A Harem in the Fantasy World Dungeon Volume 3 Chapter 3 Part 10



Translator: DarkHeartedAlchemist

The battle ended shortly after without any major difficulties.

「So that is what the monsters of the fifth floor of Veil’s Labyrinth are like, huh? I have to say, after Minos on the fourth floor, I kinda expected something even more scarier, but they turned out to be… pretty disappointing, all things considered.」

「I wholeheartedly agree. Their movements were exceptionally slow in comparison to Minos. It’s like they were actually moving in slow-motion throughout the entire battle.」

Roxanne, don’t take this the wrong way, but when faced with you, I think everything looks like it is moving in slow motion. I wonder if the upper floors of the Labyrinths will have monsters that will give her a run for her money when it comes to speed? On second thought though, maybe it would be better if there were no such enemies. Having to fight something that even Roxanne could not dodge or keep up with is definitely not something that I would like to do, not now, nor in the near or far future.

「Let’s fight here a little bit more and then we’ll go back home. Today is the day when my order from that wood-worker should be arriving, so I don’t want to miss the messenger with the finished product.」

「Okay. As you wish, master.」

After fighting a few more groups of Cheap Sheep on the fifth floor we decided to call it a day and go back home. The most important thing we have learned during this round in the Labyrinth is that even though I can apparently no longer defeat enemies with only one hit from Durandal, I can still fight them effectively since all I need is just one more strike.

When we got back home, it didn’t take long for the messenger from the wood-worker’s shop to arrive with my requested order. And it took him exactly five days to prepare it, just like he said.

「Oh, is that the thing you have requested, master?」

「Yes. It has finally arrived!」

Not waiting for the wagon to arrive, I left the house in excitement to meet the messenger outside.

「Here’s your order, as requested.」

「Thank you very much for delivering it so fast, We will be taking care of it from here.」

After confirming everything, the messenger moved to the back of the wagon to get the bathtub off of it. The first thing that I noticed about it was…

「Wow, this thing is huge!」

I knew it was going to be big because I ordered it as such, but the sheer size of it blew my mind. Looking at it from up close, this thing was even bigger than what I was imagining when I was looking at other tubs back in the store, the ones that I used as the base for what I was requesting.

A large, perfectly circular tub was placed vertically on the loading platform of the carriage that was being drawn by a single horse. The overall size of it is… I think it is three meters in diameter. About half of the basin sticks out from above the carriage, making it look like it was something that would be hard to transport with just one horse, and yet here it is, right on our very doorstep.

If this thing was any bigger it would be difficult for me to call it a proper piece of furniture, but even as it is now, I think this bathtub emanates an aura of strangely imposing intensity, but since I was the one who ordered it to be made in such a way, wide enough for two people and with the depth going above the height of an average person, I have no one but myself to blame for how it turned out.

「This is the item that you ordered to be custom made, master?」

「Yeah, the one and the same. Now, let’s see… hmm, all the boards look like they are thick and sturdy, and they all look like they can hold their fair share of weight…」

Maybe that’s how the bathtubs are supposed to be made, but the boards that make the tub’s floor are even thicker than the rest of them. I looked at Roxanne, hoping that she will be able to offer me an explanation to this particular riddle.

「The bottom boards have to be thicker than the rest, because if they were to be too thin, then the whole bottom would immediately break when it would be exposed to too much water. By making them in such a way, we can prevent that from happening.」

But the one who answered me was the messenger guy instead. Here I was thinking that he was just a simple deliveryman, but maybe he is actually involved in the production process?


So, the bottom of the bathtub might actually break if too much water is being poured inside and the bottom boards are not thick enough, eh? But then, how much water can fill into this bathtub, exactly? Let me just think about it and do the math (TL Note: Hoo boi, this is going to be good).

One liter of water is a thousand cubic centimeters and one centimeter x one centimeter x one centimeter equals one cubic centimeter, so… one hundred centimeters x ten centimeters x one centimeter equals one thousand cubic centimeters, meaning one liter, and since one meter is one hundred centimeters, then if the length and the width of the entire bathtub are both one meter and the depth is one centimeter, then that would mean that it can hold ten liters of water… wow, that is a lot more than I expected. The surface area of the bathtub’s base is roughly Pi R squared, and since the radius is one meter, then tha would be 3.14 square meters. If the depth of this thing is about fifty centimeters, than that gives us 3.14 square M x fifty centimeters x ten liters which gives us a total of… one thousand five hundred and seventy liters? And since one liter is equal to one kilogram, then…

Oh… my… fucking sweet jesus!!!

No Michio, calm down and think about it once more. Cool that hot-blooded head of yours and do the math again, just to be sure.

*Doing the math furiously*

After doing all of the calculations multiple times in order to be absolutely sure that I did not make any mistakes anywhere, I arrived at a conclusion that I did everything correctly and the end result checked itself out every single time. Really? Does this bathtub really is able to contain 1.57 tons of water in it?

That is… a tremendous amount of it, and I mean it in an unironic way. Also, I didn’t think that the day will come when I will be forced to use a unit of measurement as big as tons in my daily life calculations. But I guess that explains why the boards used to make this bathtub needed to be so thick: if not, the whole thing would not be able to properly contain all the water needed to take a proper bath without breaking the tub with its sheer volume. And while we are on the subject of storing water in the tub, I wonder how well it’s going to be handling hot water and if the hot water itself won’t be cooling off relatively fast without having some means to constantly keep it boiling?

「W-Well, for the time being, shall we bring it inside? 」

Yes, my master.」

Even though it barely fit through the door because of its sheer size, Roxanne and I managed to bring the washbasin into the house without wasting too much time to do so. You know what, no. I think that at this point there is no point in calling this thing a washbasin, even if it was based on it and others might think about it as a giant washbasin. Personally, I don’t think that calling it a bathtub would be sufficient now. For me, this thing here is a full-fledged wooden bath now.

「Roxanne, be careful not to get your fingers stuck between the tub and the walls, okay?」

「Of course. I will be sure to be careful.」

The whole thing was too heavy for us to be carrying it indoors, but thanks to it being all perfectly round we could move it around by rolling it on the ground. The only time we had to exert a little bit more effort was when we were getting it through the doorways, but other than that, we were perfectly fine with just the two of us. We ended up putting it in the room next to the kitchen, the one with a drain that I have secretly designated to be our bathroom.



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