Azur Lane: Episode of Belfast Volume 1 Epilogue



Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

EPILOGUE: The Head Maid’s Courtesy


The school festival was over, and life around the Home Port has returned to its usual steady rhythm.


At the breakfast table this morning, Elizabeth announced, “I’m going to have a tea party today!!”


「It’s starting to get really chilly now.」


Said Edinburgh while she stopped moving her broom and looked up to the autumn sky.


When Belfast looked up at the sea in the distance, she could see a low, thin quake stretching toward the sea in the sky. It seems that when the temperature drops, it becomes difficult for the water vapor from the seawater to rise, so if you go to the coast, you should be able to see mostly clouds and fog that overlap with the horizon.


「Let’s get this done before someone notices us and decides to give us a hand, shall we?」


Hearing Belfast say that, Edinburgh immediately dropped her gaze and started cleaning once again.


「Say, Bel?」


「Hm? What’s wrong?」


Edinburgh stares at her sister with a dull look for a moment.


「Why do you look so happy all of a sudden?」


Hearing that, Belfast touched her own cheeks.


「Do I really…… look that that?」


「Yeah, you do. As plainly as a day. Somehow, I feel like there’s this really weird rhythm to the way in which you are cleaning.」


As if she hadn’t really noticed herself, Belfast stopped her hands as he stared at the fallen leaves on the ground.


「And I’m not talking about just today, you know? I get a feeling that you have been way happier ever since that School Festival.」


Edinburgh made a slightly difficult expression and turned away for a moment.


「Even though…… you weren’t able to win in the end.」


Seeing her sister frustrated like that all of a sudden, Belfast thought to herself for a while.


In the end, Eagle Union ended up taking the victory by a landslide in this year’s Beauty Pageant, as everyone would expect.


San Diego, who was awarded the commendation certificate and a trophy by the Commander themselves, was happily posing with a “V” sign in the commemorative picture of her that was still being posted on the bulletin board in the Academy.


Neither Elizabeth nor anyone else from the Royal Navy had anything to say about Belfast’s actions. “Although the result was quite disappointing, the direction taken was right and spot on.”. That was the only word of comment that Elizabeth had for the situation, wishing that next year they should strive towards a better result.


「I don’t really think there’s a win or lose when it comes to contests like this.」


Grabbing the collected fallen leaves into the dustpan, Belfast stood up, and before long, the Head Maid calmly answered Edinburgh’s question.


「I was happy that I was able to show everyone there that I am happy and proud of being a maid, and that I was able to properly present myself without losing sight of who I really am…… So as long as I am happy with that result, isn’t that fine?」


「I don’t really think that’s fine.」


Edinburgh puffed out her cheeks and answered immediately.


「Didn’t you want to be commended by the Commander themselves, Bel?」


「No, that’s not really it.」


Belfast smiled wryly while frowning in embarrassment.


「However, that dress did not really suit me that much. Because I really wanted to show everyone myself the way I usually am all the time. That’s why I’m very satisfied with the results.」


「You are one hell of a selfish little sister, you know that?」


「Sometimes what it takes to make the perfect maid is to be terribly selfish every now and then, Nee-san.」


Just when Belfast said that, they could hear people’s voices gathering in the courtyard.


The time for the tea party was about to begin. At once Belfast and Edinburgh put down their brooms and stood before a large round table.


「The tea leaves for today are Earl Gray and Ceylon blend.」


「I know. You are the one who makes the tea with all your heart, Bel. Just like I said before, huh?」


「Of course. And I guarantee that it’s going to be delicious.」


When the two maids let out a small chuckle, they saw Elizabeth entering the courtyard.


「Bell, Edi! Are we all ready now?」


Belfast grabbed the edge of her skirt with both of her hands and bowed her head really low, as if she was trying to touch her skirt with it.

「Welcome everyone. We’ve been waiting for you.」


Her curtsy was as beautiful today as ever.




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