A Harem in the Fantasy World Dungeon Volume 3 Chapter 5 Part 6



Translator: DarkHeartedAlchemist

I do not really care about how other people are doing in the Labyrinths, but now that I have Roxanne with me, I am grateful that I will never have to tackle their challenges while having no one to back me up. She might be just one person, but even so, the difference of having her here with me is a huge one.

Before it was finally our turn to face the Floor Boss, another Party came and stood in line behind us, so I had to keep Durandal hidden from their eyes.

「OK, we are going in. You ready, Roxanne?」

「Yes. Let us go, master!」

While psyching ourselves up, we entered the Boss Room and I prepared Durandal for battle. After the door closed behind us, I noticed that the Floor Boss was already there, waiting for us. It was a red-colored Rapid Rabbit Lv.7. So this is the Floor Boss of this floor, huh? I have to say, even though its red coloring looks pretty menacing, overall this guy is looking pretty cute. It even is the same size as the other Slow Rabbits.


Or not! This goddamn thing is not adorable at all! Also, this is the first time when the Floor Boss was already waiting for us when we have entered its chamber. So far, every time we entered the Boss Rooms, they were all materializing from the green smoke that was gathering after the door closed behind us, but this time there was nothing like that. The monster was already waiting for us in the middle of the room, all ready for battle, so I hurriedly assumed a battle stance with Durandal readied in front of me.

As soon as the door completely closed behind Roxanne, who was following after me, Rapid Rabbit began to move, dashing towards us with incredible speed.

Fast! This thing is way faster than I ever could have imagined!

Rapid Rabbit approached us in the blink of an eye. To me, it looks like it is at least three times faster than the usual Slow Rabbit! Could it be that this red coloring of his is what is making all the difference? I raised Durandal into the air and dropped it down onto the Rapid Rabbit as it was going for my leg with its fangs bared, but it dodged my attack without losing any of its amazing speed. I tried to predict where it would be going next and aim my next attack a little bit further, but it also dodged it, this time by making a sharp ninety degrees turn to the left! I swung Durandal in that direction without even looking at it, but of course such a half-assed attack did not hit it, missing the mark completely and utterly.

(Ugh! Why won’t you just stay still so that I can hit you, you damned rabbit?!)

Until now, the Floor Bosses were all giant monsters, so even if the had somewhat fast attacks hitting them was not much of a problem due to their sheer size, but since this bastard here is the same size as the small fries, its speed and menueverability is what is making this battle all the more difficult. Unless we find a way to hinder its movement or create an opening so that we could land a solid hit on it, this will go on forever until it will drain us out of our strength!

Changing its course with the next charge, Rapid Rabbit targeted Roxanne. It got as close to her as possible, and then jumped towards her upper body. At this rate, it is going to hit her… or not, because when it was just about to sink its fangs into Roxanne’s neck, she swiftly moved to the side until she was out of the way of the monster’s attack, and then she used her momentum to deliver a spinning slash right into the Rapid Rabbit’s neck. Hah! How naïve of you to think that you would be able to hit her, you stupid beast! Of course my Roxanne would be much faster than you! Seeing that she could match the Rapid Rabbit’s movements and beat it at its own game filled me with a fresh wave of confidence and determination. That’s right, there is no need for me to be afraid of this boss when I have Roxanne by my side. Together, we can definitely bring it down!

When it picked itself up from the ground, Rapid Rabbit once again changed its tactics and went towards me for the second time. I tried to observe its movements more carefully and adjust the speed of my own attacks, but it still managed to evade them, even though this time they were much closer to hitting home tha before. Still though, a miss is a miss. If I do not want the entire battle to ride on Roxanne’s shoulders once more, I have to figure out a way to make my attacks connect. I am the main source of DPS in this Party, so if I play this right, one or two attacks will be all that I would need for this fight to be over with our victory!

「Don’t be so full of yourself, monster! You’re going down!」

Rapid Rabbit is heading for me again.When I was following it with my eyes, I think I noticed something that looked like Leather Armor in the corner of my eye, but since we are in the middle of a fight, I decided to ignore it for the time being. Once we deal with this Floor Boss, there will be plenty of time to check out our surroundings, but for now, handling the Rapid Rabbit requires my full attention.

It was hopping back and forth between left and right to confuse me, making aiming my attacks with Durandal exceptionally difficult. But nevertheless, I have to aim Durandal and do something instead of staying in place like a sitting duck or a damage sponge.A battle is always about being as far ahead of your enemy as possible. I reading one of its movements ahead is not enough, then I will just have to read two or three steps ahead!

Predicting the course of the Rapid Rabbit’s assault, I adjusted Durandal in my hands and swung it in the appropriate direction. I thought I nailed it this time, but once again the boss altered its course of movement just before my blade was able to reach him, escaping unscratched, all the while maintaining its speed, until…


I felt a sharp pain in one of my sides. I guess that means that its attack managed to reach me after all. But even so, I have to power through the pain, withstand the impact of the blow and follow the boss with my sight in order to figure out what is it going to do next.

The fight is not over yet. Not by a long shot. As long as I have my will to go on and refuse to give up, I will find the right moment to strike and beat it!

Rapid Rabbit headed for Roxanne at its astonishing pace. It moves lightly from one side to another and jumps at her again at full speed, but she once again spun around and repelled its assault with the strike of her Scimitar. Looks like she already has the timing of its attacks down, and utilizes that knowledge to her advantage. It’s a shame that I am not like her and I cannot do the same, but it is quite all right, because I have my own way of fighting. I know full well that movement speed alone is not the decisive factor that determines the outcome of a battles, because even those who are the swiftest on their feet will not be able to achieve victory without possessing the strength to back it up.

Once again, rapid Rabbit rushes in, targeting me. It must have determined that Roxanne is too dangerous to fight since she can counter its attempts at attacking her effectively. Choosing me as you priority target because you think me inferior to her… I can only call that incredibly careless of you!

I waited until Rapid Rabbit was in my point-blank range, and then…

(Over… whelming!)

I unleashed Hero’s Job Skill: Overwhelming. As soon as I did that, the movements of the Rapid Rabbit, previously too fast for me to follow them properly with my eyes, have slowed down significantly. Yes, now I can see it clearly. I slowly turned sideways to move away from the trajectory of its plunge attack, prepared Durandal and then turned back around on my heel…. And unleashed a flurry of attacks upon it.

Hahahaha! You feel that, you damned beast?! This is my way of fighting! Now that I have used Overwhelming, I can get multiple attacks in at once when there is nothing you can do about it!



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