A Harem in the Fantasy World Dungeon Volume 5 Chapter 4 Part 9



Translator: DarkHeartedAlchemist  Editor: Weasalopes

Now that I think about it, these are clearly the things that I should have researched more before coming here, but on the other hand, coming here many times over means increasing the risk of the locals remembering my face and attributing it either with snooping around or some other suspicious activities, and if that happens to me even once, it is going to be all over for me, since I will no longer be able to keep coming here to Palmasque the way that I am doing now. Now I am truly beginning to see the wisdom of Sherry’s words when she said that it is going to be difficult to find a safe place which I could warp to in Palmasque.

After sending Roxanne and Sherry to do the shopping that they have been entrusted with, I spent some time at home and in the Labyrinth, after which I warped back to Palmasque again, and after a short while of waiting, I saw that the two of them were coming back, each one of them carrying a particularly big peace of baggage in front of them. And although I am saying baggage, you know that by that I meant the mirrors, right? Good, it would seem that they were able to purchase them successfully this time.

I am definitely glad that they manage to complete the task that I have given to them, but at the same time, the way in which they are carrying these mirrors is making me suffer through numerous anxiety attacks at the same time. To put this bluntly, these mirrors look like they are quite large, and the way in which Roxanne and Sherry are holding them is not exactly what I would call the safest one. They are holding onto them by supporting them from below with their hands, and the mirrors rest on top of their bodies, covering both of them from waist up entirely.

If these are the kind of mirrors that they bought, then I am guessing that they have to be full-length mirrors, the kind that allows you to see your entire body from top to bottom at once instead of showing just a portion of it. The method of holding that they employed might have seem like the best possible one for them, but in truth, if they are going to be holding the mirrors like that, then we will not be able to transport many of them at once, just one for each of them, meaning that during one trip to Palmasque and back from Palmasque we should be able to transport two mirrors at best. Moreover, if the mirrors are this big, then it is more than likely that we will not be able to go straight back home to Quratar from Palmasque, but we will probably have to make a stop somewhere along the road so that I could hunt down a few monsters to recover my lost MP, and that 「somewhere」 is definitely going to be the Labyrinth of Zabir….

But Palmasque Mirrors, which are the mirrors made out of glass, are most likely just as fragile as the glass mirrors that I know from my old world, and that means that we absolutely cannot allow ourselves to take them to the Labyrinth with us or else we are going to risk shattering them into a million pieces, which means that using the Labyrinth as a checkpoint along the way is out of the question.

「I see that you were able to purchase the mirrors successfully.」

「Yes. With the written commission from the Duke of Hartz in our hands, there was no reason of the craftsmen to refuse us this time.」

「All right, that is great to hear. So, would you like to go back home now?」

Well, if that is how it is going to be, then I guess there really is no helping it this time, and since we would have to give this a try at some point, so we went back home from Palmasque’s Adventurer’s Guild. And when we arrived back at home, it felt like the earth has immediately become distorted the moment I placed my foot on it. It was so distorted and uneven and it felt as if my feet were sinking into it, which made me want to scream until my vocal cords all broke and my throat became soaked with my own blood gushing out of it.

I do not understand what is going on, but the earth which was perfectly fine when we were leaving for Palmasque before is all fucked up, there is darkness as far as my eyes can see and the air feels heavy and stagnant, making the atmosphere of our cozy home feel heavy and suffocating, almost as if my arrival here has turned every possible element of the world hostile towards me.

The cause of me having all of those messed up hallucinations is, of course, me running out of MP due to taking not only myself, Roxanne and Sherry, but also two big mirrors along for the ride with us. It has been a long time since I felt like that, or rather, I think that this is the first time where I allowed my MP to drop so much, and now it is making me feel as if I was tripping some serious balls.

Ahhhh….. no, it cannot be like that. Ahhhhh…….. dear God in heaven. Ahhhhh…… if you are listening to this, then please forgive me in your infinite grace.

Why is this even happening to me? Why are you making me go through all these tortures? Have I ever done anything to offend you? Or just the fact of my existence is like a continuous insult to you, because you cannot bear the thought that something like me, something worse than even the most vile and defiled of the fallen angels that you have cast down from heaven continues to walk the earth while enjoying his new life?

「Going from Palmasque to Quartar in a single warp, as expected of master.」

「…. I just barely managed to pull that shit off. Now drop these damn mirrors wherever and let us be off to the Labyrinth already! Roxanne, as soon as we get there, find me a group of weak monsters, okay?!」

I gave Roxanne an order without really paying attention to the praise that she has given me right now, because to be honest, in my current state of mind, such a praise was pretty much meaningless and awkward to me. I mean, even if I can go from Palmasque to Quratar in one go, then what of it if such trip drains out my entire MP bar? Such an ability is useless to if it is going to have such tremendous drawbacks!

The destination to which we have warped is the fourth floor of the Quratar’s Labyrinth because it is the closest one to our home so it should not even consume any of my MP due to it being basically in the neighborhood, whereas even going to the Labyrinth of Vale now might have been impossible for me without worsening my condition even further.

Normally I would have ordered for us to go to a higher floor like ninth or tenth, but with my current, extremely unstable condition there is no way that I am going to put myself through such unnecessary risks. Right now, I just need to face enough monsters with my Durandal to recover the entirety of my MP as soon as possible, and in order to do that, there are no better enemies than the ones on the lower floors of the Labyrinths that are going to just go and die in one hit…..

Or at least that was what I thought, until I saw the group of enemies that we would actually have to fight: a group of a Cheap Sheep and two Spi Spiders.

Oh no, of fuck, of my sweet Jesus why, just WHY?! You fucking game, why are you throwing a group of such strong opponents at me when I am at my most vulnerable here?! Spi Spiders are one of the enemies who have a chance to poison me with their attacks! Do you understand what you have just done here?! I specifically went here because I did not want to fight against NT Ants that could poison me, and what do you do to help me with that? You throw me at yet another enemy that can poison me! Where the fuck is any kind of logic in that?! No, I cannot do it! I cannot fight against these monsters! I am afraid! I am just too afraid of getting my ass poisoned again if one of their attacks is going to hit me!



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