a noble to lose their social standing and position.」

「I-I see. W-Well, since we are at this subject already, what kind of store do you think sells carpets and other things like that?」

「Because it is a luxury item, normal stores found here in Quratar might not be selling them, but we might be able to find one if we go to the Imperial City.」

「Imperial City? Should we go there today and get this carpet matter done?」

The Imperial Capital was the stop I made on the way to Quratar, but now that I can use Warp here in the house, nothing should be standing in our way of getting there literally whenever we would feel like it. Now that our new life in Quratar has settled down a little, spending a day sightseeing in the Imperial City might be a good change of pace, especially since I have only been to the Imperial City once, and I didn’t even leave the Adventurers Guild there.

「Yes, I think today would be a good day for you to go there, master. While you will be there, I will collect the seeds we might need for the garden.」


「The ones that the landlady promised to give is since we decided to take care of the garden despite the state it is in.」

「Ahh,  those herb seeds! Now that you mention it there really was something like that, huh?」

Mrs. Honesta did tell us that we could drop by her hardware store to get some new herb seeds to plant them in the garden, and since she already agreed to do it for us, there is no reason for us to decline her offer. When we get our hands on them, then we can have a swing on some serious gardening, since it would be an extreme waste not to make use of our own gardening space and just leave it all there to ruin.

「I’m really looking forward to what kind of seeds I will get from her.」


「In that case let me go with you, and once we grab them we can do some work around the garden itself in the afternoon since it should be warmer then, right?」

「Thank you for your consideration, master. Is that really okay with you?」

「Yes, it’s fine. It’s not like we have to go to the Imperial City today. We can go therew whenever we will feel like it.」

It’s decided then. We will spend today gardening.

After breakfast, we entered the Labyrinth and returned back to the Quratar’s Adventurer’s Guild in the afternoon.We sold ​​the Drop Items at the counter and went outsideand had a short walk from the guild building to the hardware store.

「Welcome. Oh, it’s you two! Come on in, I’ve been expecting you.」

When we entered the hardware store, the owner lady welcomed us.She told us to wait for a moment so she could go and fetch the seeds she prepared for us before she disappeared into the back of the store.

While we were waiting, we looked at the tools she had on display. A hoe caught my attention. I have never used such a tool, but I know how it should be used.



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