A Harem in the Fantasy World Dungeon Volume 4 Chapter 4 Part 23



Translator: DarkHeartedAlchemist

「Uhm. . . . . . . . . . . .  So, master says that Sherry became a Master Smith?」

I thought that the ordeal was over, but then another bullet came flying straight towards me from an unexpected place. And the one who fired it was Roxanne.

「Yeah, that is right.」

「But why. . . . . . ?」

I do know why. But I cannot tell you that just yet.

「The method of how she did that is a secret, but as you could see for yourself she definitely is one now, there is no doubt about it.」

「Is that so?」

「Yes, that is so.」

「I see. Well, since master is so amazing, then it must have something to do with that.」

Roxanne bowed down to me with respect. Ahh, Roxanne, always ready to believe whatever I tell her, no matter how big of a pile of bullshit it is going to be.

「You as well, Sherry. Since you could do that now even though you could not earlier, then it must mean that you are even more amazing than you think!」

Maybe it was because she was still a bit overwhelmed, but Sherry did not pursue that matter herself all that much. Instead, she looked at me with rather glossy eyes.

Did she just accept me a little bit more? If so, then that would be great. After all, the journey of a thousand miles starts with but a single step, and doing all that is in my power to build up trust between me and my slaves is one of my responsibilities as a master.

「When Sherry became a Master Smith, it felt as if my attack power went up.」

Suddenly, Roxanne said something strange.


「Because I became a Master Smith, I can now give the benefits to the other members. Of the Party that I belong to. Finally.」

I checked Roxanne’s stats, and she was right. And the same was true for Sherry.

「The Beast Warrior does not increase the attack power of the entire Party, so if Sherry can do that, it just show how amazing Job Master Smith is.」

「Okay, but what that does even mean, exactly?」

I asked Sherry.

「When the Master Smith is in the Party, the attack power of the other Party members increases. This is a fact that has been known for a long time.」

「Is that so?」




When I checked with Roxanne, she nodded her head vigorously.

「Did you not know that, master?」

And when I turned back around to face Sherry, I saw that she was looking at me with incredibly cold eyes that were saying 「I cannot even be with this guy anymore」.

Sherry, please, stop looking at me with such eyes! Even though she was still respecting me, it felt as though I have lost quite a number of points with her for some reason. Or maybe this is just my imagination. . . . . . . . . . . . .  no, her gaze is still a cold one, even though I closed my eyes and opened them again, hoping that her facial expression was going to change to a warmer one.

「So if a Master Smith is in the Party, he or she is going to grant the effect of increased strength to the entire Party?」

Did that Job really have such a Skill? Well, I never really checked what it was going and what Skills does it have, so now might actually be as good of a time to check that as any, so I opened the Party Job Settings, scrolled over to Sherry and inspected the effects of the Master Smith Job:

『Master Smith Lv.1』

Effects: Increased STR (Medium), Increased STA (Small), Increased DEX (Small)

Skills: Weapon Creation, Armor Creation, Skill Crystal Fusion, Item Box Operation

The only effect that a Master Smith has is Increased STR (Medium). The higher your strength, the higher your attack power. In other words, increase in attack power may mean an increase in the STR Stat, but other than that, there was no mention of anything that would even remotely sound like a Party wide increase to STR.

Now, let me compare that to Roxanne’s Beast Warrior

『Beast Warrior Lv.23』

Effects: Increased AGI (Medium), Increased STA (Small), Increased DEX (Small)

Skills: Beast Attack

Beast Warrior has no effects or Skill that would increase the STR of the user whatsoever. But just to be on the safe side, let us confirm that with the actual owner of that Job.


「Yes? What is it, master?」

I highly doubt that Beast Warriors possess some kind of hidden Skills, but since I can never be too sure about that, it is always worth it to check out all of the possibilities before jumping to conclusions too soon.

「Do correct me if I am wrong about that, but Beast Warriors do not have any Skills that increase their strength, right?」

「Yes. As unfortunate as it is, we do not possess any such abilities.」

「But in exchange for that, you are supposedly able to move around the battlefield more swiftly, am I understanding it right?」

It should be like that, since Beast Warriors do not have any Skills that increase their STR, but they do have a one that increases their AGI by a medium amount.

「I. . . . . . . .. . I am not sure if I follow, master. Could you say it in a clearer, more understandable manner?」

「What master probably wanted to say was that if there are Beast Warriors in the Party, then does that mean that all of the Party members will be able to move faster as well, but this is just a hypothesis and there is no reliable way of proving or disproving it.」

Sherry explained what I meant to Roxanne. Well, that was not exactly what I wanted to ask, but if such an explanation helps her understand it better, then I have no reasons to clear that up.

「Oh, I see.」

「So Sherry, how exactly do you confirm that your strength has increased after obtaining the Master Smith Job?」

「The process itself is relatively simple, because all you need to do is to see how many Skills you are going to need in order to defeat certain monsters on certain floors of the Labyrinth.」

「I see, so that is how it is.」

So it would seem that even though this world is not all that technologically advanced, they still have something that can be called scientific verification, even if it is done for only a little bit, and as a result of it, the people of this world seem to be absolutely certain that having a Master Smith in your Party is going to increase the overall attack power of all the Party members.

「Yes. That is the reliable method that the great scholars of old came up with, and the one that they have been using since ancient times.」

The great scholars of old, you say? I do not know who exactly these “great scholars of old” guys were, but they sure seemed to be a bunch of pretty smart guys.

「Are there any other Jobs that increase the strength of the entire Party besides Master Smith? Like. . .  . . . . let me see. . . . . . . like Swordsman, for example?」

「You understand well things well, master. It is said that Swordsman is one of the Jobs that increase the strength of the user and his Party as well.」

Yeah, that is because the effect of the Swordsman Job is Increased STR (Small). So technically, if you would have both a Master Smith and a Swordsman in your Party, that would mean that you would receive not one, but two increases to your STR, one medium and one small.

In other words, the effects of some of the Jobs can also be given to all of the Party members, not just one, and they can stack multiplicatively with one another.

I have confirmed that my magical attack power dropped when I removed the Hero Job from the list of my active Jobs, so there is no doubt that Jobs with similar effects are going to have a similar impact on me depending on whether I have them equipped or not.

In addition to that, there are also Jobs that affect the whole Party, and those might be the ones that we should be focusing on obtaining.

「Did you know that the Jobs could affect the Stats of the Party members, master? Where exactly did you learn about that, I wonder?」

Sherry, please stop looking at me with such cold eyes. What if they stay that way and you will be stuck with that condescending glare for the rest of your life?!



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