Volume 9 Chapter 2 Part 7

When the level of her Dragon Knight Job increases further, it should get even easier for her.

If it can be said that the Labyrinths are terrifying, then she’s going to become a terrific vanguard member to match them.

After that, I warp us to the Imperial City. When we emerged out of the portal and left the Adventurers Guild and headed out into the city proper, Vesta was not gawking around as much as I thought she was going to be doing.

「Have you visited the Imperial City before, Vesta?」

「No, I haven’t.」

「Is that so?」

「I am just following master, so that’s why I’m trying not to overreact too much to everything that I see.」

Oh really? I wonder if it’s just about that.

If it’s your first ever visit to the Imperial City then it would be perfectly understandable that you would feel overwhelmed due to how grand everything around you is looking, but maybe Vesta is trying to control herself with her reactions because she doesn’t want to stand out too much because she’s already bigger than most people?

We proceed to go to the clothing store.

「Here we are. This is the place.」

「Uhm… but this is such an extravagant-looking shop. Is it really alright for me to be here?」

「It is alright.」

「Is it really alright though?」

I wonder if she will follow me inside.

I enter the shop. Vesta, who was admiring the entrance, follows me inside.

「Welcome. It’s good to see you back.」

The usual male attendant approaches accompanied by two female assistants.

「Is it possible to make another apron like the one I ordered the other day?」

「Yes, of course.」

「She will be the one to wear it this time.」

I place my hands on Vesta’s shoulders. It will be quite large, about up to my face.

I don’t think it will be problem though, since it is going to be order-made.

「Thank you very much. I will need to take her measurements, then.」

「This way, please.」

When the male attendant winks, the female assistant steps in front of Vesta and curtsies in a very polite gesture, after which she shows Vesta the direction using her hands.



I sent Vesta out with the female clerk. She followed after her timidly. It’s just measuring, so she should relax.

That being said, how exactly is the measuring performed in this world? When the girls go to the other room, I wonder if they need to take off their clothes? They probably need to for the measuring tape to wrap around their bodies properly.

Vesta’s large spheres are also going to be measured in this way, while being tightly squeezed by the measuring tape. What kind of situation is it going to be? I can’t stop thinking about it.

「I’d also like you to make another maid uniform like the ones that you made for me in the past.」

But alas, since I cannot go and look at it, I proceed with the orders.

「Of course. Can we use the same kind of material as last time?」

「Yeah, no problem.」

「It’s going to take five days to make the apron, and ten days to make the maid uniform.」

「I understand.」

Should I come to pick both of these things up after ten days? I thought about it for a moment, and concluded that it would be nice to receive them separately after all.

She can’t wear both of them at once.

No, even if she won’t be able to wear them right away, I can still enjoy it anytime, any number of times and repeatedly. It should be fine to pick them both up in ten days time.

Assuming that I’ll be able to wait that long, that is.

「Next is this one. Is there a size that will fit the girl from before?」

Roxanne and the rest move to satin camisole section.

「These are all ready-made, so these are all the sizes we currently have.」

「This one? Looks like she can put it on, probably.」

「I think the shoulder width is good enough.」

The female shop assistant answers. They didn’t have a small one for Sherry either, so there can’t be that many sizes.

「I see.」

「But the hem seems to be a little short.」

「Hmm, what should we do?」

「If you need a different size, then you will need to place a special order.」

Is the hem short? That is good in itself then. This is basically going to be a miniskirt.

Nice, very nice.

While Roxanne was in a dilemma, Vesta comes back.

Roxanne puts the camisole on Vesta’s body in order to try it. The hem of the camisole reaches all the way to Vesta’s knees. Isn’t that a good enough length?

「As expected, it is too short, isn’t it?」

「It is indeed short.」

「Too short, desu.」

「I guess it is.」

「For now, let’s buy it. It is better than going to the trouble of having one made from scratch.」

I cut in a hurry as they were voicing same opinion.

No, No.

This length is long enough.

「Is that so? But it will be useless to expend on something she can’t wear.」

「It will be fine.」

There’s no such thing as 「she can’t wear it」, at least, so it shouldn’t be a problem.

In this world, there is no schoolgirl wearing miniskirt. Nor there are any onee-san’s wearing miniskirts or police girls wearing miniskirts, so there’s no way I will let this chance slip away.

「Only white and black colors are available for this size, however.」

Isn’t that good? Black, I mean. It’s bewitching aura will match big Vesta perfectly…. As if I will let myself get manipulated by the shop’s clerk into placing an order!

「Are you fine with wearing a black one, Vesta?」

「Is it really going to be alright?」

「Yes, it is alright.」

Roxanne takes the lead in choosing a black camisole for Vesta. I don’t know anything about sewing, so I’m just happy that I don’t have to participate in this conversation. By the way, the one that Sherry is wearing is white.

Roxanne brings the item that she chose for Vesta.

「Then, can I order this as well? Also, take care of these Rabbit Furs.」

I take out the rabbit furs from my Item Box and leave them at the counter.

「Ah, was the dear customer not a member of the Knight Order of Hartz Duchy??」

The male clerk muttered to himself.

He seemed to have thought of me as a member of the Knight Order for some reason. My identity was discovered at the unlikeliest of places. Is it about the timing of the rabbit furs? Is it possible that someone who’s not a member of the Knight Order is not supposed to sell such things at a store?

No, I have sold Rabbit Furs in this store before. Is this about something else then?

Because I don’t think it is a good idea to ask about it further, I check out and leave the store.

It could have lead to trouble if it backfired.

「That attendant seems to think Master is a member of the Imperial Knight Order.」

Roxanne speaks proudly as we came out of the store.

「I wonder what it was about though?」

「It is natural for anyone who sees Master. That attendant could probably see master’s greatness.」

I am afraid as to how easy it is for people to deceive Roxanne. I just hope she won’t start bringing my amazingness in conversations with random people.

「Most of the people who chose to become Explorers are extremely rude. Because you were showing proper manners, he must have assumed that you belong to the Knight Order.」

Sherry voiced her opinion. Well, if she says it so rationally, then it really has to be like that.

Is it that what is considered manners by modern Japanese people is considered proper manners here as well? It is apparently so.

「Brahim language, desu.」

I see. It is perhaps because I spoke to him in Brahim.

「Ah, that’s it.」

「Yes, desu.」

It is something that only Miria, who is struggling with learning Brahim, could think of. I pat her cat ears to praise her nonetheless.

「To me, master definitely looks like someone who could be a member of the Imperial Knight Order.」

Vesta is also going to gradually learn.

Next up is the armor shop.

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