Volume 2 Chapter 2 Part 5

「We underestimated Mino. Battling us with small amounts of soldiers and retreating repeatedly was all a means to trap us here at 「Nagamori」! This place is most likely the center of the ambush, and because of the mist, Nobuna did not notice that she was heading right into a death trap! 」

「 Ahhhhhhhhh! 」

「My ears hurt from all that shouting! Oi, don’t shout suddenly at my side, Nobusumi! 」

「This is a habit of the Oda clan! If we don’t report to Nobuna-nee-sama now…! 」

「No, it might be too late for that. it seems like the troops are being decimated. 」

The enemies were coming from all directions without stopping. All they could hear was the sound of beating drums. Being scared and frightened, the Owari soldiers dropped their spears and started running away.

「Ahhhh! Unbelievable, the Owari army that crushed Imagawa Yoshimoto is being stomped so easily now! If… if I

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