A Harem in the Fantasy World Dungeon Volume 4 Chapter 2 Part 3



Translator: DarkHeartedAlchemist

「Well, in that case, it is fine for you to think of me as something like that.」

「Eh?!! Really? But are Gods and other legendary and mythological creatures only fictional?!」

Oh, so Sherry does not believe in myths and legends and dismisses them as mere fiction? Right, so maybe it would be best to change the subject again to avoid any heated worldview debates? Yeah, let us do that.

「Roxanne, in regards to Sherry’s equipment, is there anything else we should buy for her aside from clothing, basic equipment and a backpack?」

「Hmm, maybe an additional wooden washing tub so that each of could have their own?」

「Hm? Oh, right! Good idea. Then we will buy another wooden tub as well.」

Despite sounding surprised at first, Roxanne and I did all in our power to forcibly cut this problematic conversation then and there. As expected of her, she is always ready to follow me along with my ideas, no matter how out of left field they might be. And here I was thinking that it was too late for a saving throw and that I would have to engage Sherry in a general touchy discussion about whether or not Gods are real and are religions nothing more but scams run by the worst kind of con artists the earth has ever seen.

「Would that be all Sherry might need right from the get go?」

「Let me think . . .  I think it would be a good choice to buy her her own Black Magic Crystal so that she could start collecting magical energy into it. As for the clothes she is wearing, they are the ones provided by the Slave Shop so they should be good to last her at least for tomorrow, but I think we should go and buy her a new set of underwear.」

「Okay, then we should make the clothing store one of our first destinations once we will finish catching our breaths here.」


I think I know just the place where we might go to get Sherry some clothes: the Clothing Store that is selling all of those western-looking clothes where I bought clothing for Roxanne when we first came to Quratar, the one that is so close to the Quratar’s Labyrinth.

「Oh, uhm. . . I do appreciate the gesture, but that will not be necessary, since neither my clothes nor underwear are ragged or dirty yet, so there is no need to buy me new ones just yet.」

「Nah, that will not be trouble at all. We would have to do it at some point anyway, so we might as well get it over with as soon as possible.」

Or rather, it is more about me wanting to see what kind of underwear is she going to pick for herself and how is it going to look on her than anything else.

「Oh, and by the way, do you have any weapon of choice, Sherry? Something you feel the most comfortable with using? Because we will have to take that into consideration when we will be picking equipment for you.」

「I do, actually. Since I am going to be fighting in the front lines in the Labyrinth then I would like to have a mallet or a hammer. I am also quite good with handling a spear, but due to its length it is not ideal for the vanguard fighters since you cannot swing it properly without accidentally hitting your allies in the process. With a hammer or mallet, that drawback can be swiftly eliminated.」

「I guess, but would you really be able to wield such weapons properly? I mean, mallets, hammers, warhammers, greathammers and the like are all heavy as hell, right?」

「Do not worry, master. I might not look it, but I am actually pretty strong, so wielding such a heavy, two-handed weapon would not be a problem for me at all.」

Yeah, she is definitely right in that regard. Since the handle of the spear is pretty long, it might not be a best weapon to be swinging around in the narrow hallways of the Labyrinths. Unless…

「Since you said that you are skilled with a spear, then allow me to ask: how did you usually fought with it? Were you poking the monsters from behind your allies with it?」

「That is right. When you are using a spear from behind the safe distance given to you by your vanguard fighting comrades, you might not have as much momentum or the impact on the battlefield like they do, but the length of the spear helps you remain in control at all times and even save your allies if the ever find themselves in a pinch from a surprise attack to their flank. Some might say that this is not a greatest of the roles to fill, but I think such a supportive role can be pretty powerful in its own right.」

Certainly, when she puts it like that, attacking with a spear does not seem like a bad idea. However, just like Sherry said, such a strategy can only be pulled off when you have people who will be taking the damage and attacking the monsters in the vanguard position, and currently we do not have enough people for that. I got Sherry precisely because I did not want to fight on the front lines all the time so that I could focus on using my magic more, so going back to the vanguard just so that Sherry could utilize her spear-poking strategy would be more than a little pointless now. Also, just so that I could clearly know where we are standing with this:

「When it comes to hammers, have you ever fought any monsters with it before?」

「No, I have yet to use hammers in actual combat against real monsters, so it would be my first time doing so.」

So, she is a novice when it comes to hammers, huh? I doubt it is going to be a real detriment, but in that case, it might be a good idea to have her fight some low-level monsters so that she could get into the swing (TL Note: Get it? Swing, because you swing the hammer. . .  all right, I am going to shut up now) of things before moving on to the higher floor where she could truly go to the poundtown with them?

「In that case, would you like to try fighting the monsters in the Labyrinth with a hammer to get some practice?」

「Y-Yes, I would very much like to try doing that!」

「And what do you think, Roxanne? Would that be alright with you as well?」

「Yes, I do not see any problems with it. In fact, I would like you to try fighting with the hammer in the vanguard together with me as well. It took us some time to arrive at it, but master and I have developed our own trusty method of fighting monsters where I focus their attention on myself I the front lines with the combination of dodging and blocking their attacks while master supports me with his offensive spells from the back, and that is how our Party has been operating for a good while now. Once the three of us go to the Labyrinth together you shall see it with your own eyes, but just let me tell you that master’s magic abilities are truly powerful and amazing, so if you could help make it possible for him to use them as much as possible, that would really be appreciated.」

Roxanne seems to have the same opinion as me, which made me happy. This means that we have double the persuasion power to convince Sherry to use a hammer for our first bout to the Labyrinth. But apparently, that was not what Sherry was the most interested in when Roxanne finished talking.

「Eh? What? So master can also use Attack Magic?」

「Yes, he most certainly can.」

「But. . .  but how? How can such a thing be possible?」

Sherry looked at me, then at Roxanne, then back at me and at Roxanne once more. I was expecting her to be surprised when she eventually learned that I am capable of using Attack Magic, but her surprise and confusion were actually much bigger than I anticipated.

「You can  really use it?」



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