A Harem in the Fantasy World Dungeon Volume 6 Chapter 3 Part 1

Translator: DarkHeartedAlchemist Editor: Weasalopes

Chapter 29: Miria


Current Levels & Equipment:

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Steel Spear


Leather Helmet

Leather Gloves

Leather Boots

「A dragon…you say ?」

I unconsciously muttered after being welcomed by the two who just came back from their shopping duties.

I arrived at Palmasque’s Adventurer’s Guild after passing time at home and then going to the Labyrinth to do a little bit of solo levelling. When we reunited at the Adventurer’s Guild building, Roxanne reported to me that supposedly a Dragon has been sighted near the city, which shook me up quite a bit.

「Yes, it seems that it attacked the coast this morning. Unfortunately, it was already intercepted when we arrived, so there was no way for us to join in on the battle against it.」

Though I don’t know what’s unfortunate about that, it has become abundantly clear that this Dragon’s appearance was definitely the cause of all that ruckus in the Adventurer’s Guild that I have noticed when Roxanne and Sherry went to go sell the Amber Necklaces and buy Palmasque Mirrors. What a frightening situation. So, dragons do seem to exist in this world. And not only that, but they’re also actively attacking the cities! That must be the reason for why the cities tend to have such high walls, just like the castles within them.

I thought that this dragon attack might hinder our plans, but thankfully both of them had a mirror with them when they returned, and that alone makes this trip a one that was well worth making. If they didn’t obtain them, then this would’ve been one giant waste of my time, energy and resources.

「Is it common for this place to be attacked by dragons?」

After making the last warp from Palmasque and recovering MP in Quratar’s Labyrinth, I tried asking Sherry about the frequency of the dragon attacks on the cities.

「To be more accurate, it was actually a Drive Dragon. Palmasque, being on an island can’t usually be attacked by normal demons, but Drive Dragons can fly in the sky, so their attacks are something that happens quite often I think.」

「Quite often, you say?」

「Yes, but its not that big of a deal because there’s also a lot of people that have anti-dragon equipment because of this, so when an attack actually happens, they’re always ready to defend themselves.」

Sherry replied to me calmly. It seems dragon raids aren’t a cause of concern, despite just being a potentially catastrophic occurrence. Still, is it really that normal to be brushing it off just like that? Well, It’s probably the same concept as how Japanese people can tolerate small-scale earthquakes without even batting an eye.

This world is scarier than I thought.

「I see.」

「More importantly, the Amber Necklace was sold for twenty five gold coins.」

More importantly, huh? So, dragons are treated like that here? It’s a dragon, you know? a dragon!

「Are Drive Dragons actually weak?」

「It is the strongest kind of monster that appears outside of the Labyrinth.」

So it is by no means weak, but they still treat it as if it was nothing major. I don’t like it. I feel that people here wouldn’t even be surprised even if a catastrophic earthquake happened right now. These people could definitely live in the world of the future and fit in just fine.

「I-is that so?」

I received gold coins from Sherry. The gold coins seem to occupy two rows of slots in my Item Box now. Because of the several different rows of items, the Item Box is going to be Filled up pretty soon, since it can’t stack different kinds of similar items together, which limits its overall capacity.

If it’s not going to be enough, then I’ll just have to use my Cook Job, but I feel like that might also be difficult.

Since I have the money, I should make sure to use them. It isn’t necessary for me to put coins and items in different lines to save space.

「The Amber Necklace that the craftsman’s wife had bought was a considerably good item. I asked if twenty five gold coins were really a good price for it, and she confirmed it many times over.」

I listened to the story while receiving the gold coins. I expected the market price of amber in Palmasque to be five times greater than the market price in Bode. Was it a little more than that after all? I feel a bit embarrassed since I did not know the proper market price.

「Was it considered too cheap? Well, it can’t be helped. It’s not really a loss for us, so there’s no need to be thinking about it too hard.」

「She said it was a special service for being acquaintances. I also asked her to recommend us to other people since our prices are cheap.」

「Well done!」

Sherry’s a surprisingly good talker.

「I was able to sell the case for ten silver coins. Since it was originally two hundred Nars, I think it was a good price to get.」

「As expected of Sherry.」

「The Amber was sold for thirty five silver coins. We could also buy the mirror from them for twenty silver coins.」

To be able to sell the small case which I got for free, as well as to ensure future deals with them. Such a silver-tongued smooth talker.

「It was the right thing to entrust it to Sherry after all.」

「Thank you very much, master!」

Is that what this might be about? Does she hate brokers because they are similar to her? Hatred of the same thing, huh? They really are birds of a feather.

When I was returning from the Labyrinth, I was contacted by Luke whom Sherry hates so much. He seemed to have made a successful bid for a Kobold Skill Crystal for fifty-four hundred Nars, but is that really the correct price?

「I want to fuse the Kobold Skill Crystal and the Goat Skill Crystal card, that we just obtained to my Rod. Otherwise, we might have trouble fighting the enemies on the twelfth floor.」

I told them during dinner.

「Ye…Yes! I’ll  try to do my best!」

「There’s going to be no problem if it’s you,  Sherry , though it would be bad if you were anxious about it all the time.」

「No, I’ m not anxious at all!」

「The monsters in the twelfth floor are going to be much stronger than the other ones that we faced so far. Therefore, increasing our fighting potential is necessary. Perhaps it’s time to add another Party Member in our midst?」

I was able to connect the two topics together.

A new Party Member is essential to increase our fighting potential, or that’s the excuse that I gave them…. No, that’s not it!  That’s not what you’re thinking at all! It is definitely necessary to increase our fighting potential if we want to advance forward in the Labyrinths.

「Yes, definitely.」

「I already received a letter of introduction from Alan the Slave Merchant from Vale. We only have two more mirrors to deliver, so I would like to go to Imperial City at one point in order to look for a new Party Member the day after we finish selling all of them.」

I made sure that the two of them nod after hearing my proposed schedule for the coming days. I have forty gold coins left in reserve, so it should be sufficient enough as funds for the purchase of a new slave.

「So the number of Party Members is going to increase then.」

「No matter who it is going to be, I believe that master will choose a most suitable person to join us.」

「Yes, of course. After all, it is something that’s going to be necessary for the purpose of increasing our battle potential.」

Roxanne and Sherry’s acknowledgement to increase the ranks of my harem has been obtained, or at the very least they didn’t outright object to my plans of obtaining more slaves for myself, so all is fine with the world for now.

「With all of that being said, I think it would actually be a good idea if we took a break from the exploration of the Labyrinths tomorrow and made tomorrow another day of for ourselves. After all, we can’t have another member joining the ranks of our Party when we are all going to be tired and beat up from the battles and exploration. We want to make the best impression possible, and for that, we have to look our very best.」

This time, I gave Roxanne and Sherry something that they could look forward to.


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