A Harem in the Fantasy World Dungeon Volume 5 Chapter 1 Part 11



Translator: DarkHeartedAlchemist  Editor: Weasalopes

With so many diverse security measures in place, it definitely would not make any difference if the Duke or Gozer were holed up in the castle all the time or actively going out of it, because no matter the situation, they would always be protected from assassins in some way: inside of the castle it would be the guards and Knights who, according to Gozer’s words, are trained in such a way that they would immediately react if they were called upon or if they would sense that anything was amiss with either of them, and if anyone tried to do something to them while they were outside of the castle, their Sacrificial Misangas would prevent the first mortal blow from claiming their lives, and I guess that the perpetrators would not even be getting any kind of second chances at finishing their job because they would have been swiftly dispatched either by the Duke or Gozer with their weapons and magic or by the escort that would be coming with them. In that sense, I guess it really does not matter if their location changes or remains the same all the time.

And what about the Labyrinths that are located here in the duchy? Are the members of the Knight Order of Hartz Duchy the only ones responsible for clearing them, or do you also have Adventurers who are regularly going inside and explore them?」

「The Knights are the main force responsible for the exploration of Labyrinths and the extermination of the monsters that are dwelling inside of them, but the aristocracy of the entire region is also helping in that endeavor, and we are keeping enough of an eye on them to know if they would ever plan to make a move against us. So as you can see, an assassination attempts are not going to be all that effective against us, and if anyone were to try and take us out in open combat, then I am sure that our abilities would be more than enough to stand our ground and emerge from such a battle more or less unscratched. If we were not able to do at least that much, then we would not be worthy of keeping our titles for as long as we are holding onto them right now. Or maybe you would like to try your luck in a duel with one of us to see for yourself that we are telling the truth and my words are not just empty lip service without any ground in reality?」

「Oh no, no, no, there absolutely is not going to be any need for that, because I believe in every word that you just said.」

I know that the Duke and Gozer were probably joking, but in the off chance that they were not, I absolutely needed to clarify that there is not going to be any need for me to be challenging them to a fight, and even if I did, then my instincts were telling me that would have a distinctly bad time fighting them and that emerging victorious from such a bout would be borderline impossible for the current me, especially if these guys were fighting seriously right from the get-go. In that case, I have a feeling that I might have even died if I was too careless.

「Oh really? Well, that is certainly a shame. You look like you are a pretty capable and excellent Adventurer, so I think that you might have had a pretty decent chance of giving His Excellency a run for his money.」

「N-No, I still have ways to go as an Adventurer, so I do not think that calling myself capable, or excellent would be appropriate here….」

「Now, now, there is no need to be too modest, hahaha…..」

When I tried to deny Duke’s words, he simply laughed them off. I know that he meant them only as a harmless compliment, but still, I did not know what to think about people like him complimenting someone like me, but since we are being all informal here, then I should probably not think about anything that he says and simply accept his words with a healthy pinch of salt.

「According to the report that I have received from my people, it would seem that the transportation of your portion of the relief supplies to the village of Tare has already been completed.」

「Hmm….. Tare, you say?」

「Tare is a village that is located the farthest out of all the towns and villages that are counted among the ones belonging to my Duchy, and as you are probably aware, travels to distant place with the usage of Field Walker」 are especially difficult since they consume much of the caster’s magic power In fact, you were the third Adventurer whom we have asked to deliver the supplies there, but the other two did not even deliver half of the amount of supplies that has been prepared for them as their portion of the job.」

The leader of the Knights explained that to me. Is that why I have not seen anyone else around here? Because I was the only one who has actually finished everything that has been assigned to him and so I could take a break while everyone else was still going at it? But if that is the case, then should I not be going back there to help others so that we could wrap up the process of delivering supplies to every village that needed them a fast as possible?

From what the Knight leader Gozer told me just now, I think that it is safe to assume that 「Field Walker」works in the same was as 「Warp」does, meaning that the amount of MP that this spell consumes is actually dependent on the distance that the user intends to travel. If that distance is relatively small, then the MP consumption is not going to be all that big at all, but if the distance is going to be considerable, then the amount of MP used is going to be quite substantial as well. And for this commission the MP consumption is going to be that much greater, because the trips that have to be made with 「Field Walker」are not one way, but actually back and forth ones, which essentially doubles the amount of MP that has to be used for the purpose of constantly opening and closing 「Field Walker’s」portals, and I definitely know that to be true since I was only resting in that hall on that chair because I was running dangerously low on MP and needed a while to allow it to recharge. But still, I do not know if it means that I have more MP than the other Adventurers or does it mean that 「Warp」uses less MP over short distances than 「Field Walker」, which allowed me to make more trips back and forth between our delivery destinations and do them faster than the others did, or if maybe a fact that I currently have more then just one Job and their Passive Skills equipped: Explorer Lv.35, Hero Lv.33, Mage Lv.35, Monk Lv.34 and a Cook Job that I have swapped for my Alchemist Lv.19 so that I could have more space available in my Item Box to be able to fulfill the requirements of the commission, has anything to do with it?

Oh, and while we are still on the subject of Jobs, presently, I often catch myself wondering if I would ever need to get my hands on the Adventurer Job now that I have so many diverse Jobs at relatively high levels like Explorer, Hero or a Mage? Not to mention that they all give me rather good passive Skills, and I have grown quite accustomed to exploring the Labyrinths and fighting monsters with them, but if I were to obtain the Job of an Adventurer now, I would have to specifically go out of my way to start levelling that Job up all the way from Lv.1 which would make me that much weaker, and the Skills that the Adventurer Job gives you might not actually be all that good in comparison to what I have now, however. . . . . am I using most of my Jobs in vain? Or rather, am I even using the effects that they are giving me to their fullest extent and potential?

Two of the Jobs that I decided it would be better not to remove under any circumstances were Hero and a Mage because a) Hero’s Job allows me to use Overwhelming Skill which comes in pretty handy whenever I am finding myself fighting against a fast opponent or the ones that utilize surprise attacks, and b) because Mage allows me to use magic Spells, duh.



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