Volume 11 Chapter 1 Part 5

My head is free from wordly and worthless thoughts, I am staying intensely focused without focusing on any object in particular as I try to imagine the unimaginable in my mind’s eye.

Fight. Just fight. Only fight. Fight hard. Don’t think about anything else, and then…


… I have been awoken by a gentle pat on my shoulder.

It would seem that I have been the one who has fallen asleep.

There are two possible explanation for why that happened: either I I was so single-mindedly focused on fighting that I actually lost consciousness before I knew it, or the more probable one that a Beep Sheep used its Skill on me and that’s why I have fallen asleep.

Beep Sheep’s Skill is really terrifying.

「What about the monsters?」

I asked at the moment that my consciousness snapped back to reality, and Miria confirmed it for me in

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