A Harem in the Fantasy World Dungeon Volume 7 Chapter 2 Part 11

The Duke explained to me how betrothal gifts worked in this world, most likely because he was thinking that I won’t be able to understand the customs of the nobles since I’m not a noble myself. And, well, he was essentially right in regards to that, since I didn’t even knew about that bride’s dowry thingy that the commoners of this world have, since I’m someone completely new to this world. But saying that I didn’t even knew about the commoners customs would’ve probably been bad to mention, so I just kept my mouth shut.

The gist of the system that they seem to have implemented here is that in case of commoners, the bride is the one who needs to pay the groom and his family with money and goods in order to be accepted into the family. I guess that you could probably call it a safety deposit of sorts if you were to dumb it down enough.

Back in my old world there was a lot of wars going on across the entire world in the past, so you could probably liken what the Duke said about men of this world dying in the fights against the monsters to how the men in my old world were dying en masse whenever there was a war going on. I even heard some stories of how the Islamic religion allowed the Islamic men to legally engage in polygamy precisely because of that reason.

If a war was ever to break out in this world, then I wonder if it would have been the same here, seeing how this game’s world and my old world seem to be similar to each other in great many things?

「I see, so that’s how it is with nobles, huh?」

「If this Ring of Determination that Heinz had is indeed the very same one that he has stolen back then, then I would definitely like to buy it from you by all means, Lord Michio. Would that be all right with you?」

「Does this ring have some kind of deeper history behind it?」

「Yes. I mentioned that this is a family heirloom, right? Well, to elaborate on that, it is something that my ancestor from over five generations back received when he went through the process of Fixation.」

It really seems that the Ring of Determination came out during Fixation, just like Sherry explained it to me before.

「So that’s the history behind it, huh?」

It cannot be helped then. If that’s the case, then I don’t see any reason to refuse the Duke’s offer.

「Then I will receive the ring and have it appraised right away.」


And just like that, the Ring of Determination has been taken from me. What about the price for it? I wonder how much the Duke is going to offer me for it? Is he going to give me the same price as the one dictated by the nobles?

However, since it concerns the Duke and Cassia, I don’t think the price will be low. It feels like receiving a blank cheque: they’re going to give me whatever amount that I’m going to write on it, and depending on the amount that I’m going to write, this may or may not turn into a problematic situation.

「I was also thinking of taking Lord Michio to visit the Earl of Selmar, but what do you think about such an idea, Cassia?」

Suddenly, without any kind of warning whatsoever, the Duke threw a truly frightening suggestion into the air. Going to visit the Earl of Selmar? That is a very kind and thoughtful idea, but I assure you, there’s no need to be going that far for me. I am going to be perfectly fine with just receiving the financial compensation for getting your Ring of Determination back to you, so you don’t have to worry about doing anything else for me, really!

「Yes, I think that this is going to be a good idea as well. After all, Heinz the Bandit and Simon the Mad Dog and their lackeys have been a thorn in the Earl of Selmar’s side for quite a long time, so I’m sure that he’s going to want to offer the words of his gratitude to the person who contributed so much towards the extinction of the band of Bandits that have been plaguing his territories for such a long time.」

Cassia agrees with the Duke. Damn, now that she expressed her opinion that it would be good of me to go meet the Earl, I guess I have no choice but to go. After all, if that is what Cassia wishes, then I don’t want to do anything that would cause me to lose her favor.

「Yes, that is definitely the best thing that can be dine here. Are you fine with such a course of action, Lord Michio? Oh, judging by your expression you must be quite worried, but trust me, there is no need for you to be. All you’d have to do is to bow your head before the Earl and listen to what he’s going to have to say that that would be it. It won’t even have to be too formal and it won’t cause any sort of trouble for you, so you can relax and not thing about the whole thing too hard. Technically I could go and pass the news to the Earl on your behalf, but I think it’s going to be better if you’re going to go and relay the news to him in person.」

「Huh. I see.」

「The Bandits plaguing Selmar and Hartz were taken care of thanks to Lord Michio’s valiant efforts. I know that we have no right to impose anything upon you, but I would really appreciate it if you could give the Earl of Selmar the opportunity to express his gratitude as to you as well.」

「Very well. I understand.」

Since Cassia is the one asking me to do it, I can’t refuse her.

I would like to decline it if possible, but I can’t find any reason that would justify my refusal properly.

「If I killed the Bandits which even the Earl of Selmar couldn’t get rid of, It would be something I could take pride in and bragged about every chance I got, so you might use that opportunity to do just that, Lord Michio.」

Maybe that is the true intention of the Duke with me going to visit the Earl of Selmar? I have no idea what is the relationship between the Duke of Hartz and his in-laws that rule over the Selmar territory, but could it be that they are actually not getting along all that well because they think that he stole their beautiful daughter away from them? Because if so, then could you please not involve me in your petty personal squabbles?

「I will arrange a day for a meeting with the Earl of Selmar, but it definitely won’t be right away, so can I ask you to come back to Bode in the morning three days from now, Lord Michio? By that time, I think the date for the meeting should already be decided.」

「In three days? Okay, I understand. Then I will come here again in three days, just like you’re asking.」

I bow to Cassia and the Duke, and then take my leave from the room, since I think this whole conversation has gone on for long enough and it is about time to go and end it.

I don’t mind being near Cassia forever, but I cannot say that, and I cannot stay here longer than it is necessary for me, since there is also a possibility that I would be roped into more unreasonable demands.

Also, I should withdraw before I am going to be asked to show my Intelligence Card after all.

「Lord Michio, this way please.」

Gozer sees me off to the castle’s lobby.

「Lord Gozer, is there perhaps a village or a port or maybe a place where I can acquire a lot of fish around these parts?」

「When you speak about fishing villages, Hafen comes to my mind. It is famous for the quality of their fish. If you want to, I can ask one of our Adventurers to take you there.」

As I thought, there really seems to be a good fishing village in the territory of Hartz Duchy. I suspected as much when I figured out that the Hartz Duchy must be close to the sea when I heard that amber is mined there. I guess that the sea will be somewhere to the north then.

「This is Hafen.」

The Adventurer brings me to what seems to be the fishing market of the village.

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