A Harem in the Fantasy World Dungeon Volume 6 Chapter 3 Part 3 **BONUS CHAPTER**


Translator: DarkHeartedAlchemist Editor: Weasalopes

「Do not worry, master. I could never dislike you!」

「Well, thank you then. And please, you can go on ahead.」

In this world, it seems to be the usual and perfectly normal thing for family members to cut each other’s hair, and it would seem that the people of their world are not especially picky about the hairstyles that they are going to have as a result of it, so it was a perfect deal for me, someone who did not care that much about my own hair even while I was still living in Japan. I am glad to see that literally nothing is going to change for me in this regard.

Roxanne took the scissors into her hands, and slowly began to cut my hair.

I thought that scissors of this world might be looking or working a little bit differently from what I have been used to seeing back on earth, but upon their closer inspection I was very glad to notice that they actually look and function much in the same fashion as the regular scissors that I know, so thankfully there is going to be no surprises and question marks popping up above my head for me.

Roxanne said that she was clumsy with the scissors, but looking at the job that she was doing so far, I cannot say that there was anything in particular that I could possibly nitpick about.

「Is this fine, Master?J

「That Depends. Do you think I look a bit cooler now?」

「To me, master is always looking cooler than anyone else. The coolest, even.」

Honestly, it is more than a little embarrassing to be called the coolest like that, even though Roxanne might just feel inclined to be saying such words purely because she is my slave.

「Okay, now that I’ve gotten my new haircut, which Labyrinth would you like to visit today?」

「Right, it would be problematic if we were to go somewhere where there are a lot of people, so I think that just for today it would be good for us to focus on Floor Boss battles alone. I think that the ideal candidate for that would be Rapid Rabbit, since its fast movement would be good for me to keep on practicing and honing my evasive capabilities, if I can ask this of master, then I would like us to go to Vale’s Labyrinth today, please.」

When I asked Roxanne about where did she want to go, I have received an immediate reply from her. So, this time she wants to go to Vale’s Labyrinth in order to fight against some Rapid Rabbits, huh? Rapid Rabbit is the Floor Boss of the Vale Labyrinth’s ninth floor, the one where Slow Rabbits were the main enemy.

Because it appears on the ninth floor, it is more difficult to deal with than the on in Quratar that appears on the seventh floor, which makes me not want to fight against it at all, but not only it would be exceptionally difficult to convince Roxanne to change her mind about going to Vale’s Labyrinth, but I also promised her that I am going to go with her wherever she might have wanted to go today, so I cannot just go back on my word and let her down like some kind of douchebag….. but nevertheless, I have to at least try to find out if she would not be up for any other activity today.

「Uhm.. do you not want to go shopping in the Imperial City today? Since it is going to be just the two of us and all?」

Yeah, I have to beat around the bush like that in order not to outright say that I do not want to be fighting Rapid Rabbits. We have already challenged the ninth floor’s Floor Boss in Vale’s Labyrinth countless times. We fought there so much, in fact, that I have already lost count of how many times exactly we have been fighting in there. That is exactly why I would rather do literally anything else rather than going there again.

「A shopping trip to the Imperial City? Would that really be okay with you, master?」

Yeah, you bet. At this point, anything is going to be not only better, but also more exciting than repeatedly going through the literal hell of going back and forth between the Floor Boss’ Boss Room and the Waiting Room outside of it and then doing the same thing over and over again every time .

it would be defeated in just a few blows, even though it is arguably just as hard to accompany Roxanne to do shopping while she is entering her serious customer mode where she literally has to go and check every single item for more than ten minutes in order to examine it from every possible direction before she is simply going to move onto the next item before she makes the final decision on what she would like to buy. But if I have to choose between that and the Rapid Rabbit looping hell, then I am going to choose shopping with Roxanne every chance I get.

「Yeah, it is okay with me. After all, I did promise that I will take you wherever you are going to want to go, did I not?」

「Yes! Thank you, master. 」

「Do not mention it, and be sure to tell me if you see anything that you would like at any point in time, okay?」

Now that Roxanne has been gaslighted by me into going to the Imperial City to do shopping, I took us there immediately before she even had the chance to change her mind. While we were there, we went to see what kind of things they were selling at the shops that we never had the chance to go, threating this outing as a combination of shopping and information gathering, essentially killing two birds with one stone here, continuing to just walk down the roads of the capital aimlessly, without any specific target in mind.

「Hmm…. I think this outfit is going to look especially good on you, master.」

Roxanne said while putting one of the shirts inside one of the clothing stores against my chest to see how I was going to look in it. Walking around with her, having her pick clothes for me…. This, this really feels like we are on a date right now. Or rather, it definitely is a date, since there are only the two of us here after all.

Now that I think about it, when the number of my Party Members increase, the bed in our house will definitely become smaller, so we might be in need of buying ourselves a new one. If at all possible, it might be a good idea to go look for today since we are already in the Imperial City and all….. but yeah, I think that I am going to actually pass on that, since there is no way in hell that I am suggesting something like that with this kind of blissful atmosphere. Doing that would do nothing but invite unnecessary trouble, and that is the last thing that I need at the current moment.

Just as I have expected, it would be best for me to go and buy the new bed when I will be alone in here. That is the best solution that I can possibly think of to keep this date with Roxanne from being ruined.

When Roxanne was done with looking at various shirts that she thought would look good on me, she then swiftly moved on to the children’s section of the clothing store. Was she going to pick up something for Sherry as well? Apparently so, because after looking at a few articles of clothing she nodded her head and muttered 「This should be good」to herself.

「Are you not going to be picking up anything for yourself, Roxanne?」

「No, I do not think I will. After all, that shirt for master costs three hundred Nars, and that piece of clothing for Sherry here costs two hundred Nars, so together, these two pieces of clothing already cost five hundred Nars, or in other words, five silver coins.」

Five hundred Nars for the two pieces of clothing, huh?

The pocket money that I gave her this time is exactly the same as last time, five silver coins. So she is so diligent with the allowance that she was given that she is not going to try going even a bit over the limit of that five silver coins, eh? Talk about dedication, even though she should be perfectly aware of the fact that she does not have to be so strict with the money as long as I am here with her?

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