Volume 8 Chapter 1 Part 4

「Can you please make both an ordinary one and a silk one for the three of my companions then?」


「Certainly. If it’s all right with you, sir, then may we please take their measurements then?」


「Of course. Thank you very much for your hard work.」


Roxanne thanks me and then goes ahead with a female attendant who came up to take her measurements.


「Now, regarding the shoulder straps, the best thing to do would be to decorate them  with frills, while the hem of the apron itself shall be decorated with delicate lace. If there are any specific alterations that you would like to make, then I would ask you to specify them right now. The finished products should be ready for you to pick up in around five days.」


As pushy and persistent as this man might appear, I do have to admit that when it comes to the technicalities of making all those outfits, he really knows his stuff after all. I thought that I am the only one possessing the supreme knowledge of the aprons, but it would seem that I have been completely and utterly beaten in that regard.


Anyway, with my thirty percent discount, I ended up paying a sum of four thousand eight hundred and fifty Nars for the entire purchase, so even with the discount active, you can probably see that it was still quite expensive. Granted, it’s not a sum that’s going to be a huge blow to my wallet in the long run, but considering that I want to save up as much money as possible for the upcoming slave auction, I want to limit the amount of my non-essential spending as much as possible so that I could increase mu chances of buying myself a good slave at the auction.


However, on the very next day, I found myself in a situation that required me to spend even more money despite everything that I just said.


When we went to the Weapons Shop to see if they had anything new or interesting in stock, I saw a lot of weapons that were lined up behind the counter in the inner part of the shop. And according to my knowledge, the inner part of the shop is where the really good stuff is being held, so if these new weapons were additionally being held behind the counter, then that must mean that they are some especially good ones among them.


That notion has been reinforced even further by the fact that up until today, there was practically no weapons present at that part of the shop, so I naturally felt inclined to at least go and check out what kind of weapons they have brought in.


「Today’s shipment of weapons seems to be especially large. Is there because of some kind of special occasion?」


I casually asked the shop’s owner, who was standing behind the counter.


「Yes, you can say that. We have received a lot of equipment from a certain family, so now we’re putting them all on display.」


So it’s basically like a wholesale, huh? Well, it’s definitely a good move from a financial standpoint, because if he decides to sell all of these weapons in bulk, this means that he can possibly sell all of them for a large sum immediately, and that… that actually makes me a little envious of them.


「There seem to be many Estocs among the current shipment. Would you like to have a look at them?」


「Sure, why not? Thank you.」


Now. Let’s use 「Identify」on these weapons and see if there are any good ones among them.


Estoc I One-handed Sword

Skills I Empty | Empty | Empty | Empty


Hmm… well, would you look at that. I seem to have found an Estoc with four Empty Skill Slots right from the get-go. This is actually a really good piece of equipment. If I didn’t come here today at this exact moment when they were having a weapon wholesale, I would have probably missed it completely, so that’s actually a stroke of good luck for us. And if there is a bulk of these weapons, then I wonder if all of them are so good, or was it just this one and the rest is going to turn out to be subpar at best?


Rapier can have a maximum of three Empty Skill Slots in it, and four seems to be the limit for Estoc.


「What do you think about this weapon, Roxanne?」


「Umm… are you sure that you want me to be the one looking at it, master?」


「Absolutely. Now come and have a closer look at it.」




I hand the Estoc over to Roxanne. The number of Empty Skill Slots is same as that of its two-handed counterpart, Damascus Steel Sword. But the real question here is going to be: is its performance going to be on exactly the same level as well?


If I were the one who would be using that kind of sword to replace my Durandal, then I would need it to have at least three Skills: 「Chant Interruption」, 「HP Absorption」 and 「MP Absorption」. Anything less than that is going so be worse than Durandal, and so I wouldn’t have any need for it.


There are also a few Damascus Steel Spears among the weapons that are for sale behind the counter, but when I looked at them with 「Identify」I noticed that they don’t have any Empty Skill Slots in them, and so I immediately lost interest in them, and then I looked at Sherry and shook my head.


「All right, master.」


Sherry replied almost immediately. She seems to have understood the underlying meaning of my head shake without me actually having to use words.


There are also a few staves among the bundle of weapons as well, although they are noticeably fewer than the other types of weaponry. I don’t know if that means that they are so rare, or if that simply means that they didn’t have much of them in the shipment of weapons that arrived in this store today. The most important thing here is that a majority of them seem to have Empty Skill Slots in them.


Among those with Empty Skill Slots, there’s one piece of equipment that was a cut above all the others in terms of how exquisite it was. It was the Staff of Offerings which already had a Skill 「Increase INT x2」embedded into it. Now this, is what I would definitely call an upgrade to the Rod of Offerings that is currently at my disposal, acting as my best magic weapon. Also…


Staff of Offerings is the weapon which Cassia herself uses. Using the same kind of weapon as Cassia, huh? Well sign me the hell up! That is an absolute must and an opportunity that I am not going to allow to pass me by!


「This seems to be a good weapon.」


Roxanne passes the Estoc that she ended up choosing to me, and I go to the counter where the owner was to pay for it along with the Staff of Offerings. This was definitely a good purchase, but I cannot help it but feel a little bit sad when I see that the gold coins that I have worked so hard to get are now flying away from my grasp like birds with newly-grown wings. It’s genuinely painful to see, but that is something that cannot be avoided.


After we were done with the shopping at the Weapons Shop, we then headed straight to the Armor Shop to see if they’re going to have some good pieces of armor to compliment the weapons that we bought just now.


Unfortunately, there was nothing new at the Armor Shop. So the shipment only came for the Weapons Shop?


「Was there any new shipments of armor coming in today? Because there’s no way that there was one at the Weapons Shop but not here.」


「Oh, so you have already heard about that, huh? I have to say that you have a pair of pretty good ears on you, sir.」


The Armor Merchant remarks after overhearing me muttering to myself, even though I was pretty sure that I was talking so quietly as to not let anyone else around me hear what I was saying.


Anyway, after that comment of his, he sidles up to me while rubbing his hands together. On a side note: I was right after all. I just knew that if there was a shipment of weapons that just came to the Weapons Shop, then there was no way that there’s not going to be a similar one coming to the Armor Shop as well.

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