Azur Lane: Episode of Belfast Volume 1 Chapter 1 Part 13



Translator: Kurehashi Aiko



[…… Ohh well, I guess that’s actually fine. It doesn’t really matter. But more importantly, Bel. You have failed your duty today to wake me up. That is why, as punishment I am going to have you take part in a Punishment Game!]


[A Punishment Game, Your Majesty?]


[Yes, that’s right! And the punishment is THIS!]


Elizabeth then brandished the item that she have fished out from the inside of her dresser right in front of Belfast’s face. And for some reason she was strangely excited about this whole “Punishment Game” thing.


As for the item that she was holding in her hands, it was a blue one-piece swimsuit of a very particular design. 


[This is something that is called “School Swimsuit”. Normally it would be something that kids that are still in school would be allowed to use, but as your punishment, you are going to be wearing it from now on until I say otherwise, Bel!]


[T-This is……! No way, it’s this thing…… from that one time……!]


Belfast looked with curiosity at her sister, who for some reason had a really shocked expression written all over her face when she witnessed that swimsuit in Elizabeth’s hand.


[That one time? What are you talking about, Nee-san?]


Edinburgh then turned beet-red on her face and fell to her knees while holding the sides of her head with her hands, as if trying to chase away some particularly nasty memory.


[…… It happened about two months ago or so. I happened to fall asleep and I couldn’t get up on time, so I ended up oversleeping really bad. It was at that time that Her Majesty had me wear this thing as punishment. And now every time I happen to remember that ordeal…… Uuuhhh! I can feel my head starting to hurt!]


Judging from the way in which Edinburgh was holding her head in her hands while shaking all over, having to wear that swimsuit must have been a truly traumatic experience for her.


Elisabeth then looked at Belfast with a sinister smile blooming on her lips, especially since Edinburgh seemed to have given her a glimpse of what was waiting for her just now. As for Edinburgh, she looked about ready to die from both embarrassment and regret at the same time.


[Alright then! Time for your punishment, Bel! You are to wear that swimsuit right now! And after you do that, I am going to take lots and lots of your embarrassing photos using this thing right here!]


As she was saying those words, Elizabeth took out a small single-lens reflex camera that she also must have been keeping inside of her dresser.


Looking at that perfectly plain and ordinary camera, Edinburgh started to shake her head left and right vigorously, apparently chasing away even more unpleasant memories.


[…… I just have to wear it, isn’t that right, Your Majesty?]


When Belfast received Elizabeth’s swimsuit, she then went behind the partition of the dresser’s doors and began to change her clothes right away without any kind of reservation, making sure not to wrinkle her maid uniform too much ––––––


Even if there was no member of the opposite sex in this room together with them, being watched as she changes her clothes felt strangely masochistic to Belfast, especially since she could feel Elizabeth’s gaze staring really intently at her all the time.


With the corner of her eyes, Belfast could also see that Edinburgh now managed to pull herself together, but she was covering her face with both of her hands, the tips of her ears so bright red that you would think that there would be steam coming out of them right now. But at the same time, she was making sure that there would be enough gaps in between her fingers so that she could still be able to see perfectly clear how Belfast was changing into that school swimsuit.


And right beside Edinburgh, Elizabeth was watching Belfast closely, with her trusty camera at the ready.


[Alright! That’s it! That’s good! Now look back right at me with the most seductive look that you can muster, and try to fix that swimsuit’s line over your butt with your index fingers ever so slightly!]


Belfast turned her back towards the camera-holding Elizabeth and tried to hook the swimsuit’s edges over her butt with her index fingers just like Elizabeth instructed her to, while Her Majesty was getting more and more enthusiastic about this whole punishment.


[Yes! That’s it! This is great! Just like that!]


Also, completely caught up in the moment, Elizabeth got closer to Belfast and started taking some really risqué close-up shots of the Head Maid without a moment’s hesitation.


[Hmmm…… I don’t know why, but for some reason those pictures seem to be a little plain.]


But after pulling her eyes away from the viewfinder, Elizabeth’s face was strangely glum and darkened.


Even after all that, Elizabeth tried to take different angles with her shots or ordering Belfast to strike different poses in the center of the viewfinder, but no matter how many photos she would take of her or how creative she would get with her requests, Her Majesty’s expression was only growing more and more dissatisfied by the minute. Apparently this was not what she was hoping for when she devised this punishment for Belfast.


[Hmm…… Say, Bel? How about you try to give me some more “lewd” poses next? What do you say?]


[Huh? More “lewd”…… poses, Your Majesty?]


Hearing Elizabeth’s outrageous request, Belfast eyes opened wide in bewilderment. 


She understood it well enough to know that in this context “lewd” poses meant “poses capable of sexually arousing members of the opposite sex”.  However, since she never actually had that many opportunities to spend time alone with members of the opposite sex, she was not all that confident that she would be able to pull those poses off very well. Or what would those poses even be, as a matter of fact.


[Now, whatever shall we do about this particular predicament? How about something like this?]


Saying that, Belfast tried to lay flat on her back on the floor, pushing her chest forward in an attempt at emphasizing their shape and size as much as possible. 


However, Elizabeth only puffed out her cheeks in dissatisfaction, her brows frowning greatly.


[Well then, how about something like this?]


Next, Belfast turned over onto her stomach, pressing her breasts against the floor and putting a long strand of her hair into her mouth, trying to look as seductively as possible while also exposing her bare neck.


But once again, even though Elizabeth took a bunch of photos of the Head Maid, her expression was a dead giveaway that this was still not it. She was still not satisfied with the results they were getting here.


As for Belfast, she was honestly at the end of her rope here. She honestly did not know what to do. And just as she was about to start pondering the matter some more,


[Bel, your expression! It’s way too indifferent for photos like this! And your movements! They are way too stiff and way too awkward! You might think that you look lewd like this, but this is not lewd at all! Far from it!]


[But even if you say something like that to me……]


Without any kind of reference or specific pointers, Belfast was sure that she would not be able to strike any “lewd” pose, no matter how hard she would try to do that. Also, clearly irritated at the moment, Elizabeth stomped her leg as she pointed towards Edinburgh and shouted at the Head Maid.


[Ugh! You know what, forget it! This is boring! Way too boring! You are not shy about all of this and not nearly embarrassed enough! And if you don’t feel embarrassed about all this, then there is no point in playing this Punishment Game! At least be like Edi about this! She at least fell on her knees after all those embarrassing poses I ordered her to do, and she started crying that she won’t be able to get married anymore because of that or something!]


[Wha…… Y-Your Majesty! Please don’t say things like that about me to Bel! And you promised that you wouldn’t tell anyone about that time!]


While Edinburgh went down on her knees, looking as though she wanted to crawl into a hole and stay there for the rest of her life because of the embarrassment of her memories, Elizabeth suddenly went closer towards her, the camera still in her hand.


[Boring! You are just so boring, Bel! You should actually learn a thing or two from Edi, because she’s way lewder than you in that aspect! So at least she’s not boring as you are! Now, open your legs like this, and then spread them like that, and……]


[Y-Your Majesty!? Stop it, please! Your Majesty……!]


Seeing Elizabeth chasing after Edinburgh around the room like that, Belfast somehow got a feeling as if she was the only one who was left out of the loop, and she got up from the floor.




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