Volume 7 Chapter 3 Part 17

Sucking on them strongly, I completely indulged myself in the sensation of their overwhelming softness. Since this is already happening, then I have to make sure that I’m going to enjoy this opportunity to the fullest. At the same time, I still have to assess the situation in which I am in calmly.

I swallowed the Anti-Poison Pill that has been sent down my throat from Sherry’s mouth, and once that was done, I started to chase after Sherry’s tongue while sticking my own tongue into her mouth.

Our tongues were continuously intertwining with one another as Sherry’s tongue was moving in a slow and gentle manner as she was responding to the advances of my own tongue. And the more she did that, the calmer I was becoming, the symptoms of my panic attack disappearing as if they were never there in the first place. I also gradually felt as if the pain that I have been feeling was subsiding, and the feeling of having heavy weights attached all over my body was gone as well.

Now that Sherry administered the medicine directly for me, I guess its effects are probably kicking in, and that is also why my mind is getting clearer with every passing second.

Ugh… what was I even doing just now? And more importantly, what am I doing right now? In order to give me the medicine, Sherry was kissing me pretty aggressively, so I should probably just lie down and enjoy this as much as I can, because a second occasion like that might not present itself to me in the nearest future……

No. First and foremost I have to assume what has become of the monsters, so as soon as Sherry has freed my mouth from hers with a flustered expression, I hurriedly had a look around our immediate vicinity, but so no traces of the monster’s presence left. Good. That probably means that the enemies have been completely annihilated already.

Great. I am pleased to see that Roxanne managed to deal with this situation somehow, but I think that even if my head had become clouded and my thoughts became strange, if there was no other choice for me, I still would be able to push through my condition in order to ensure that the girls are safe if Roxanne failed to exterminate the monsters in time.

「Thank you, Sherry. I should be fine now.」

「Of course. I, I am glad to be of help, master.」

I took a number of deep breaths in order to fully calm myself down. Maybe I should also drink a glass of water in order to be absolutely sure that everything’s going to be fine with me?

Preparing a glass, I poured water inside of it using 「Water Wall」, but I’m definitely not going to be drinking it by myself.

「Roxanne, can I ask you to give me a hand with this?」

「Of course, master! Right away!」

I ask Roxanne for mouth-to-mouth feeding of the water while showing he my best pleading eyes, and as soon as she saw them she was unable to resist my request. And so, after spending ample time being feed water by her through her mouth, I was finally able to say that I have completely calmed down and think straight.

The labyrinth is still as dangerous of a place as ever. With just one of our Party Members missing, our situation has become so drastically different from how we usually managed to perform that it was almost unbelievable.

That was clear enough of a signal for me that we shouldn’t try to overwork ourselves for no reason, so today we decided to call it a day and leave the Labyrinth earlier than usual.

We’ve already done a lot of things today anyway, so no one should be holding it against us for wanting to have a rest after a series of tough battles against even tougher opponents.

First and foremost, I went to the bathroom and started heating up the water so that we could all take a bath to relax.

I poured the water in carefully as not to spill any of it because we wouldn’t be able to flush it today, or probably not for a while longer at least.

I took a bucketful of water from the bath tub that was filled using 「Water Wall」 and set it aside. That way, we could still use some of the water later, even when the water from the bath is going to be flushed down the drain when the repair works will be finished.

Since there might be a little more time before Miria comes back, I heated the water some more to keep it at a higher temperature than usual. After all, when Miria comes back she’s probably going to be dirty as hell from all the work that she’s doing right now, so the least I can do for her is to welcome her with a nice, steaming bath so that she could wash all of that dirt away.

It will be just us three of us while we wait for Miria to come back, so what should we do in order to keep ourselves from dying out of boredom for such a long period of time? Well, the answer to that should be pretty obvious I think.

* * *

「I’m back, desu!」

By the time it was over, Miria has already came back….. and she was covered with mud literally from top to bottom.

I know that the clothes that I have given her were the ones that I got as a bargain from Alan the Slave Merchant, they have become so sloppy that I almost wanted to scream when I saw it.

「Miria, you can take all of your dirty clothes off and jump into the bath right away since the water is hot and ready. I will wash you off first, and Roxanne is going to take care of your clothes later.」

「Is it really okay for me to be taking a bath when I’m this dirty?」

「Yes, that is going to be fine, Miria. Besides, Sherry and I have already received some of master’s affection today, and it wouldn’t be fair for you to be the only one who’s left out.」

Miria was making a fuss over whether or not it would be okay for her to take the bath, but in the end she obtained Roxanne’s approval to do so.

「Miria, I’m sorry for putting you through all that trouble today. I have already heated up the water in the bath, so if you want, we can enter it together right away.」

「Bath, bath, desu!」

Miria then entered the bathroom together with me, but before we would enter the bathtub, I

I washed her whole body for her to clean it from the mud and any impurities that could still be left on her. I washed all her important places thoroughly, without exception, covering her entire body from top to bottom with a mixture of foam and bubbles. While it was all happening to her, she was obediently sitting there, entrusting her body to me, which was both arousing and cute at the same time.

After rinsing her with water, her hair were the next in line to be washed, and once I took care of that, I washed her entire body once more, just to be safe and sure that there was not a spot that I missed with my cleaning. Now she should be one hundred percent fine and clean.

「Listen, Miria, I’m really sorry for putting you through so much dirty work today.」

「Fish for dinner, desu!」

「Seriously, that’s all that you care about? Well aren’t you quite a handful.」

「Want fish, desu! No fish bad, desu!」

「Were there any fish where you were working?」

「Sadly, no fish, desu.」

Although I tried to engage in some light conversation with Miria while I was washing her, it proved to be an exceptionally difficult task because without Roxanne, my personal Miria interpreter, around, the topics were all over the place without any of them really connecting with one another.

In any case, it seems that there really was no fish neither in the sewage or in the Dobu river itself, which was a good thing to hear that made me feel relieved. If there were and Miria tried to catch them in front of all these other people, I don’t know what I would do.

Roxanne and Sherry came to join us a little bit later, but when they finally did, I made sure to wash their bodies completely as well before they entered the bath.

「Did you also plant some plants while you were at it?」

「Yes we did, desu!」

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