Azur Lane: Episode of Belfast Volume 4 Chapter 1 Part 10

As for Sirius, she covered her see-through and wet maid clothes with a towel, and she looked down and said apologetically.

「Please forgive me for being such a lowly and naughty maid…… I will go and change my clothes as soon as I am done with making my part of the preparations for breakfast, no sooner! This will be my punishment!」

「No, Sirius, there is no need for you to punish yourself like that. Besides, in those wet clothes you are going to catch a cold. Go back to your room and change your clothes at once. Then you can come back and help with the breakfast preparations.」

However, Sirius’s mouth was about to open once again, but before she was able to voice any words of protest to Belfast’s directive, she was basically pushed out of the kitchen by everyone else who was

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