A Harem in the Fantasy World Dungeon Volume 4 Chapter 1 Part 17



Translator: DarkHeartedAlchemist

「 The clothes that that girl was wearing when you bought her? Ahh, you mean those clothes! That was an outfit that was supposed to be an imitation of the maid uniforms worn by the female servants working in the imperial palace in the Imperial City, and they are a very popular product, if I do say so myself. Most of the customers who decide to buy it always claim to be very pleased with it.」

It seems that the maid outfit that Roxanne was wearing has been designed after the ones worn by real maids, but it seems that it is mostly used for the purpose of cosplay rather than doing any kind of actual housework in it. I wonder if the nobles also have them or is it strictly reserved for the royal family at the Imperial Palace?

「So it is something like that, huh?」

「If you want the same outfit for Sherry, then I can include it for another four thousand Nars.」

「All right, that is fine with me.」

「Thank you for your purchase. As a special service for purchasing both Sherry and clothes for her, the total price is going to be 177,800 Nars.」

Since I bought more than one “item” the thirty percent discount worked nicely. I am so glad that I decided to keep it on before coming here. With that, I can definitely say that the negotiations have been successfully completed.

「Here you go.」

「Thank you very much. Doing business with you is always a pleasure.」

I handed 14 gold coins and 378 silver coins, the payment for Sherry, away to Alan-san. It is good that I managed to lower Sherry’s price so much, because if I had to pay any more for her it would be really bad for my wallet, especially since we will have to buy equipment for her as well. When Alan-san finished counting the money, he ordered his servant to take it away at about the same time when Roxanne came back to the room.

「What did you decide about Sherry’s purchase, master?」

「That she will be coming with us after all.」

「Oh, is that so? That’s good.」

Is it just my imagination, or did Roxanne’s face look like it got very dark and cloudy for a moment there? Am I simply seeing things because of my inner guilt at buying another girl for myself even though I already have someone as perfect as Roxanne? Or maybe it is because of my selfish desire for he to be a little bit jealous of the new slave? Well, maybe her dim face was really nothing more than my imagination playing tricks on me, because she was still wearing the same welcoming smile on her face that she always has.

Besides, it was Roxanne who said that we should buy her in the first place, so there is no point getting salty about it now, is there?

At least that is what I thought, but maybe she was just being considerate of our needs while being opposed to the idea herself? But wouldn’t showing a bad attitude now that everything was said and done counterproductive? As long as we want to continue to enter the Labyrinths, it is absolutely necessary for us to enhance the strength of our Party, and for that, we are going to need more members. Also, there is something I have to say right now, just to avoid turning that matter into a potential problem later.

「I am terribly sorry to be pushing so much on your shoulders, Roxanne, but as her senior, would you mind looking after her and showing her the ropes on how we do things?」

「Yes! Please leave it to me, my master!」

Roxanne replied with a genuine smile on her face. Could it be a reaction to her being a senior who will have her very own junior? Whatever the case may be, I am glad that I convinced her to allow Sherry to become a part of my Party. Even after the discount, I still paid a lot of money for her, so it would be bad if she and Roxanne did not get along with each other.

「I’m sorry to have kept you waiting, Michio-sama. Sherry, go over to Michio-sama’s side.」

The servant who went out with the money returned to the room, and he also brought Sherry with him. She timidly placed her hands in front of her and bowed her head to me.

「Thank you for purchasing me. I will be in your care from now on, so please take care of me.」

「Right back at you. Please take care of me too.」

「I’m Roxanne, Master Michio’s Number One Slave. Let’s get along with each other, shall we?」

It seems that Roxanne has climbed to the position of the Number One Slave before I even realized it. Or maybe she’s calling herself that because she was the first slave that I ever bought? Yeah, that has to be it. In that case, she really is my Number One Slave.

「So you were Mr. Michio’s slave after all? Because my initial impression was that you were his pretty young wife.」

Sherry was surprised at Roxanne’s remark.

