A Harem in the Fantasy World Dungeon Volume 4 Chapter 4 Part 20



Translator: DarkHeartedAlchemist

I shook my head and stood up from the chair on the edge of which I was sitting. If I want to participate in the auctions, then getting myself acquainted with a broker is going to be a necessity, but if I have to pick someone in the ends, then I do not want it to be this guy right here. For a broker, he was too willing to show me all of the cards in his hand way too readily even though this was the first time we met each other. If I have to settle in for someone, then at the very least I would like it to be someone who is not going to share all of his deepest secrets with me five minutes after saying hello to me.

Also, not that I think about it clearly, there is no way for this guy to have a 「Calculate」 Skill, because that is something that only those with the Job of a Merchant possess, and it was not on the list of Sex Maniac’s Skills when I unlocked it. So if possible, I would like to find myself a middleman who has a Merchant Job, but there is also a matter of the auctions themselves: whether or not my Thirty Percent Discount would work on the items bought at the auctions or not, because if it worked, then even if the max amount of Nars I could get for a single Two-Handed Copper Sword of Obstruction would be just fifteen thousand Nars per sword, then with the additional thirty percent I would still get a total of one hundred and seventeen thousand Nars total.

「Of course, that is your right to do so, but will you be able to find another broker?」

「I do not know, but I am sure that I am eventually going to find another one for myself as long as I work hard enough for it.」

It might take me significantly more time than if I were to accept Laurel’s offer right here and now, but if liking for a bit longer will be able to guarantee me that I am going to receive the best prices possible for my items and my broker will not be someone who runs his mouth all too happily at every possible occasion, that that is going to be well worth it.

I left the Merchant’s Guild and went to a nearby clothing store, where Roxanne and Sherry were waiting for me. When I walked through the store’s door, I immediately noticed them as they were picking clothes and looking like they had a good time talking to one another. It was beautiful to see that they are such good friends.

「Sorry it took so long. Did I keep you waiting?」

「No, not at all. Do not worry about that, master.」

(Ahh, of course. How could I ever forget?)

Of course the two of them did not wait for long. After all, since Sherry went Shopping together with Roxanne, who has a penchant for looking at every item she wanted to buy until she examined it thoroughly, there was no way for their shopping trip to end as quickly as I have hoped it would end. Even now it looked like they were still in the middle of choosing the clothes that they wanted to buy, so I could only sigh in such a way that they would not hear me. As much as I do not like it, I guess it is something that simply cannot be helped.

「I see. That is good. Did you manage to find some decent clothes that you would want to buy?」

「We did, but we are having trouble deciding which ones to choose as the final ones. Master, between these clothes here, which do you think are better?」

Roxanne came to me with two pieces of clothing, one on each of her arms. So at the very least she managed to narrow down the possible choices to just two options? Wow, I see she is making actual progress! Okay, so let me see what we are working with here. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

「. . . . . . . . . . . . Hmm, both of these clothes look nice, but it is hard for me to make a definitive choice, since you would look beautiful no matter what you would be wearing, Roxanne.」

「Ah, thank you, master. In that case. . . . . . . in that case I will chose something that is going to be pleasant for master to touch. Is. . . . . . .  is that all right with you?」

「Yes, of course.」

Looks like I am going to have no choice but to stay with them until they will finish picking up the clothes again, but since it cannot be helped, all I can do is to put up with it again and hope that it will not take much longer.

「How about you, Sherry? Have you finished choosing what you want to buy for yourself as well?」

「Ah, yes, I have already made my choice. Is. . . . is something like that going to be okay with master?」

「Let me see. . . . . . are you sure you this is what you want to go with? Because you could pick something a little more extravagant and I would have nothing against it, you know?」

I asked Sherry when she presented me with the clothes that she has chosen for herself. In the end, she chose something that looked similar to the clothes that she was wearing right now, probably because she wanted something she could feel the most comfortable in. When I touched the tunic she was holding myself, it was very smooth to the touch, and it reminded me of an extremely thin, tanned pelt. Not to mention that the size-wise it looked like something that might have been taken from a children’s section, and looking around the shop to check on that specifically, I noticed that there was as much “children’s” clothing on the shelves as there was adult clothing, which makes me think that the existence of Dwarves in this world must have been a blessing for the children’s clothing industry, because without it, the number of children’s clothing for sale would have probably been significantly smaller in comparison to what I see here now.

「Yes, I am absolutely certain that this is what I want to go with.」

「All right. If you are certain that this is what you want to go with, then that is what we are going to buy.」

「Thank you. Well, the clothes that the slaves are wearing are also master’s belongings, so your word is the final one in this matter. If you think that these clothes would suit me the best, than I am going to place my full trust in your judgement.」

Sherry muttered the last part of her sentence really quietly, so I could not clearly hear what she was saying, but. . . . . I mean of course I realize that the clothes that I am buying for them are technically my belongings as well because I am the one paying for them with my money. . . .  but what was that supposed to entail? That I could wear their clothes whenever a fancy would strike me and then would not be able to object? I waited for a moment to see if maybe Sherry was going to elaborate on that a bit more, but she did not say anything else, so I also decided not to pursue the subject any further.

After buying the clothes and then the ingredients for dinner, the three of us went back home. Once the preparations were all complete, I made Sherry sit right in front of me across the table. I know that Roxanne might get angry about it, but right now it is a necessity, because there is something that I have to talk about with Sherry in regards to her finally becoming a Master Smith. Now that she has finally unlocked that Job, it means that she is going to have new Skills that we will have to try out and new responsibilities associated with them.

「Is something wrong, master? Because you are staring at me quite intensely. . . . . 」

「Yeah, well, it is nothing. Do not pay it any mind.」

「Y-Yes, as you wish. . . . . . . .」

(. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . )



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