Volume 11 Chapter 5 Part 11

If they were to remove it, they would remove it only at night when no one should be coming.

However, there is a possibility that they forgot to remove it tonight.

If I insist that the contact person is lying to deceive us, the discrepancy in the testimonies can be restricted to tolerable limit.

Alternatively, If the guards were kicked out of the way, everything would be solved even if the emblem really were to be removed from the throne room’s wall.

We also would not have to worry about any testimonies if the guards were defeated. After that, I would not care about what was going to happen, working under the assumption that everything would somehow work itself out, since it would be assumed that the guards have died after removing the curtain from the wall.

In other words, if the emblem were removed but the guards were absent, there would be no

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