Volume 12 Chapter 3 Part 8

The door itself looks exceedingly heavy. But more importantly, does that mean that there is still a whole other room or more of them hidden in this one?

「Both this door and all of the walls in this room are made out of Shield Cement. This means that even though you are an Adventurer, you won’t be able to escape from here if I or any of the guards deemed you as a threat. 」

So that’s why it all looks so heavy; because Shield Cement has been used to make all of it, and because the special characteristics of the Shield Cement are its ability to block Movement Magic such as Adventurer’s 「Field Walker」, it means that no Adventurer can invade this room or escape out of it if they somehow made their way here.

However, these restrictions do not apply to the Bonus Skill 「Warp」.

Also, even though Elder Cassandra said

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