「His young wife?! N-No, not at all!」

Roxanne, you do not have to deny it so harshly like that. That hurts me pretty much, you know?

「I heard that you were also a slave here until not too long ago, but because you have such nice clothes and the color and luster of your heir and skin are so beautiful. . . 」

「That is because master is a kind and wonderful person. Sherry, now that you are with us, you will never have to worry about food, clothing and shelter ever again.」

Then, Alan-san came to our side and said:

「We will finalize the contract making procedure now. Your Intelligence Cards, If I may. Also, Michio-sama, confirm Sherry’s age for yourself if you wish.」

Sherry and I both lifted our left hands and summoned our Intelligence Cards, and the Slave Merchant began chanting and moving his hands over them. HE wants me to confirm for myself that despite having thin ears she is still young, huh? How shrewd of him. Alright, let’s see what we have here:


First-year Slave

Race: Dwarf

Sex: Female

Age: 16 years old

Owner: Kaga Michio

Job: Explorer Lv.10

Identify has already revealed that she is 16 years old, so I am not worried about her age in the slightest. Also, her ears are thin, but I do not give a damn about that. Rather, I am thankful for them being like that, because they made her so affordable to buy.

When I checked my own Intelligence Card I also saw that the amount of Slaves under the Owned Slaves tab now had Sherry added as well as Roxanne, meaning that it was now official that I have truly bought her.

I wondered if there was an upper limit on the number of slaves that I could own, but it looks like that info will always be shown on my Intelligence Cards no matter how many of them there will be, so I probably do not have to worry about that. Not now, at least.

「Okay, I am done confirming.」

「Good. Now, the clothes will take time to make. Please come to pick them up in ten days from now.」

After that, I was told the same things that I was told when I bought Roxanne.

Now that all the formalities were completed, the three of us left the Slave Shop. When we got out, I had Sherry join our Party so that I could take a look at all of her Jobs.

Explorer Lv.10, Villager Lv.3, Herbalist Lv.1

As I thought, she really did not unlock the Master Smith Job. Maybe it’s because she has to reach Villager Lv.5, just like it was with Warrior, Swordsman and Merchant? Also, it is pretty admirable that she does not have Thief among her available Jobs.

Sherry has nothing but tunic and a pair of trousers. And since Roxanne also had only those clothes when I bought her, I wonder if this is a standard getup that Slave Shops give to the slaves who were bought by the clients?

「Let’s stop by the Explorers Guild for a bit.」



On the way home, we stopped by the Vale Explorers Guild so that I could buy a Black Magic Crystal. I also bought it in the morning at the Quratar Explorers Guild and used it in Vale’s Labyrinth instead of the Yellow Magic Crystal. If I knew I would be buying it again today, I would have bought two in the morning to save time. After all, after fusing the Black Magic Crystal that I found, I have not been able to find any more Magic Crystals in the Labyrinth. I should have left it in my inventory, but my poor judgement got the better of me again.

「When we’re done there, we will go straight to the Adventurer’s Guild and return home.」


「Huh? O-Okay. . . 」

It felt like Sherry was shocked a little but she still followed closely behind us.

「What’s wrong, Sherry?」

「Uhm, Miss Roxanne?. Is there a fourth member of your Party who is an Adventurer, by any chance?」

「No, there isn’t why do you ask?」

「Because of how master said that we will be going home.」

Following behind me, Roxanne and Sherry were already having a conversation.

It is the Adventurer’s Skill, Field Walker, that allows Adventurers to teleport pretty much anywhere through the portal placed on the wall. Sherry also saw my Intelligence Card, so she knows I have Explorer set as my main Job. Did she think it was strange?

「Do not worry. Just follow us and you will understand everything soon enough.」

Roxanne chose to skip the explanation, despite Sherry’s need for one. Is it because I told her to keep it a secret?

「Eh? Uhm. . . what?」

Sure enough, Sherry looked very confused when I put out the black portal of the Warp on the wall of Vale’s Adventurer’s Guild. I hope she likes surprises, because there will be more of them coming her way soon enough.



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