Azur Lane: Episode of Belfast Volume 3 Chapter 1 Part 7

Taking her eyes off of Achilles, who returned to the rest of them in a panic, Neptune stared at her lunch box and looked down.

「Since the Maid Corps’ team is going to have some people who are fairly inexperienced in the Pancake Race for this year, I don’t think they are thinking of some kind of strategy or anything like that. But be that as it may, I never would have thought we’d be on the same island at the same time.」

But at the same time, she also thought that this might have actually been an opportunity that she has been waiting for all this time.

Before the next Pancake Race would take place, Neptune thought that it was necessary to see the training scene of the Maid Corps, even if it was going to be once and from far away. It was supposed to be, in a manner of speaking, an analysis of their opponent’s fighting strength and overall prowess.

「Yeah, I guess that you are right, Achilles. Let’s say hello to the Maid Corps team at once. No need to be all secretive about it.」

Grabbing her lunch box and getting up from her stop, Neptune headed towards the beach where the Maid Corps was currently located.

After passing through the coral reef zone, Neptune’s group came to a spacious sandy beach, unlike the place where Neptune and the others were earlier, which was much less spectacular.

Just then, the people who came into her sight were none other than Belfast and Newcastle, standing right in front of her.

「Hey, hey! Why, hello there, ladies! If you don’t mind, would you like to eat some cake together with us?」

Hearing Achilles’ cheerful voice, Newcastle turned towards Neptune’s group.

「Why, hello there, Achilles-san. Good day to you, too. So, you were actually the one who we heard some time ago?」

「Ahaha. SO, you DID hear me even from that distance, huh? But I guess that I was talking rather loudly. But anyways, why is it just the two of you here? What about the other members? Are they not here with you?」

「Well, you see, before teaching our two newcomers the basics of the strategy for the race itself, we thought we would first decide on our coaching policy. That’s why we thought that a preview of the entire course would be in order here before doing anything else.」

「Hmm, I see. Makes sense.」

Then, Belfast, who was standing right next to Newcastle, noticed Neptune standing behind Achilles.

「Hello, there, Neptune-san.」

「It’s been a while since we last met, Belfast-san. Just yesterday, I believe.」

Roughly stepping on the sand covering the beach, Neptune crossed her arms and stepped forward to greet the two maids..

With the same confident smile on her face as the one she displayed to the Head Maid yesterday, Belfast asked her without any sort of hesitation.

「Are those perhaps sweets in that lunch box you have there Neptune-san? We were just about to take a break for some tea time, so that would go perfectly with it.」

「Yes, that’s right. As a matter of fact, I love making sweets myself.」

「Yes, I have heard about it before. You were even using the kitchen for some of your baking before, isn’t that right?」

「Yes, that’s right. And to be precise, I even sometimes make use of the still room as well.」

Neptune was always making sweets during the time when the maids were out cleaning, and performing their other duties, so the kitchen would be unused and deserted for some time. Naturally, since she was actively using the kitchen, she would often use the still room as well. And there was no one who could hold that fact against her, since the still room was a shared commodity, and there was no rule that said that only the members of the Maid Corps could have access there.

「Suffolk also uses the Still Room a lot. Actually, she’s also good at making sweets, but she says Neptune-san’s cakes and sweets are particularly exquisite.」

「Huh? And how does Suffolk-san even know about that?」

Neptune asked the Head Maid in amazement.

「It seems that a part of one of your cakes was left untouched, Neptune-san, and Suffolk, who just happened to find it, apparently ate it by mistake before she realized what she had done.」

Belfast spoke those words in a hushed tone, and Neptune would grow even more confused upon hearing them.

「Hm? What’s wrong? Did something happen?」

「N-No, it’s nothing. Nothing really. It’s just that…… Come to think of it, we haven’t really talked to each other like that before, haven’t we?

Neptune was always under the impression that Belfast was the type who would be more difficult to get along with because of her position as the Head Maid.

However, the way in which she was speaking so openly and friendly was something completely different from what Neptune was expecting, and her facial expressions and gestures were also very soft and dignified.

「Yes. I must say that I am also a little bit surprised.」

「Surprised? By what?」

When Neptune asked her that, Belfast just nodded her head in confirmation.

「Well, you see, it’s a little bit difficult for me to say this, but I was under the impression yesterday that you must hate me, Neptune-san.」

「T-That’s not what this is……」

Involuntarily, Neptune stuttered as she said that. She had that really antagonistic attitude towards Belfast because she really wanted to be that waitress during the Spring Tea Party, but it was hardly the same as actually hating Belfast.

「I feel relieved that I can actually get along with you, Neptune-sama.」

Saying that, Belfast smiled in a warm way.

Neptune somehow felt embarrassed by that and averted her gaze.

「By the way, what kind of cake do you have today with you? Her Majesty also seemed to have enjoyed the cake that you brought her yesterday. They looked especially delicious.」

「W-Well, yeah! What can I say? This thing here? It’s something I just happened to make the other day. It’s a specially prepared recipe of my own creation, I might add!」

「Can I join in as well? I am very interested in Neptune-san’s cake-making skills.」

Newcastle said so and peered into Neptune’s lunch box.

「O-Oh well, I guess it cannot really be helped, huh —— 」

Saying that, Neptune carefully took out the box from Neptune’s hands.

When she opened the lid, there were many kinds of cupcakes lined up neatly inside of it.

Each one of them was decorated with a very different design. Neptune’s pursuit of “things that can be enjoyed by looking simply by looking at them” was firmly jam-packed in here, not to mention the taste that was also as superb as the overall design.

All of them were very colorful and innovative designs, and even the two maids couldn’t help it but to let out a sigh upon seeing them.

「That’s actually amazing……」

Newcastle had a calm tone, but her eyes were glued to the cupcakes and would not venture elsewhere..

「My personal favorite is this raspberry and chocolate cupcake.」

The cream mixed with raspberries was used to create colorful flower petals, and the chickpeas that mimicked seeds were added in the center. It was a true masterpiece.

「It’s been a long time since I was able to share my cakes with someone and ask for their opinion, so how about you try some of them and give me some feedback?」

At Neptune’s suggestion, Belfast frowned her brows modestly.

「Is it really okay for us to take and eat such wonderful cupcakes?」

「Yes, I certainly don’t mind.」

Just as Neptune told them that, Newcastle looked as though she just managed to remember something.

「How would you like to try some of our tea, Neptune-sama? You can even call the Leander Class girls here as well. We have it in thermos bottles, so it should be nice and hot.」

Neptune’s ears flickered just a little bit when she heard the word “tea” being brought up.

「Who was it that brewed that tea?」

Belfast tilted her head in puzzlement to Neptune’s reaction, and then she answered her in the same hushed whisper.

「It was actually my Sister who brewed that tea…… What’s the matter? Is there something wrong with it?」.

「No, it’s nothing. It’s no big deal, I was just wondering. That’s all.」

So, it was not Belfast who actually brewed this tea, huh?.

「Please, just don’t mind me and carry on.」

Even though Neptune said so with a smile on her face, she felt really regretful deep down inside of her heart.

After all, she wanted to check the taste of the tea that Elizabeth drank yesterday and confirm its taste herself.

When it comes to Belfast’s older sister, Neptune was sure that her name was Edinburgh, right?

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