Azur Lane: Episode of Belfast Volume 3 Chapter 1 Part 9

Fiji has apparently been going for quite a while about flipping the pancakes, and every single time they would not flip properly and end up on the ground instead of back inside of the pan.

The same could be said about Jamaica, who was standing right next to Fiji, and it seemed that the two of them were having a really hard time flipping the pancakes, no matter what method or technique they would try.

「Kuh! Even with my brilliant “Eye” I just can’t seem to predict the trajectory of those pancakes! What trickery is this!?」

「Fiji seems to be way more bold when it comes to the movements on the line frying pan-pancake. And when it comes to Jamaica, your movements seem to be way more reserved than they need to be.」

Even though Belfast was having the two of them instructions countless times while staying by their side all along, the two showed no signs of improving whatsoever.

It would seem that the special training program incorporated by Belfast was extremely difficult to pull off properly.

「Uhh, my arms are getting tired from all that continuous flipping…… Hey Belfast, I want to go on a break so that I can fix my makeup real quick.」

「I’m sorry, but I cannot allow that.」

「Belfast, I really must go at the end of the seas! My “Justice” is waiting there for me, you see.」

「I’m afraid that I cannot allow that, either.」

Seeing how the Head Maid was stubbornly rejecting their requests over and over again, the two of them almost simultaneously shouted “Demon! Demon Coach!” at Belfast.

Seeing this situation develop right in front of her very eyes, Neptune gloated from the shadows.

「……Fufufu. At this rate, our victory is as good as decided!」

「Well, I wouldn’t be so sure about that if I were you.」


When she heard a voice speaking those words directly into her ear and turned around in a shock and hurry, the one standing right behind Neptune was Newcastle, the former Head Maid.

「Neptune-sama, personally I don’t think that you have to bother yourself with being all secretive. If you want to have a closer look, you can just go right ahead and do so.」

「Y-You know as well as I do that I cannot possibly do that! A-Arter all, we are rivaling teams for the time being! And we need to be aware of that fact at all times!」

Neptune gave her frank opinion about that matter to Newcastle in a hurry, especially since Newcastle seemed to have appeared behind her seemingly out of nowhere.

「But even so, are you okay really okay with such strict guidance? Given the personalities of the two of you, I feel that if you teach those two so strictly, they will lose their motivation even more instead of wanting to improve themselves.」

When it comes to Fiji, it was apparent that to her, her nails and make-up were more important than taking part in the actual race. And as for Jamaica, she must have been getting tired of doing the same thing over and over again, without anything changing at first glance.

Looking at it objectively, Neptune felt that Belfast’s method of teaching the two of her new teammates would have the opposite effect than what she intended to achieve here.

However, Newcastle only shook her head slowly when she heard Neptune’s words.

「Belfast is the current Head Maid.As a former Head Maid, I do not intend to get in the way of the guidance that she deemed to be the best.」

「But if it is a Sparta-like one like that?」

「Fufufu, yes, even if it is something like that. Even if it looks like it, Belfast is a very kind person. Besides, she has been educating many maids throughout her service as a Head Maid, so I’m sure she will do an excellent job at preparing those two for the event. And at the end of the day, they will be as vital part of our team as any other member.」

After saying that, Newcastle returned to Belfast and the others.

Neptune, who was left behind in the bushes, watched their special training for a while and witnessed Belfast training the two shipgirls while also offering words of encouragement that were filled with kindness.

「Yes, yes. that’s the way, just like that. Very good. Keep at it.」

In a sense, the timing of Belfast;s praises seemed to be as exquisite as always, and it was used properly as if she was able to accurately predict the emotional movements when the two shipgirls under her command were getting discouraged, or were thinking of actually giving up on what they were doing here.

「I get it…… Actually teaching others is something that is extremely hard to pull off, and it’s not just about the two of them…… And yet……」

Somehow, by being able to watch Belfast teaching the two shipgirls like that from the shadows, Neptune was gradually coming to understand why the Head Maid was able to make such a delicious cup of tea on that day.

「Right now I am sure of it. The thing that brings out the best flavor of the tea that you serve…… is the feelings that you have for the other person.」

Belfast, the Head Maid who was said to be the embodiment of perfection in everything that she was doing.

Belfast’s own kindness and consideration towards others must have been reflected in the flavor of the tea that she was brewing.

When she notices that, Neptune involuntarily wanted to laugh out loud.

「Fufufu…… ‘Practicing hard for someone else’s sake’. I did not think any of the members of the Maid Corps would be able to think of that.」

Noticing that, Neptune could not stop herself from thinking that the two of them were pretty much alike in that particular aspect.

Because when it comes to Neptune, if there was ever one point about which she simply would not compromise, that would be being able to make the people she was serving her sweets to smile.

「But if that’s the case, here I should be able to brew the best tea for you as well. Because just to let you know, the waitresses are more than just about serving food and sweets ——」

Neptune mutters words like that to herself while turning her feet and then walking towards a certain place.

「—— A waitress is someone who brings joy and happiness to everyone they interact with. If I understand that simple fact, I’m sure……」

I am sure that I should definitely be able to brew the most delicious tea out there.

That’s what Neptune thought at the moment.

* * *

「Yup, yup, everyone’s finish is as perfect as you would expect☆」

With that said, Achilles deftly moved the frying pan to flip the pancake that was on it. Not only she, but also the other two of her sisters, had gotten so good that they could flip over the pancakes while holding a solid conversation.

The three of them were gathered today, coincidentally, on the same small island in the middle of the sea as the one they went to on the first day of their training.

「So this only leaves the problem of the obstacles that are going to litter the course…… but this depends on what Akashi is going to come up with, and her motivation to do so.」

「I am going to die laughing if she somehow gets so motivated that she will come up with obstacles that no one is going to be able to clear.」

In response to Leander’s words, Ajax replied as such.

No matter how well you prepare yourself for the actual race, new obstacles are prepared every year, so you won’t know what they are until the day of the race itself.

「By the way, has Neptune not come yet?」

When Achilles stopped moving the frying pan and looked out to the sea, she just saw Neptune approaching from a distance.

「It’s rare for her to be so late.」

As Neptune approached the sandy beach, she then told Leander and everyone else.

「I’m sorry for getting here late. Actually, it took me a while to prepare the sweets and the refreshments that we would eat during our break.」

「Huh? Neptune, who always thinks about how to allocate her time most efficiently, did something like that? Well, now I have seen everything!」

Hearing Achilles’ words, Neptune smiled softly, pointing to the roofed corner where she had had tea with Belfast and the others before.

「Why don’t we eat over there first and then do today’s practice?」

「Well, I don’t mind. But there is one thing that bothers me.」

Ajax said so, pointing to something she could see beside Neptune.

「Is that a water thermos bottle hanging from your waist?」

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