A Harem in the Fantasy World Dungeon Volume 3 Chapter 5 Part 4 **BONUS CHAPTER**



Translator: DarkHeartedAlchemist

Oh, what is this? Could this be some kind of hidden event? Might as well check out what this is about then.

「We are, as a matter of fact. Why do you ask?」

「When you were hunting for the furs you just sold, did you happen to obtain any other items from the monsters that dropped them, like Rabbit’s Meat, perhaps?」

Yup, this is definitely going to be one of those fetch-type quests, no doubts about it.

「Rabbit Meat? No, I believe we did not happen upon any such item during our hunts. But, forgive me if it sounds a bit rude…but what would you need Rabbit Meat for in a clothing store?」

Ah, yes, of course, about that… that is indeed not the type of goods that would be sold in this kind of shop, rather… that would be something I would like to aquire for my personal use.」

「And how much of that Rabbit Meat would you want?」

「I would gladly accept even a piece or two of it, as long as it would be by tomorrow.」

「By tomorrow, huh? Roxanne, what are the chances of us obtaining some Rabbit Meat by tomorrow?」

「I would say pretty good, because Rabbit Meat should be the Drop Item left behind by the Floor Boss of the seventh floor of the Labyrinth in Quratar.」

Roxanne gave me the information that I requested out of her. A Drop Item from the seventh floor’s Floor Boss, huh? Then it is no wonder that he would only ask someone who looked like an Adventurer if they had some of it on them or not.

「Yeah, so… as I already said, we do not have any Rabbit Meat on us right now…」

「I understand. I’m sorry to have troubled you with my selfish request out of the blue like that…」

The male clerk’s eyes were filled with disappointment, like a little puppy that was just said that he cannot get on the couch with its owner. He wants to get his hands on that Rabbit Meat that badly that he is willing to ask complete strangers for help with it? Honestly, seeing him like that makes me feel incredibly uncomfortable, so…

「… but I don’t think that getting it by tomorrow would be impossible. We should be able to procure some of it for you.」

「Really?! You would really do me such kindness, even though we are complete strangers?」

「Sure, why not? I mean, we were planning to go to the Labyrinth where we will be able to get our hands on it, so obtaining a few extra pieces should be a piece of cake for us.」

I said with absolute confidence in my words. After all, if we can handle the normal enemies on the seventh floor, taking down its Floor Boss a few times should not be all that difficult, right? Even though we have yet to clear that floor ourselves and have no idea what the actual Floor Boss looks like and what it can do, we have a map of the entire floor that we can use to follow straight to the Boss Room, and  it is certain that the boss is going to be some kind of variation of the Slow Rabbit, so we should have no problems with swiftly dispatching it.

「Then, can I ask you to bring me one or two pieces of Rabbit Meat by tomorrow?! Please, it is very important for me!」

The male clerk pleaded all the more vehemently.

「Wow, you really are hell-bent on getting your hands on it, are you not? Is that thing really so valuable?」

Based on my previous experiences with ingredients that were dropped by Floor Bosses, they were always a pretty common one that would not give you much money if you tried to sell it.

「Obtaining it is not all that difficult, but since it is quite tasty, it can get pretty expensive if you want to sell it at the butcher’s shop. And since it is typically eaten on several special occasions, that makes it all the more valuable and in constant demand.」

「I see.」

Normally we would go to Quratar’s Labyrinth and hunt Slow Rabbits and try to take on the Floor Boss if possible, spending our time there until the sunrise, then we would go back home to eat breakfast, after which we would go to Veil’s Labyrinth to grind levels and items from the monsters we encountered there, but to be completely honest with you, Escape Goats and that Escape Skill of their have really been getting on my nerves recently, because of how they seem to abuse that Skill, our search of the Veil Labyrinth’s seventh floor has not been proceeding as smoothly as I would have liked it to go. So, I feel like a little change of pace is exactly what we need right now. Therefore, tomorrow we will go to Quratar’s Labyrinth first thing in the morning and stay there for a bit longer so that we could hunt as much Rabbit Meat as possible!

「All right, we’re going to bring you some Rabbit Meat. But just let me ask you this: do you have any means of storing that meat once we give it to you?」

「Unfortunately, since I am not an Explorer like you, I do not have access to the Item Box where I could store all my items, but you do not have to worry yourselves with that. However many Rabbit Meats you will bring me, I will be very much content with that number.」

Ingredients are the type of items that will not spoil or go rotten no matter how long you will keep them in the Item Box, but since this man is a Merchant, he does not have access to Item Box, so he will have to find other way of preventing it from going bad, even if we do deliver the Rabbit Meat to him while it will be at the height of its freshness. It is a good thing that he is perfectly aware of that, because it eliminates the possibility of him blaming us for the eventual spoiling of the meat.

「Okay. As long as you are fine with it, then so are we.」

But still, even though he needs this meat so badly, asking people you don’t even know still takes a lot of guts to pull off, and a crazy amount of good fortune as well, but on the flipside that would also explain his unusual level of politeness towards us: he was so nice because he wanted to ask us about the Rabbit Meat, most likely ever since he saw us walking through the door. For whatever reason, he is really adamant about obtaining the Rabbit Meat, and since he cannot obtain it himself, he was forced to rely on the help of Adventurers and Explorers who would have happened to come to the shop, and apparently fate, or perhaps nothing but blind luck had decided that those helpers would be us. And now, whether we like it or not we have to rise to his expectations. It’s a little stressful, but I also have to admit that having someone rely on you with high hopes is not that bad of a feeling.

On the morning of the next day, we woke up slightly earlier than usual, put on our clothes and equipment and headed out to Quratar’s Labyrinth with a map of the seventh floor in tow. Our target for today: reach the Boss Room without making any unnecessary detours, defeat the Floor Boss, obtain Rabbit Meat from it, and if possible, repeat that whole process two or more times.

When we arrived on the seventh floor, we immediately found ourselves some secluded corner, pulled out the map to see what route we would have to take to arrive at the Boss Room in the shortest time possible, and added Roxanne’s nose into the mix.

「And? How is it? Are there many people around?」

「Not all that many, but still more than usual this early in the morning. Right now it might be a bit dangerous, but once we go a little bit further in, it should be possible for you to start using magic without the risk of somebody seeing us, master.」

「Great. All that’s left now is to get to the Floor Boss and defeat it.」

Looking at the map myself, the road from the seventh floor’s entrance room to the Floor Boss room is relatively straightforward and does not have all that many branching paths to it, so as long as we stat on track we should be able to reach it in no time flat, excluding some unavoidable encounters with the Slow Rabbits.



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