A Harem in the Fantasy World Dungeon Volume 4 Chapter 5 Part 13



Translator: DarkHeartedAlchemist  Editor: Weasalopes

「Okay, seventeen thousand Nars per sword is fine with me.」

「Thank you for your understanding, sir. Do you have the swords with you right now, or do you need time in order to go and bring them here?」

「I have them here with me. They are in my Item Box.」

「Then, if it is all right with you, I would like to call for a Weapons Merchant so that he could appraise them and confirm their authenticity. I would have done that myself, but unfortunately, I am an Armor Merchant, not a Weapons Merchant, so I can only appraise armor instead of weapons. Oh, and please, do not worry about the appraisal fee. Since your decision to sell the swords in your possession right away was a spontaneous one, then allow me to take care of the costs.」

With that said, Luke the Broker stood up and left the room, leaving me alone in it with Sherry and Roxanne.

「The decision to sell these swords was a truly spontaneous one, but I trust that neither of you have any issues with that, right?」

「Yes, of course.」

「Worry not, master. Since I am your slave, everything I make belongs to you, and you are free to do whatever you see fit with those items.」

「Well, thank you very much, Sherry, but without you and your Master Smith Job it would have been impossible to make those six 「Copper Swords of Obstruction」 and sell them at such a high price now, so I am going to give the credit where the credit is due.」

While Luke the Broker was still not back with the Weapons Merchant, I materialized my Item Box and took out all six 「Copper Swords of Obstruction」 out of it. It would have been more than a little annoying if I had to do it all in front of him while pretending that I was using the proper chant, you know?

After a while longer, the broker finally returned to the room, and he brought the Weapons Merchant with him, exactly like he promised he would do, and something was telling me that there is a strong possibility that this Weapons Merchant might be a middleman as well. I placed all of the swords on the table and he fiddled with them for a moment before he declared:

「Those are six copies of the 「Copper Swords of Obstruction」, without a shadow of a doubt.」

Well duh, of course they are. Who do you take me for, a counterfeiter who was looking forward to making an attempt at getting some quick cash?

As soon as he was done confirming the authenticity of the weapons on the table, the Weapons Merchant left the room, leaving us alone with the broker again.

「Now that there is no doubt as to the authenticity of the swords that sir is offering, I can proudly say that the deal has been made. Here is your payment: one hundred and two thousand Nars for the six 「Copper Swords of Obstruction」, and a special bonus of thirty thousand six hundred Nars to commemorate the beginning of, hopefully, a very fruitful partnership for the both of us. As for my personal payment for this transaction, it is going to be two thousand six hundred Nars, leaving you with one hundred and thirty thousand Nars total.」

One hundred and thirty thousand Nars for the six 「Copper Swords of Obstruction」? Hell yeah! Let’s! ! ! Fucking! ! ! GOOOO! ! !

Luke the Broker then opened his own Item Box and placed all of the swords that he got from me there. Next, he procured a number of gold and silver coins, my payment for this transaction, and placed them on the table in front of me. It was a total amount of thirteen gold coins and twenty six silver coins. Man, 「Thirty Percent Discount」 is a wonderful Skill to have. With it around, things that would normally be classified as a fraud, stealing or robbery pass on as something completely normal, and no one even bats an eye or dares to question it! The only regret that I have in regards to that Skill is that it works only on the final, summed-up price of all six products, and not for all of the six swords separately. If I could do it like that, then I am sure that I would have been able to milk Luke the Broker out of an even bigger sum of money, and he would simply accept it as the most natural thing under the sun.

「Thank you very much, it is a pleasure to be doing business with you. Also, in the near future, if you happened to have any information about Skill Crystals available for purchase at affordable prices, I would be very interested in buying them from you. Would that be possible?」

I took the money from him and placed them in the safety of my Item Box. While doing so, I tried to inquire about the possibility of striking any more possible deals with him in the future. This man, Luke Acid, seems like a truly excellent middleman, and if I could strike such a good deal with him even though he technically is just an Armor Merchant, then I think there will be no harm in continuing to buy and sell items from him, especially if my 「Thirty Percent Discount」 continues to yield me such wonderful results.

My ability to appraise items and equipment with 「Identify」 is going to give me an overwhelming advantage, because it will make it all too easy to find equipment with Empty Skill Slots, and that in turn will allow Sherry to create items and equipment with Skills embedded into them without the risk of failing the fusion, which is going to give birth to the best possible loop of creating and selling things to Luke the Broker at thirty percent increased prices! And I will be able to use that system any time when it will look like the possibility of winning an auction is going to be too low, which does not change the fact that I should still use both selling and buying auctions, just so that I could see for myself how both of them work.

One other merit to my current situation is that if I decide to buy things from auctions through the use of a middleman, I will not be having people’s attention fixed directly on myself, and since Luke is the kind of merchant who seems to be having his own share of secret business endeavors, then I can probably rest assured that he is not going to go around announcing to everyone that he and I have become business partners. On the flipside, I also cannot allow a skilled merchant like him to know my mind. I have to keep it cool and hold my hand as close to my chest as possible, only revealing the cards in it when it will be absolutely necessary. And while we are on the subject of buying and selling, I should also make sure not to sell too many items with Skills in them at once and in a short amount of time. I should be selling them little by little once in a while to ensure that the market prices of the items that I will be selling do not plummet and collapse, because that would only make things more difficult for the both of us.

「Did you. . . . . . . . . . use a Skill Crystal you obtained on your own to make these swords?」

「That is right.」

Luke the Broker was looking at mine and Sherry’s faces with a mixture of curiosity and slight alertness. I wonder why is that? Did Sherry said something wrong just now, or said something that she should not have said?

「If you managed to do that, then I am sure that you must be pretty experienced and have good skills as a Master Smith.」

He shook his head with a smile. Wait a minute. . . . . . . did he say 「Swords」? Not 「Sword」, but 「Swords」, as in, plural? Is. . . . . . . . is it just me, or does this guy think that Sherry was the one who made all six of these 「Copper Swords of Obstruction」 by herself? I mean, if she did fuse all six of them on her own, then I guess it would really be a testament to how Skilled a Master Smith she was.



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