A Harem in the Fantasy World Dungeon Volume 3 Chapter 5 Part 13



Translator: DarkHeartedAlchemist

「This item is  very popular as both sleepwear and an innerwear among aristocratic women.」

The female clerk, who followed closely behind us, explained with a very professional voice while keeping her eyes closed all the time. I am thankful that she did not scold me for holding and eyeing such an item even though I am a man, meaning someone who is not supposed to be wearing clothes like these, but nevertheless I hurriedly put it back where I took it from in order to avoid making any unnecessary misunderstandings.

「How is it, Roxanne? Do you like it?」

I asked Roxanne about her opinion on that camisole dress.

「Uhm, well… I think it is a little…」

「Personally I think that it is quite nice and that it would look great on you. How much is it?」

Light clothing like that would definitely suit Roxanne. If you wear this over your bare skin. Oh I can already picturehow she wears it over her bare skin, and it is… hue, huehuehue…!

「We are selling them at an affordable price of  eight hundred Nars per piece.」

Even though she just said that this price is affordable, I do not know the market value of Nars as currency, but I do know one thing: it is expensive. Just this one article of clothing is more expensive than all of the causal clothes that I am wearing combined, except for the equipment parts of it. At the very least I can understand why it costs so much. After all, things made from silk are never cheap, but thankfully it just so happens that I have a Bonus Skill that will take care of that particular setback, even if only partially.

「Okay, we will be buying two of those then.」

「Uhm… are you really sure about that, master?」

「Yes, as sure as I can possibly be, so go ahead and pick up a second camisole for yourself. Do not mind me, just go ahead and take whichever one you like the most.」

I nodded at Roxanne and allowed her to choose the second item. Even though it will cost quite a lot of money, it is going to be all worth it as long as it makes Roxanne happy and give me some additional eye candy to look at while we will be staying at home. However, me allowing her to choose for herself had one significant downside: since this is a really high-end store, there are a lot of different colors to choose from, and because of  that, Roxanne is taking her sweet time making the selection. And by taking her time, I mean really, really taking her sweet time.

I tried to offer my input to help her make the choice, but at the end of the day I do not know if it will be of any good, because my vision of what is looking good might greatly differ from what she considers to be good.

Red one do not suit her, and like they could make her look plumper than she actually is; green is a nice and calm color, same as yellow, which looks refreshing on her, but I think that the ones that would suit her the most are black and pink.

「I like the color of this pink one with frilly designs on it.」

I said, pointing at the light pink camisole, the first one that I noticed. It was not the bright variant of pink, but rather a pale one, which looked like it could make a nice combination with the natural color of her skin.

「This pink one right here? I understand.」

Roxanne nods and choose that one. Phew, tha is one camisole down, another one to go.

「I’m sorry to have kept you waiting. I am ready to give you your payment.」

Eventually, when the male clerk returned with our coins, Roxanne was still in the middle of deciding what to take, unable to make the choice. I know that she was doing this because she wanted to make sure to make the best selection possible, but a part of me wished that she would not take so much time every time she was to decide on what to buy.

「Roxanne, go ahead and choose the other one, okay? I will handle the payment for the meat in the meantime.」

I went back to the counter and received the money the male clerk has prepared and placed them in the drawstring back taken out of my backpack. It was fourty silver coins, so keeping that much in the bag without hiding it in the Item Box should still be fine.

「At first glance it looks like it will easily tear apart, but upon closer inspection it is rather durable.」

「Yes, that is because all of the camisoles here are being manufactured from exceptionally good materials.」

「I see. And how do I wash something so delicate?」

「All you have to do is to wash it gently in warm water with the addition of mashed Kochi fruit.」

Roxanne continues to choose her clothes while listening to the female clerk’s explanations. At this rate, I am afraid that it might be nighttime before she finally picks up something she will find to her liking.

It took a considerable amount of time, but ultimately Roxanne decided a pair ow white and light pink camisoles. In my honest opinion, both of them were a jackpot. Using my Bonus Skill to get a discount, I paid one thousand one hundred and twenty Nars instead of one thousand six hundred Nars for the both of them. If this was not a game world where pulling such stunts was perfectly legitimate I would have probably been accused of trying to scam that shop, but because of my thirty percent discount no one even bat an eye, even though we paid less than they initially thought we would have to pay.

Most of the shops in the modern day would do everything they could in order to mitigate the benefits of customers using discounts to their advantage, simply because that would mean they would be getting less money on their end. But here is the world of this game, such a concept does not seem to exist at all, most likely because typical NPCs living in the cities have not been made to be inherently evil towards the players. It might not look like much, but in my opinion it is a pretty honorable thing to do, because normally you would have to go to many lengths just to obtain the right for a discount, like being a regular customer of a given shop, or collecting enough stamps on a special card, which might not be an ideal solution to regular Adventurers or Explorers who cannot afford buying things from high-end establishments all the time. If I was someone who would only have to make-do with cheap accessories or only with buying the cheapest stuff kept in the corner of the shops or the discounted products near the cash register, I would have probably felt the same way. Well, it would have been like that if the shops here were anything like the ones I have known, but thanks to the fact that they are not, I was able to snatch myself a pretty sweet deal.

My feelings of having made an outstandingly good purchase have only been strengthened when we got back home and I saw Roxanne wearing the pink camisole dress. Oh yeah baby, buying this for her was a bullseye indeed!

Then, in the evening after we came back home from our short trip to the clothing store in the Imperial City…

「W-Well? What do you think, master? Does it look good on me? Does it not look strange?」

「Oh no, not in the slightest! It’s amazing! It looks very good on you!」

「T-Thank you… very much.」

The pale pink color looked great combined with Roxanne’s skin, just as I expected. The silk camisole looked elegant and supple as it was shimmering and sticking closely to her body, accentuating the lines of her curves at just the right places.

The parts of her that are highlighted especially well are the two massive mounds on her chest that are pushing up against the fabric of the camisole from the inside, as well as the two small bulges resting on top of those mounds, looking like a pair of rare fruits just waiting for me to pick them up and partake of them.

Normally, just seeing Roxanne’s naked breasts is one hell of a visual experience for me, but seeing them covered by this camisole is an entirely different experience altogether, as if I was gazing at something even more powerful, even though it should not have been possible.



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